Orc Gone Good – Piece 4

by Mar 3, 2003Stories

‘So what is your name? Or by what word are you called?’ asked Gordon with his axe in hand.

‘My’s name is York-ie!’

‘What is your reason for being here? Why do you travel alone?’ Gordon growled

York-ie hissed. ‘I am running.’

‘Where and why?’

‘I am’s running from my kind! Running from their Evil! I hate them, and their ways, I wish I never was borns an Orc!’

‘Never born an Orc? Most Orcs are prideful of being Orcs. What makes you hate it?’

‘I am’s not full Orc I am part goblin. I hate them toos, they’re small and weaks! They should be driven out of their pits, and round up into a canyon!’ cries York-ie.

The Dwarves gathered into a small crowed, away from York-ie, and whispered amongst themselves. ‘This Orc is odd, odd indeed.’ Said Gordon.

‘I think we should kill him; he is trouble. He has lied. More Orcs follow, I know it!’ spat Keiwick.

‘ We cannot let him free, that is for sure. He could tell enemies of our coming, and should we be delayed or killed by them, our help will be missed at the home of our kin. Yet I do not want to kill him, something inside me says this Orc is not as evil as others. He says he wants to leave their evil, and not be a part of it.’ Gordon shook his head, nearly unable to believe his own words. ‘I believe he is different, and needs to be kept alive for now.’

‘ARE YOU MAD! Keep an Orc alive! And in our company! No Orc deserves to live!’ Keiwick shouted red-faced.

‘What harm could he do? He is unarmed, and chained. I am not in the mood to talk now; I want to get a move on. And I want to learn more about him. But this cave is not the place to do it, on this mountain is not the place. Lets take him for a while, just until we leave the mountain slopes. Then we will do something with him there.’ The Dwarves all fell silent, not daring to challenge Gordon’s word.

‘Very well Gordon, if you think he is not evil, then I go with your judgment. But let us ponder this thought: If he is not evil, why does he want to kill and betray his own kind, his own race? In my mind, that’s more evil then killing those of other races.’ Bordon said warily. Gordon sat in silence, already pondering the riddle.

‘Well Orc! You come with us! Your labor up the mountain was in vain, you now will labor going back down!’ said Dok. ‘But do not expect us to treat you as a guest! You are more like a chore!’

‘Then set me frees! I do nots want to go with you’s! I want to continue running!’

‘Run you shall, but with us.’ Said Gordon, snapping out of his thoughts.

‘Why’s am I held captive’s? I have done nothing to you’s! SET ME’S FREE!’ cried York-ie with a roar!

‘I am sorry, but we cannot let you free. Now stand up, we have some time to make up after this delay..’ ordered Gordon. The group shuffled out of the cave and began to run down the path once more. They run swiftly and with ease. Reaching the turn were York-ie and Gordon met, they continue past it quickly. The sun sizzles over their heads, but the high mountain air softens its blaze leaving a chill blowing with the wind.

‘Keep up Orc!’ Keiwick snarled

‘Do not speak to me’s about keeping up’s! I could run you down with my mighty legs! You run too slowly! I feel as if I am walking, your legs are too shorts!’ said York-ie.

‘Why you! Curse you Orc! I look forward to the morning when I cut your head from your shoulders!’ Keiwick shouted in anger.

York-ie hissed. ‘It’s will be an honor, then I shall be released from your big mouth’s, and slow legs!’ Keiwick looked as if his head would explode in anger. He deftly swung his axe from its spot on his back, missing York-ie’s head by mere inches. The chained Orc dodged and ducked as Keiwick’s axe hit the stone with a clank, and clang! York-ie dipped and ducked from the singing axe head, kicking and shoving Keiwick with his pure body strength Gordon rushed from the front of the group with his axe in hand.

‘STOP THIS YOU FOOLS! Stop, stop!’ throwing them apart and holding them both back with his stout arms!

‘You stop this! I will not allow you two to fight and cause us further delay. Keiwick, you will walk up with me.’ He ordered. ‘York-ie!’ Gordon paused and eyed the Orc with narrowed eyes. ‘You are only something we picked up, we do not have to spare you. So watch your tongue, for it is slick and sly, and it may trip your mighty legs!’

After a moment, Gordon let them both loose, and he headed to the front of the line, Keiwick following sullenly.

‘You must not do this, you are a Dwarf, but you need to hold you temper.’ Said Gordon bitterly.

‘I hate Orcs! And I hate this Orc! When you have asked all the questions you need of him, I shall take pleasure in killing him.’

‘That time is far from now, so keep your temper. Now lets walk in the cool mountain breeze, kick stones under our feet, and-‘ Suddenly an arrow zipped by their heads, and hit the rocks with a ~tink~. Five more arrows came flying from below and snipped at the ears of the Dwarves, and skipped along the rocks! The Dwarves began to pull their weapons, and stood at the ready.


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