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“I saw him when I was in the cave. He rescued me from the Barrow Wight and said we would meet soon. I know he is powerful Orlando more powerful than anything I’ve ever met. He can’t be stopped, and he is the one within my dreams.”
“Kyla, I dont know what to say. What you are suggesting…” he stopped. “No, it is not impossible. This is a different world. And if I knew how to get home, I would take you within an instant. But I know now that I will not let you out of my sight, and we shall not seperate. I shall be with you always. So now…”
“Now, we get on our knees,” she finished and pulled him down slowly folding her hands. “Dear Father in Heaven Illuvutar of Middle Earth…”


It had been days since we left Tom Bombadil’s house. I did not receive any more visits from the mysterious stranger, and I was glad. Only a few times did I dream about him, but praying about it and leaving it in God’s hands made me feel better. We came to Lorien, and I looked up at the beautiful trees in a quiet awe. I felt a peace as I entered the wood, and I wished I could be living there permanently. We were of course captured by Haldir’s march wardens and ordered to be taken to the Lorien lord. I did not object to being a prisoner. Led by the elves through the city of Lorien seemed like a dream come true. The beautiful lights of Caras Galadhon twinkled around me as we ascended around the trees to the familiar meeting place where Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel once stood. As we passed by many elf maidens clothed in beautiful flowing gowns, I suddenly felt self conscious of my mud stained traveling outfit. Even though it had two pieces, skirt outer and breeches underneath, I still felt dirty and probably looked it too. Orlando held my hand reassuringly.
We came to the meeting place, and Haldir came to greet us. His eyes trailed up each of the Twins, then to Orlando, and finally to me. I felt a sense of discomfort as I met those perfect sapphire eyes. So much warmth in them yet in a firm way. He was a natural born leader and a warrior who had seen much battle. Despite his beautiful appearance, regal attire, and golden hair, I felt uncomfortable around him especially when his eyes rested chiefly upon me.

“I have heard of your coming, and I welcome you to Lorien in the name of Lady Galadriel kin to Arwen Undomiel who is long been taken from Gondor. I hope that even as you rescued Celebrian from orcs many years ago, Eladdan,” he approached the twin, “you will rescue your sister in the same way.”
“We certainly hope to do so, my lord,” Eladdan bowed.
“I will offer you shelter within my wood. Shelter, rest, and food until you are ready to depart again. My wardens shall lead you to your camp. May stars light your path.”
The others turned to depart, but Haldir approached me motioning me to stay. I knew he would. Orlando stayed beside me for a moment, but I mouthed the word `go’ and like an obedient pup, he went. Haldir bowed slightly and offered his hand, which I took.
“You are no elf, lady, and yet you are immortal. How is this, I wonder.” He smiled, but I could not return the gesture.
“The matter is complicated, and I am not at liege to discuss it,” I returned.
“You remind me of the Queen of Gondor herself though you are younger and stronger than she. You have a glow about you that designates you as elven, and yet you are not. Such beauty and grace is not easily found.”
“I accept your compliment then, but I do not wish to be separated from the others for long.”
“Well, then take this as a token in addition to the compliment.”
A maid approached and handed the lord of Lorien a gown wrought of lace and silk spun with silver at the hems and seams. It was beautiful to my eyes, and I wanted nothing more in the world to take it.
“I cannot accept this,” I replied turning.
“You must accept it. I will not have a lady in Lorien clothed in simple travel clothes. It would not be fitting.”
“So then I am not fitting? The clothes upon my back are not fitting?”
“I do not mean to offend you, my lady. I thought you would be honored to take such a gift considering it was once the Lady of the Wood’s.”
I stopped at this comment. Why was he offering me a dress which once belonged to Galadriel? He had only met me for perhaps a minute. Slowly, I took the dress in my hands and hugged it to my chest. It was the softest material I had ever felt. Haldir took my hand and kissed it. Then with a prompt bow, he walked away.


Kyla reached the resting place, but the others were already asleep from the long journey: except for Orlando. When he saw her coming wearing the flowing silver gown, his eyes instantly lit up. Kyla was surprised when he picked her up swinging her around in the air.

“You look beautiful.”
She smiled at the compliment. “It’s a little long.”
“It’s perfect. Come, I want to show you something.”
“Surprise,” he winked.

