Orlando and I – Through Kate’s Eyes

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Hey all,

Many of you older fans will remember this story. I started doing it a long time ago and then I stopped. Well I plan to start it back up again. Hope you all will take time to read it and my other story A Dragon’s Tale. Soon I hope to continue Araiel Alya: The Princess Bride, if my schedule allows. Working two jobs and going to college will cause delays however. But anyway, I am starting this back up again. And here is the 1st chapter

My name is Kyla Sullivan. I am just an ordinary girl, nothing special. And yet, something very special happened to me. Have you ever met someone famous? Or rather have you ever fallen in love with someone famous?

Kyla flipped back her golden brown hair and attempted to see over the heads of the crowd in front of her. Orlando Bloom was here in Barnes and Noble at her favorite bookshop to sign autographs. She held nothing in her hand, but she was still in line to see him. All Kyla wished to do was thank him for the stunning performance he made in the Lord of the Rings, her favorite film. She didn’t need a signature or autographed picture to brag to her friends about.

Kyla rolled her sea green eyes when three girls in front of her lifted up their shirts to show him their triple tattoo of We love Orli.

“I say some people are just nuts,” she murmured as they took their autographs and giggled away happily.

Kyla stepped forward and smiled at the undoubtedly handsome young man who sat before her holding a pen in his hand ready to sign another autograph.

Kyla nodded her head politely and said, “Your acting in the Lord of the Rings was excellent, and I hope you and Kate are really happy together.”
She was about to step away, but Orlando stood up puzzled and asked, “You don’t want me to sign a picture or anything for you?”
Kyla shook her head. “You don’t need to do that.”

His eyes went straight to hers and in a brief moment of clarity, she seemed to see straight through him and knew exactly what he wanted.

Instead, “What’s your name?” he asked.
“Kyla….Kyla Sullivan.”
“Do you live here in California?” he asked.
She shook her head again. “No, Just visiting. Don’t think I could make it out here. If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to return to my reading.”

He glanced at the book in her hand and smiled.

“Anna Karenina is an excellent book. Don’t let me keep you.”

Orlando Bloom took his place again, but to Kyla, his eyes seemed to have changed. Those brown orbs seemed colder now as he faced another fan instead of the warmth he had shown her. She knew he would be young and gorgeous, but she also expected him to know it. He was not arrogant, and it surprised and pleased her at the same time.

The café was empty since everyone was in line to see Orlando possibly even twice, and Kyla was glad. She could read in silence and honestly think and imagine about what she was reading. People say books are doors into other worlds, and at times Kyla felt like she was the character in the books she read, though she did imagine to be others happier than Anna Karenina. Kyla opened her book, turned to her former page, and looked into another world again…


She cruised through the water rapidly but gracefully. He knew she had swum many times before, and that was good. Swimming helped her to organize her thoughts; place them in different drawers for her to sort through one at a time. Orlando Bloom was not in her thoughts at the moment, however, which was why it shocked her when she finished her last lap, and he was standing over the edge of the pool fully dressed holding his hand to help her from the water. Kyla took it, and he easily raised her out of the water and onto solid ground again. She removed her goggles and swim cap letting her hair out.

“Mr. Bloom,” she spoke. “This is a surprise.”
“A good one I hope, and Orlando’s fine please.”
“How did you know I was staying here?” she wondered aloud.
“Sometimes being a movie star can bring you many resources,” he changed the subject. “Is there somewhere we can talk alone?”
She debated for a moment and then, “My hotel room, but-“
“No need to take me there. We can talk here if you wish, but I just want to warn you about them.”

He motioned to the lobby, and Kyla widened her eyes seeing various reporters with cameras in their hands as well as many questioning fans most of them girls. She instantly grabbed her towel and Orlando’s hand pulling him towards the back door, which would lead to the outside pool.

“There are some elevators on the outside just around this corner,” she opened the pool gate and slipped around the brick wall where correctly stood two elevators.

Kyla pushed the button willing it to come quicker. Orlando looked behind him seeing several reporters issue into the pool.

“Well, they can’t very well catch us when we’re in here can they,” he slipped into the elevator beside Kyla and watched her push number twelve.

She shook her head, and they rode silently to the top floor. She noticed his eyes glance in her direction more than once. She had to say she couldnt help herself. Kyla could have one a beauty contest on looks alone. Her golden brown hair was long and shiny falling past her shoulders. One ould see an ocean simply within her eyes. Her skin was fair, but she had few freckles. She was tall and attractive in more ways than one. One glance at her face, and none could forget it. Her beauty was unique and charismatic.

Kyla walked slowly in front, still nervous about what was happening. He was Orlando Bloom, but that did not mean anything to her. He was still a young man, a strong young man. She approached number 1217 and fitted her key into the lock.

“Nice room,” he observed the surroundings.

