Orc Gone Good

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*I will try to make this tale as close as I possibly can to Tolkiens vision of Middle Earth, but after all I am not Tolkien, and I do not know his world as he did, so if any thing is incorrect, I’m sorry. I also cannot devote all my time in thought on this story, but I will try my best to make it a good story for all who reads.
Now, here is the first piece of: Orc gone good!*

The start of: Orc Gone Good

A new evil blossoms in the north, high in the cold stones of the Grey Mountains. The once strong, and feared evil of Sauron is now but a thing of history, an Orc named Zork-uk, has led the Orcs of Mordor into the Grey Mountains; and now holds an ancient castle as a stronghold. The Elves of Mirkwood, and Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain are concerned about this young evil. Many quarrels stir between them and the enemy. The Dwarves have sent word to all their kin in Middle Earth to unit and fight the evil together. The Dwarves are strong if united, and there’s a bond between them that cannot be broken. So without question, all dwarf kin rush to their call of help–save those with grudges against those of the Lonely Mountain. And now they travel in large and small bands toward the Mountain.
A company of fifty Dwarves now travels over the Misty Mountains where their homes lie. Gordon leads them along the rocky paths, were Goblins lurk in the dark. Gurwick, and Bordon are his Brothers, and Dok, Kiewick, and Rulldin are his trusted companions on the trip. They work their way down the winding, tree shaded paths; a soft rain licks their cheeks, and the sky is wrapped with gray clouds, as they make their way to their kin’s stone halls.

An Orc band was rushing through the tall grass ten miles away from Fangorn when men of Gondor attacked them riding great horses, and with silver blades. The Orcs cried and yelped as they tossed their weapons about wildly. The band was being slaughtered, and many fled towards Fangorn. Some escaped, but more were killed. One of the escapees was York-ie, an Orc of a different nature than his companions. He was unlike the others. He did not harbor evil thoughts in his mind at all times like the others. He felt glad to be away from the cheating band he was with. And he disliked their actions, very unlike an Orc.
With the men of Gondor close behind, York-ie fled into Fanghorn. Where most of the other Orcs who fled there cursed it, York-ie found it peaceful. It was a well shaded place, and the dark was in York-ies’ favor. After many days of sleeping under the whispering trees, York-ie ran up the Misty Mountain range, all the way to Lothlorien were he stayed clear of it’s Elf guarded wood. From there he traveled further to the Dwarf dales, were he set up camp and planned to flee over the Misty Mountain in the morning.

Other comments: You need to decide if you want to use words in the present tense only or the past tense only. It will confuse the reader, subconsciously at the very least if it flip flops between tenses. Would you like me to edit that as well?


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