Orlando forced Kyla to close her eyes as he carried her down a too familiar path. She felt bumps beneath her and knew he was walking downward. She also heard water in the distance. Finally Orlando set her down, and she opened her eyes. She knew the place instantly. Kyla was standing in the glade of Galadriel. The water flowed out from a small waterfall emptying into a rushing pool. Slowly, she let the droplets float through her hands and took in the glow of the silver lights about them.
She then felt Orlando’s breath upon her cheek. He was close, very close. Yet, his presence was not unnerving. It was warm and longing. Before she knew it, he was kissing her lips from behind. Slowly, she slipped her hand around his head drawing him in closer as his hands sunk into her waist pulling her toward him. She felt warm and familiar, and he wanted nothing more in the world than to spend forever in this moment. Yet, it passed by them, and he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“We’re being watched.”
Kyla glanced around but could see no one. “Are you certain?”
“I am an elf in this world. I can sense a presence.”

Kyla then knew who it was. It was one of the march wardens perching like a bird within a tree watching for anything out of the ordinary. She then realized that many could be watching them. Orlando took this thought in as well and rubbed his eyes.

“I guess we can never be alone,” he sighed.
She smiled. “Let them watch,” she slipped her arms around his neck.
“Do you want me, Kyla?” he smiled brushing a hand across her cheek.
“Yes,” she whispered drawing closer.
“For how long?”
“Doesn’t matter?” she met his lips but he continued probing.
“Do you love me?”
“I-I love you,” she replied in but a whisper.
“I love you, Orlando.”

He replied with a single word ‘miracle’ and began kissing her back. Orlando reached into his pocket as he devoured her lips and drew out the ring. Yet, just as he did so, a voice broke their thoughts and actions.

“It is late, and you both should have some sleep.” Haldir.

Kyla scorned him at the precise moment. How dare he? They were far below in the glade, and she knew he was watching them. How dare he come and interrupt them? It not only embarrassed them, but it seemed to show that he was the sole authority of this wood. He did not have authority over them. She held the thought. He actually did since it was placed in his charge. It was his wood, his home, and he had the right of authority. But it did not give him an excuse for barging in. Kyla replied with a fervent glare, brushed past him with a cold shoulder, and returned to the resting place. Orlando narrowed his eyes upon Haldir.

“Why did you do that? You had no right to do that,” Orlando spoke.
“Oh interrupting something special, did I?” Haldir asked folding his arms.
“You stay away from Kyla,” Orlando pointed his finger. “And she will never yield to you.”
“I think Kyla would prefer a real man compared to a pretty boy.”
“And she would prefer a pretty boy rather than an arrogant elitist. And if you had not interrupted us-“
“You would have made love here on the grass in front of my wardens, and I cannot allow that.”
“We would have done no such thing!” Orlando nearly yelled. “We knew your hawk eyed wardens were watching us. Kyla would never even consent to do such a thing unless she was married.”
“I don’t understand you, Orlando. You do not take what is rightfully yours for one perfect night of pleasure.”
“Lust not love. Kyla believes in love not lust. What good does lust do for you? It does not last, but love is there for eternity. And Kyla knows that as well. Excuse me.”
Orlando brushed past Haldir angrily, but the lord continued, “Was that a ring I saw in your hand?”
“It is none of your business,” Orlando snapped back.
“Ahhhh I see now. I don’t think she’s yet ready for that pretty boy. She’s far too young.”
“Far too young for you as well.”


Kyla returned to the resting place, flung off her dress and cowered into her bed within her simple nightshift. She soon heard footsteps approach her, and she knew it was Orlando when his strong arms slipped around her waist.
“Kyla, do not cry,” he brushed her tears away and kissed her lips.
“He just came along and purposefully ruined it!” she moaned.
“It doesn’t matter now, and I will no longer wait to do this. If I do, I will lose the nerve and possibly my sanity.”
“What?” she asked turning to face him.
He slowly drew out the ring. “Wear this for me forever until the day we both die if it is our fate. I love you, and I want you to be my girl.”
“And I wouldn’t object too highly.”
“But you would object?” he asked.
“I need some time to think it over,” she replied.
“A penny for your thoughts milady?” he grinned wickedly and opened her mouth with his own.

As his lips plundered her own, all thoughts of rejection flew away as she slipped her arms around his neck and leaned in closer. Perhaps it was the near perfectness of the trees around them, the difference in scenery, or the peace the evening brought. Kyla was carried away by floods of emotion, but she did not surrender completely, and they went to sleep wrapped in each others arms.


Hey all sorry its so short. I’ve been finding it difficult to write on my busy schedule. I’ll keep at it though.


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