Orphan Eyes – THe Vision

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*For my own reasons on the other side of a word means something said in elvish. From growing up in Rivendell, Maegwen has learnt elvish, and can speak if quite fluently (I can’t though)

Orphan Eyes
Part One
The Vision

Early June — 3018 of the Third Age

As the sun rose, it too cast bright warm light into the small room and onto the face of the sleeping woman. It warmed the lids of her eyes, causing her to join the world of the woken. Maegwen sat up and stretched, twisting her body into different odd shapes to work out the kinks. She looked over to the wooden dresser cluttered with an assortment of things. Mostly maps she had taken from the library. Some were clipped up on the walls, or rolled up, the corners ripped. Beside the dresser was a horse saddle, and it made Maegwen feel a little regretful that she had not spent more time with her horse, Renia. Figwit had promised to help her learn to ride the horse, but lately, Maegwen seemed more preoccupied with the studying of the maps.

She really liked to look at maps now, even though she always got a headache from them when she was younger. She remembered Arwen tried sitting her down to show her the route to Lorien which she had taken, but Maegwen had only been little then, and cared more about playing in the streams with Figwit, who at that time had been very little as well. They grew up together, and were very close. Perhaps today she would ask Figwit to help her today with Renia. She had tried some previous months before to get the hang of riding with out any help, and had twisted her ankle. Elrond scolded her for that one.

“But it wasn’t my fault.” Maegwen muttered, as she thought about the accident, while combing her long dark hair, staring at the mirror. And it hadn’t been (so she told everyone). She blamed the horse, like so many others might have. But really, she knew that she should have had some one with her to help. Someone more experienced than her, and that was just about anyone in Imladris. Still, she was stubborn, and liked to go off alone and do things by herself. She figured the best way to learn was to discover the way on your own. And she had thought so ever since she was a very little girl. She remembered a particular accident involving one of the water falls and a very deep gully when she was about five.

She did not know yet know how to swim, and the weather was cool and the sun was high. Maegwen was always wondering as a toddler, and when she saw the water, she wanted to go in and explore. Neither Figwit nor Elrond had taken her to the gully before, and she knew that she should be back in the House, waiting for Elrond, but the clear water was so inviting. Maegwen peered in closer and gleefully discovered the water to be full of glittering golden fish! She had never seen these fish before (she’d never been to the gully either) and she wanted to play with them. She moved around on the rocks trying to get at them when suddenly cold, icy water was all about her and she was having trouble keeping her small head above water. Maegwen floundered for a while, and was lucky that her cries were heard far off back in Imladris. Elrond heard the distant sobs, and tore off through the trees, followed by Figwit who heard her too. When they got there, Maegwen was lying face down in the water, not moving. Elrond jumped in and rescued her, and the two elves ran back to Rivendell. Maegwen was quickly and easily revived, but she was very frightened. Elrond had too been very scared, and Figwit was weeping softly. Elrond afterwards, when Maegwen had calmed down, lectured her on why she should not go off alone and to heed his words. Maegwen did, and was well behaved — for the next three weeks. After that, her usual thirst for adventure returned, and she again was the terror of Rivendell.

As Maegwen thought about this, she dressed in a soft blue dress with flower patterns, put her hair back with a tie, then left her room. She descended the stairs and saw few people were up. Figwit was, though, and Maegwen glided over to him, trying to be silent. This was their game. They attempted to sneak up and startle the other, and Figwit always won. It had been so since they were little.

“I know you are there,” said Figwit, still gazing into the tiny pond he stood before. Maegwen sighed.

“You always know I’m there.” She said walking normally now towards him. “It is not fair. Can not you just let me win? Once?”

Figwit laughed heartily. “All right. Shall we try it again?”

“Not now! You know I’m here!” Maegwen’s eyes turned to slits, as she hit him playfully. “You always take the fun out of everything. You are so mean to me.”

Figwit smiled, and he held his arm out. Maegwen took it, and they walked around the gardens. They didn’t say much, just looked about. Arwen was on the balcony adjoining her quarters some ways above them. Figwit nodded courteously, but Maegwen waved big waves, and probably looked very amusing.

“Good morning, Arwen!” she called, and in response, Arwen raised her right hand. Figwit was laughing, while they continued to walk.

“What?” Maegwen asked, tightening her grip on Figwit’s arm. “Why are you laughing?”

“Your yelling is enough to wake the dead.” He smiled. Maegwen’s mouth dropped open.

“See?” she said. “That is exactly what I mean. Always making jest of me… you’re so cruel!”

But they both laughed it away. The sun grew high, and Figwit turned to her, head cocked to the right. “What do you plan on doing today? You’re usually in the library by now, pouring over maps and the like.”

“Oh, yes!” Maegwen had forgotten to ask Figwit to go riding with her today. “I was wondering if perhaps you would like to ‘supervise’ my horse riding today. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden Renia. I suppose she misses me.”

“If you like.” Figwit said. He raised another eyebrow. “Did Lord Elrond tell you to ask me?”

“No, he did not.” Maegwen said. “But I don’t wish to be scolded again, like he did last time.”