She nodded as he walked about observing her tidiness. A laptop computer sat upon the desk with several papers resting beside it. Other than that, the room was spotless. He turned to face her and noticed she was shifting uncomfortably.

“I can wait out here if you’d like to get dressed,” he suggested eyeing her bathing suit.

She nodded again and disappeared into the bathroom without saying a word. Orlando heard the shower running, and he walked over to the computer and picked up the papers resting beside it.

A Moment Caught Forever

By: Kyla Sullivan

was the cover page, and with curiosity, Orlando turned the next page to read her writing. Meanwhile, Kyla took a brief shower, dressed in some comfortable black capris and a short-sleeved white top. She French braided her hair and walked out of the room to see him standing at her desk reading her book. Kyla’s eyes widened at the thought of someone especially Orlando Bloom reading her very own words! He turned seeing her and instantly laid down the papers guilt written on his face.

“I apologize. My curiosity got the better of me, but I’ll let you know, you are a very good writer, and I’m hooked.”
“Hooked?” she inquired.
“Hooked on your writing, and I would enjoy reading more. Your poems are beautiful too. Are you published?”
“Have you submitted anything to a publisher?”
She licked her lips and replied, “No.”
“Why not? I’m sure you could make it easily.”
“Did you just come here to give me publishing advice?” she asked but not sharply.
He smiled. “No. Today you reminded me of how good it feels to be away from the crowds, the reporters, the fans. Even now I feel like I could just flop on this bed and sleep for a hundred years. Look, I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to know if you’d like to have breakfast with me tomorrow.”
She pursed her eyebrows together confused. “Pardon me, but aren’t you seeing Kate?”
“It’s not a date,” he sighed. “I would just like to talk to you if you don’t mind.”
“No I don’t,” Kyla said. “Where?”
“I’ll pick you up tomorrow around eight. Is that acceptable?”
She nodded, and he grinned.
“You don’t talk much do you?”
“Oh yes, I do,” she denied. “I just don’t talk much when I’m nervous.”
He crookedly smiled. “No reason to be, honest. But I don’t expect you to believe me. But if I may,” he picked up one of the papers on the desk, which was a poem she had written one night under the stars, “take this home with me tonight?”
She glanced at the first line…A host of stars shine over the sea and said, “Yes, you may.”
“Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Forgive me for ruining your night.”
“You didn’t.”
As he brushed past her and opened the door, she suddenly stopped him, “Orlando!”
He turned as she continued. “Take the elevators we came through. If you turn right instead of left, it will lead you to the parking lot. You can get out easily there without being noticed.”
He grinned uncontrollably. “Thank you. By the way, bring a swim suit tomorrow.”

Kyla collapsed on her bed and wondered what the next morning would be like…


She woke up around seven and laid out all of her outfits wondering which to wear for today. She didn’t even know why she was spending so much of her time fussing with her clothes, something she rarely ever did. Kyla finally chose a short sleeved crimson top and a knee length black skirt. She pulled her hair into a quick French braid leaving a few straying strands and then left the hotel. She was a few minutes early when she left the doors, but so was Orlando. He stepped out of his car and hurried to meet her. She smiled as he opened the door to his car.

“Good morning,” he said.

She returned the greeting. He looked quite handsome indeed today with his loose red scarf tied around his neck and a pale blue button down shirt and khaki pants.

“So, where are we going?” Kyla asked when he started the engine.
“Surprise,” he winked.
He drove out of the hotel parking lot and got onto the expressway. Kyla was finally bored after ten minutes of silence and useless staring.
“Nice car,” was the only thing she could think to comment on even if it was a nice 1986 Mustang.
“Thank you. It was my dad’s. I fixed it up this year after he died.”
“I’m sorry. Must be hard for you. I know what it’s like to lose a parent.”
Orlando turned to her as if wanting her to continue. “My mom,” she answered. “She died when I was eight. My dad when I turned seventeen.”
He brushed a strand of dark hair behind his ear. “I don’t think I could imagine a life without my mom. She was the one who insisted I go to acting school. She made me who I am today. The dad I always believed to be my father was the only one who has died in my life, but I fortunately had two fathers. Who made you a writer, Kyla?”
“I guess you could say it was part of my own interests and God’s.”
He raised an eyebrow as she continued. “I wanted people to read my writing and not just enjoy it but to act when they read it. I’ve been writing only recently as a novelist, but I’ve mainly worked as a journalist but for a small newspaper. I’ll be getting my communications degree and a minor in literature.”
“How old are you?” he asked.
“My 28th birthday just passed. Ten years seems so long when you’re younger, but now it doesn’t seem like a big difference.”
“No, it doesn’t,” she answered softly.
“So, have you ever considered acting?”
Kyla raised her eyes.
“Can you act?” he asked. “You certainly have the appearance for it.”
“I can act, and I have considered acting, but I never had the guts to do it.”
Orlando smiled. “Courage was something I never had either. I didn’t ask to be a heartthrob, though.”
“But do you like it?” inquired Kyla.
“Sometimes, but most of the time, no. It’s useful when you want something, but I can’t get close to anyone who’s not famous without cameras snapping me. That’s why we’re not going to a restaurant this morning.”
“Where are we going?”
“All in good time. We’ll be there soon. What else do you enjoy doing besides writing and swimming?”
“I love the ocean, but I’ve been to Florida five times already, which is why I chose California this time. I’d never been here before.”
“Do you surf or snorkel?”
“Both and scuba diving,” she answered. “And I’ve taken up water skiing and boating but mainly because of the dolphins.”
He grinned. “So you enjoy intense sports. That takes courage.”
“I guess,” she shrugged. “It takes courage to jump out of airplanes and cable cars too. Not to mention breaking ribs, a finger, your nose, back…have I missed anything?”
He chuckled, and Kyla loved the way he laughed. “I knew it would be a mistake to climb up that drainpipe. Have you ever done anything outrageously stupid, Kyla?”
She nodded. “I went skinny dipping in the ocean at night. Nearly got killed by a Great White feeding in the shallow water.”
“Ouch, why didn’t you try the pool?”
“Because there was already a couple there doing it,” she nearly made a face.
“Well, at least it didn’t take a bite out of you right?”
“No, but he gave me this with his fin.”

