Orc Gone Good – Part Seven

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The night was cold, and bitter. The rain subsided in the early morning before dawn and their soggy clothes remained damp for the chilly duration of the darkness The watch caught a glimpse of the stars as they twinkled for an hour or so when more clouds rolled in. It was the darkest night any of the dwarves or York-ie had seen in their travels. This made Gordon fearful. He worried that Goblins would attack in such darkness created a constant itch on his mind. Gordon stayed awake all night, only sleeping an hour before sunrise. Two hours before sunrise he thought he heard an out of place noise. It sounded like a knife or spearhead had been dropped on the stone path. Only a few feet ahead he had heard it, he then heard a scuffling sound, like feet rushing away.

York-ie slept well, but he also heard the noise, which made his sleep restless the remainder of the night. He approached Gordon about the sound.

‘Did’s you hear that noise?’ he asked.

‘I did, and I don’t like it. The Goblins are close, and are planning their attack. I will be prepared in the morning. They will want to stop us from leaving the Mountain path,’ Gordon said quietly, and a long pause hung between them.

‘ When’s we have reached the Dwarf Dales, will I be allowed’s to be free’s?’ asked York-ie. ‘I want to cause you no harm; I only’s want to live’s on my own. I give you my word, if I were to break my it, I should have my arms ripped’s out on my shoulders.’

‘I appreciate your word, but I do not know your word, and I do not know if it can be trusted, after all, you are an Orc. Never in my long life have I seen an Orc to keep his word, or even act as you do.’ said Gordon.

‘Just’s as I thought.’ York-ie dropped his head and picked up a stone that he rolled between his figures.

‘After we are off this Mountain, we shall listen to your story, for I am curious why you act like no Orc I’ve ever encountered, or heard in song. And if your story is well, then we may let you go, though it will be a task to turn the hearts of these dwarves.’

‘That scum’s Keiwick will turn’s the hearts of this company, I am doomed to die’s, if the choice is up to him!’
‘You must watch your tongue! Keiwick is after all my very good friend, and he is in my favor over you, it will be wise to catch harsh words before they slither from your mouth.’said Gordon.

York-ie hissed, but he knows Gordon’s words are wise, and he would be foolish to ignore them.

‘There is one question I must ask now’ said Gordon. ‘How did you come to be on this Mountain? How were you separated from you company?’

York-ie tossed the small stone letting it roll on the path, and lifted his head. ‘I was in a Company of Orcs coming froms Mordor. We were on our wayss to a place I cannot tellsss. Just outside of, Fangorn I thinks it is called in your tongue. Men attacked us on white horses. They galloped downs the hill like thunder; their swords glinted under the cursed sunsss! Their blades rang as they slid thru the skins of the Orcs, never have I enjoyed battle, so I tried to escapes, but they had surrounded us, for more men came from the cover of the forests. I slew four men, and two horses; I don’t know how many I injured before I was able to flee. The heads of my company lays on the grass like apples under an apple tree. I ran with all my mightss, my brother ran behind me’s; but the horses of men are to quick, they caught up with us and we foughts more. I then slew two more Mens, my brother slew three, but he came to the end he deserved! A coward and a cheats he was. He ran like a mouse when the Men rode behind usss, leaving me as target practice while he ran. But his foolishness killed him; he ran right into a traps that I had seen a mile before we reached it, that foolsss! I thought my end had come, but forty Orcs stormed from the north woods, and a great battle took place there. I then slew five Mens, but all the Orcs but seven fell. The seven, including me, fled when we knew there wasss no hopes, into the wood we ran until the sounds of battles were gone. All that night the sounds of horse hooves and armored boots were heard around uss, even an occasional shout or crys was herd, but by dawn it was quiet. After the sun had risen, and the area was clear, I rans, and ranss, until I came into your service.’

‘Why cannot you tell me were your company’s destination was? They are dead, you may be the only survivor.’

‘Why cannots you tells me were yours destination is? I shalls tell you mine, for yours.’ said York-ie.

Gordon looked at him with a smirk.’You are a slick creature, but I cannot tell you, yet. Perhaps another time we shall talk, and we will answer all questions.’

At early sunrise the band traveled on. With good speed they walked knowing if they did not waste time, then their journey on this Mountain would end the sooner. York-ie walked closer to the front now, only following Gordon by five Dwarves. Keiwick often looked over his shoulder at York-ie with a snarling face, York-ie hissed and growled at him in response.

The path suddenly thinned and it was hard to walk, but it soon widened wider then ever before. The tree tops below rose a short way over the lip of the path, and the ground grew closer. At noon they tread on the ever widening path that slid off the slopes and into a rocky field. The journey over the Misty Mountains has finally ended.


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