Outcast – Chapter One – Escape

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Palanhiliel awoke beneath a great tree. She had slept under it the night before. It was three days after she had been banished out of Mirkwood and she hadn’t found a place to dwell. The tree she had stayed under was right beside a running stream. She removed her deep green colored dress and her necklace and bathed in the stream. The necklace was a heirloom of her family. It was a clear jewel, with a black rope strung around it, holding it on. All of the eldest daughters received the necklace after their birth. Once they had their first daughter, they passed it on to them.

After her bath, she ate a breakfast of berries she had brought with her when she had left Mirkwood. She was almost out and that was all the food she had been able to get before she had to leave her home. She wandered on the rest of the day, hoping that somehow she would reach a town by sundown. She journeyed over hill and across great plains. The sun was starting to set when suddenly she heard something. A sound of a great beast. Palanhiliel stood frozen in her tracks. ‘Oh, what do I do? I am defenseless!’ the thought screamed through her mind. There was nowhere to hide for she was in a field. But suddenly, as if out of some mist, she spotted a great forest. Its trees reached toward the sky and its leaves looked like they were made of gold. She darted toward them as fast as she could, but then she could hear it. The great beast was behind her, almost upon her. She let out a scream of terror and ran harder, but try as she might, it kept getting closer. Suddenly, she say the great trees again. She was almost there! Right before she came to them, she felt a great claw tear into her right leg. She let out a scream of terrible anguish. Then, from the trees sprung three arrows. They all pierced into the evil creature’s heart. The beast fell to the ground with a blood-stained paw. Palanhiliel fell to the ground and grabbed her leg. It was bleeding. Greatly. Tears started falling from her eyes. All around her, things were going black. She didn’t know if it was just getting darker a lot quicker, of if she was passing out. Then she felt herself being lifted up by strong arms. She could barely make out the face of her savior, but noticed that whoever it was, they had deep, gray eyes. This was all she could see, and then everything went dark.

Prologue: https://www.tolkienonline.com/docs/12025.html


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