Outcast – Prologue

by Jun 9, 2003Stories

This story takes place at the beginning of the War of the Ring


The night was cold and the sky clear. A young elf maiden ran quickly through Mirkwood forest. She ran as hard and as fast she could. She had to make it out of the wood by dawn or the scouting party would be searching for her and be upon her quickly. She had been banished. She would never see her family again. Never see her one and only friend, Eneleniel.

It was nearing dawn when she finally reached the edge of Mirkwood. The sun was beginning to creep over the green, rolling hills. She looked back at the majestic forest one last time. A lone tear ran down her face. She ran away from it. Her feelings were torn. She wanted to go back. She missed her family and Eneleniel. They were the only ones who truly cared for her. Who truly loved her. She remembered her mother’s soft face, her father’s kind smile, her brother’s teasing and jokes. And she remembered Eneleniel. She was the only friend she had. But now she was gone forever.

As the young elf wandered on, one thought ran through her mind. She was alone. Defenseless. ‘Oh, how has it come to this?’ she thought fighting back tears. But then the memories of just days before came back and hit her hard as if someone had slapped her across the face. She pushed them to the back of her mind, not wanting to remember. She looked ahead to the sunrise. Sunrise. A new beginning. This was hers. A chance to begin a new life. A new life without others who hated her and constantly picked on her. She had to do it right this time.

She ran off over green hills. She didn’t know where she was going, but just let her feet lead her. Little did she know what would happen next and how her life would change forever.


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