“You deserved it. You should know better than to go off by yourself. You did not even tell anyone that you left.” Figwit’s face was suddenly full of concern and care. “You could have been seriously injured.”

Maegwen just rolled her eyes. “Oh, you sound just like Elrond. So worried over my well being…” she sighed. It was nice to know they cared. So Figwit went off to get Maegwen’s saddle from her room while she went to collect Renia. She entered the stables, and was greeted by another horse that she knew well. It had been the horse she first rode on (even if she had not been alone) and was the sire of her own horse. It was pure white, like its daughter, and tall and mighty and proud. It walked over to her, and nuzzled her.

“Hello, Asfaloth.” Cooed Maegwen as she stroked the horse’s strong neck and down the haunch. Asfaloth jiggled under her palm. Maegwen went over to a bucket, and peered in. There were fresh, bright red apples inside, and she grabbed two.

“Now, I’m not too sure if Glorfindel would appreciate me to be babying you so.” Then she smiled. She added in a whisper “So we will not tell him.”

She gave Asfaloth one of the apples, patted the horse’s neck, and went off to find her own pony. As soon as she walked in to the larger part of the stable, she was met with a whinny and a wet, white nose nudging her in the small of the back.

“Renia!” Maegwen gasped gleefully. She turned around, and embraced her horse around the neck. The horse did not mind. Renia was used to it.

“I brought you something.” Said Maegwen softly, as she handed the second and last apple to her horse. “They look good.”

Renia took it and loudly ate it, leaving Maegwen laughing as she pet her horse, and went to find the reigns. She put them on Renia, and was given very little trouble. Renia was a good horse, even if it liked to wonder, like Maegwen did. That’s why she had been given to Maegwen, so said Elrond back seven years. They had been very good friends, even if Maegwen had never ridden the horse. They were both content looking through the forests surrounding the valley, and racing eachother on the Field (a large empty field that Maegwen had discovered to be past the trees to the east of the House of Elrond).

Figwit walked in with the saddle and a few other things. Maegwen went to help him, and the loaded up Renia. She envied Figwit, who was already well trained in riding a horse, and did not need much more than the reigns.

“Where would you like to do this?” Maegwen asked, looking about as they exited the stables through the south door.

“Follow me.” Figwit said. “I have a little training course I would like you to try.”

“Oh no…” groaned Maegwen. “I bet you made it exceptionally difficult and wish to make me look like a fool.”

“You need no help from me, Maegwen.” Said Figwit, and then he laughed loudly, as Maegwen hit him. They went out to where Figwit had set buckets in weird spots for her to maneuver around. It was a little out of the prying eyes of others, and Maegwen was grateful. She was sure she would make a fool of herself. Figwit helped her up onto Renia, and then he instructed her what to do. She did alright, as she just went in a big circle around the buckets, but then Figwit moved the wooden buckets around, and she was at a loss. The horse kept going the wrong ways than what she commanded, and Figwit came to her rescue.

“Well, your steering technique is less than what could be desired. Try telling Renia what you want done. She always seemed to listen to you before.”

Maegwen nodded, and bit her lip. As they continued to go, Maegwen said quietly to Renia where she wanted to go and to her complete and utter astonishment, Renia listened. She was very proud of herself. Gradually through the day the speed of Renia increased until it was more of a trot, then a quick almost running pace. As she bounced up and down, she let out a loud whoop of joy and triumph. This was more jest than she ever could have expected, and loved the feeling of the air wiping her hair about. She did not notice Elrond slide up beside Figwit. As Maegwen laughed in all her rapture, she felt suddenly a bolt of fear and panic rush through her body, out through her hands and feet. She sat upright, and her eyes grew wide. Her physical vision was momentarily blurred, and her head fell back lamely.

“Maegwen!” Figwit gasped, seeing this odd movement of her head, and Elrond’s eyebrows furried. Maegwen shook her head, as if to clear her cobwebs. What was going on? But she wasn’t thinking much longer of what was happening.

“Maegwen!” cried Elrond, as she fell from Renia’s back. Renia ran off, surprised by the yelling. Elrond and Figwit kneeled beside Maegwen’s body, which seemed to be going through some sort of a seizure. Elrond looked at Figwit.

“Go after the horse.” He ordered, and picked up Maegwen.

“What? But Maegwen-“

“Maegwen will be fine. She would be heart broken if anything happened to that horse. Now go!” Elrond said more sternly. Figwit nodded reluctantly, and went off to gather Renia. Elrond carried Maegwen past murmuring elves of Rivendell as he went to take her to her room. Maegwen continued to toss in Elrond’s arms, now screaming as if an army of orcs were at their heels. Exactly like orcs were at their heels.

“Oh my- ahh!” shrieked Maegwen. Arwen who was near by walked briskly over to her father’s side, staring frightfully at the woman in his arms.

“Father, what is it? What is wrong?” she asked in her soft voice, and put her hand under Maegwen’s head for support. Elrond shook his head, as they entered the building, and walked down the corridor to Maegwen’s room.

“I do not know. Figwit was helping her practice riding her horse, when suddenly she made an odd movement with her head-“

But he was cut off by more screaming.