She bared her left arm showing a long scar stretching from her shoulder to her elbow. Orlando reached his hand over and traced it delicately with his fingertips.

“Scars add beauty I think to a person. It shows that they aren’t flat and are willing to take risks at times and are responsible enough to pay for the consequences.”
Kyla nodded again. “So, are we almost there?”
He grinned again. “Almost. Be patient.”

Kyla couldn’t remember if she drifted off to sleep or not since the next moment she awoke, and they were driving upon an old dirt road through a thick Redwood forest. The trees soon thinned, however and revealed the ending of the dirt road; a private beach surrounded by lush palm trees. Kyla’s eyes widened as she looked upon the beautiful sight. Most of the beaches she had been to were in the Atlantic and none private. This was perfect.

“Orlando!” she gushed as she stepped out of the car.
“I come here often.”

He popped open the trunk revealing a picnic basket and a red checkered blanket. Kyla helped him spread the blanket on the sand and then took a seat as he set out the utensils, bread, cheese, and fruit. Orlando sat down beside her and took some cream cheese and spread it on the bread. He handed the bread to her, but she closed her eyes for a few moments first and then began eating.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked her.
She nodded, “Yes.”
“Why, what proof do you have?”
“I don’t live by proof. Proof takes away the mystery and the excitement. God doesn’t need proof in order to be believed,” she sighed. “Look around us, Orlando. Here we are sitting upon the most gorgeous beach.” She sifted a handful of sand through her fingers. “There could be billions of grains right here in my little handful, but in the Bible it says He knows all of the grains of sand in the entire world including those in the ocean. And He knows much more than that.”
“But doesn’t it seem nerve wracking to know that someone is watching your every move?”
“No, on the contrary relaxing. Whatever bad comes my way, I know it all happens for a purpose. And I don’t have to always figure things out. I can leave it up to someone much wiser than I. Would you always want proof for everything in your life? Would you always want or need to see the air to know its there? It takes away the mystery, the excitement.”
“Faith then makes you stronger than proof.”
She nodded. “And anything I need to know, I can find out in His Word.”
Kyla finished her meal and brushed off the crumbs. “Well, either we can swim or hike. Which do you want to do?”
“Hike,” he stood up beside her. “There are some great climbing trees around here as well.”
“Orlando, I’m in a skirt.”
“You wanted to swim.”
“But that’s because you told me to bring a swimsuit.”
“Ahh, I see. Just hike then, swim later.”
“Deal,” she agreed.

They left the comfort of the beach and walked together into the woods. The sun slanted through the trees shining its rays upon the couple. Kyla sighed and breathed in the scent of the trees. The noise of the forest was beautiful.

“Look, a cardinal,” he pointed to the red bird. “They range more to the east.”
“I remember reading that you’re a dog lover.”
“I am. Are you?” he inquired.
She smiled. “Yes.”
“Then that’s one thing we’ve got in common.”

She grinned. Orlando turned to look at her with his eyes. Slowly he raised his hand to her face and cupped her chin gently.

“You have a beautiful face,” he said suddenly without thinking.
She blushed turning away. “It’s plain.”
“But in a beautiful way.”
“You’ve seen enough stunning women in Hollywood to last a lifetime including Kate.”
“But they are not like you.”
“Look, Orlando,” she sighed in exasperation. “I know every girl in the country would drool a river to be in this situation, but you’re with Kate. And I think it would be best if we never saw each other again.”
He stopped, and she saw the hurt in his eyes. It shamed her.


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