“Orcs!!” screamed Maegwen, as they set her on her bed. Elrond sat on the side of the bed, and put his hand to her forehead. To him and Arwen, the scene was very odd, and terrifying, for they did not know what was wrong, or if Maegwen was in any pain. However, had they been in Maegwen’s head, they might have been frightened for a different reason.

…Maegwen stood in the middle of a forest, completely dumbfounded, wondering where she was and what she was doing there. The woods surrounding her were not of Rivendell, and she was scared, and it was cold. She walked about, then suddenly felt greasy skin against hers. She turned to her left, and in her horror and dread, fell to the ground. To her luck, however, the orc did not notice her. None of them did, and the dozens of orcs just walked past her, as she sat stiffly on the mossy forest floor. One, however, was eyeing her up, teeth bared, and he was coming towards her with an odd weapon. She jumped to her feet, and ran through the trees to escape…

“She’s becoming warm.” Elrond said, and grabbed the soaked wet cloth from the water basin that Arwen was holding for him. He put it to Maegwen’s head.

“Is she going to be alright?” Arwen asked, clutching the sides of the basin tightly. She loved Maegwen as a sister and did not like the look of such pain in her blank eyes.

“I do not know.” Elrond said. “I wish I knew what was wrong. I have never seen anything like this before.”

…”Leave me alone!” Maegwen cried as she ran through more trees to escape the lone orc, the only one that seemed to know she was there. She lost the orc, so it seemed, as she burst through a clutter of trees.

“Mmm…” she gasped in a hushed voice. There were three dead elves lying at the base of a tree, with the oddly shaped orc swords through their chests. Right through. One, however, seemed still reluctant to leave the world of the living, even if his eyes kept rolling into the back of his head.

“Help…” he said, then began to speak in elvish. “”

Maegwen ran to the elf, and lifted its head so he would not choke on his own blood. But to no avail. The elf closed it’s eyes and did not open them again.

“Oh no…” moaned Maegwen, tossing her head in horror…

The dream, or nightmare or whatever it was, ended. Maegwen’s arms stopped tossing, and she fell back onto her pillow, breathing heavy. Figwit was in the room now too, and he was staring at her, not too sure what to make of the situation. Her eyes opened wearily. She looked at the other elves in confusion.

“What is going on?”

“We would ask you the same thing.” Said Elrond, but seemed to be talking more to himself. “Yet I think we would not get a straight answer. I have never seen a person act so.”

“Is Renia alright? I suppose I gave her quite a fright.” Maegwen suddenly looked very sad. “She did not get hurt, did she?”

“She is in the stable. Do not worry, she is alright.” Figwit said.

“I think we should let you get some rest.” Arwen said, smiling softly. Maegwen nodded, and watched Arwen and Figwit leave. Elrond held back.

“Father…?” asked Arwen, waiting at the door. Elrond motioned for her to go.

“I will be there soon.”

Arwen nodded, and left. Elrond pulled a chair up beside the bed, poured some water into a glass, and handed it to Maegwen.

“Here. Drink this.” He advised. “It will help you feel stronger.”

Maegwen took it and drank a good deal of the tasteless liquid. She afterwards put the cup down, and saw that Elrond was looking at her with a calculating look.

“Are you sure that you are alright?” Elrond asked. Maegwen shrugged, and wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead.

“I’m confused. I do not understand what that was about. I mean… the orcs and the elves… it is impossible to comprehend. Maybe it was a dream.” Maegwen deduced, and sat back again.

“I do no think it was just a dream.” Elrond said. “I think…” he looked very unsure of what he was about to say. “I think perhaps it was a form or foresight. It is a possibility, in any case. But come, tell me what you saw, and I’ll tell you what I can make of it.”

So Maegwen told Elrond all that was to be told and all that she had ‘seen’. Elrond seemed very interested in it, and as she progressed in her story, he became ever more convinced that Imladris was going to come under attack.

“I do not think it is Imladris that is in peril.” Maegwen said. “I know all the woods of this area well enough, and the trees from my… vision -or what ever it may have been- are like those of here. Somewhere else, perhaps.”

“I will leave you to think it over.” Elrond said, and bent over her and kissed her brow. “And I do hope you figure out where it was. If this event is indeed to take place, I want to send messengers out of the approaching danger.”

Maegwen smiled softly, thanked him, and then set her head on the pillow, but could get no sleep. Her mind was flowing with possibilities over who could be in jeopardy. She was frightened that someone may die because she could not figure it out. But she was also in doubt: what if they were making too big of a deal over this? But Elrond seemed so sure…

Maegwen closed her eyes and refused to think. She soon fell to sleep.

**Sorry, sorry, yeah, the end sucks, but I wanted to submit this before I left for school. Corrie says this is way too much to read, so if it is, I’m sorry! It gets a little repetitive from my other fanfics (might have mentioned this one before…) but deal with it. **sticks tongue out** I’m tired, have a test today, so do not mess with me. Reviews, on the other hand, are always welcomed…. Luv yous! They will get better! It also just occurred to me the elves of Mirkwood speak different elvish — I think. I read it somewhere. Ignore that fact, anyway.


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