Orc Gone Good – Part five

by Mar 17, 2003Stories

The Dwarves stood upon the mossy stones ready for battle. Most had stepped over to the edge of the cliff, and peaked carefully over, looking down. Goblins stood lined up on the path below, snapping their crude bows, sending black-feathered arrows up to the Dwarves. The arrows bounce off their thick helms or the tightly woven mail coats. Keiwick returned shots with his bow, hitting two Goblins in the head and throat sending them falling into the trees below. Short axes flipped from the hands of his comrades, all hitting their mark on the Goblins below. Gordon ran next to Keiwick and shielded their heads from the falling arrows.

‘It seems your bow comes in need in this battle.’ He shouted with a bitter smile.

‘Though I use an Elf weapon, I still have no wish to be an Elf! I wish to be a Dwarf, who has the skill of an Elf!’ Keiwick grinned.

‘Yes I believe you do, but now is not the best time to discus our wishes.’

‘Yes! I want to kill these filthy beasts, and shoot them in the neck!’ Keiwick said with a grunt, doing just that to one unlucky Goblin below.

‘Well done…and with the skill of an Elf!’ Gordon cried as he continued to block arrows that continued to fly from below.

For many minutes they were bombarded with sharp thick arrows, but soon, crawling up the path, came a band of Goblins with sharp edged shields and long ugly blades. Gordon gave the call for the Dwarves to attack, and the battle began in earnest. Axes swinging and hammers singing, heads began to roll. The fighting was fierce, and the terrain dangerous. The path was thin and steep, and several Dwarves found themselves teetering much too close to the edge of the crumbling path.

Goblin bodies began to fall onto the archers below, rolling and tumbling down the steep sides of the mountain like a empty barrels of ale. York-ie did his best to use the struggle to escape, trying slip away from the Dwarves in the chaos, but he was caught each time. The Goblins swung their crude weapons wildly, not caring what they hit, as long as it was flesh they may eat. York-ie dodged four or five blows, losing a few hairs off the top of his head. Angrily he wielded his chain in an attempt to fight back. Snarling as he beat them off the path, York-ie had eliminated half dozen Goblins with blows from his powerful arms.

The Goblins did not intend such a band of Dwarves to be fighting back; they only hunted York-ie. Retreating into their caves and holes the Goblins began to vanish. But the company does not let them go peacefully; many more are killed after they ran squealing, and the Dwarves hunt down more in the nearby trees.

‘The Orc was right; more did follow. I think we need another talk with him now!’ said Gordon.

‘Not now, lets wait until all is calm,’ Said Bordon.

‘No! We must talk now, I want to know if more will attack,’ Said Gordon. He walked to York-ie with a tight chin and grinding teeth.

‘You were right! More did follow, but will they attack again?’

‘I don’ts know. Perhaps, they only may needs more Goblins.’

‘Stop this little game! I am not playing it any more! Tell me who you really are, who you are with, and if more Goblins will attack!’ Gordon grabbed York-ie by the collar of his breastplate and pulled his head down to peer into his eyes.

‘And I grow tired of telling you the same thing again and again! I am York-ie sons of Kork-ie, I am with no bands, and I do not wish to harms you’s! My’s being an Orc makesss my reputation for me’s it seems. This is why’s I want to be gone, I want no part in Orc life, or Orcs at all’s. If I did, I would not be running.’ Gordon pushed him away and eyed him carefully. York-ie stared back with defiance: ‘If I was with these Goblins, then why did they fight me, and not free me?’

Gordon pondered carefully for a moment, and nodded quietly. He called to the company to continue on down the path.

They progressed cautiously and remained very alert with each step. They returned to the cave were York-ie had rested and killed the Goblin guards. Gordon and Bordon walked slowly and wearily within the cave and see the slain.

Gordon scanned the grisly scene with cold eyes. ‘This is why the Goblins attacked, they are after you.’

‘Now you know, you know I tell the truths. Now will you sets me frees?’ York-ie implored.

‘I am sorry; I cannot let you free, not yet. But I shall treat you with more respect, at least the most respect I can give to an Orc. We must be off!’ The group departed and continued until nightfall, making good progress. The Dwarves stop to rest, but all are quiet, whispering quietly so York-ie cannot hear their words. York-ie looked around slowly at the tired Dwarves around him. They were foreign to him, and he felt more out of place now then he did with the Orc band. The frustration and anger ate at him, he wanted to be free of them and he didn’t understand why they refused.

The night was cool on the mountains, and the moon was brighter than York-ie had ever seen. As he peered up at it with his large eyes, mesmerized by the white light, Gordon walked over to him quietly and sat down on a large rock.

‘The leaders of our company have been talking, and we have decided you must follow along until we are off the mountain,’ he hesitated and continued. ‘From there, I do not know what will be decided.’
‘BLASTS! Why must I be held! What is it that I do that is a threat?’ York-ie asked.

‘I cannot tell you the whole story, but I can tell you this: we are on a mission to a destination far away, and it is of great urgency, and we must arrive as intact as possible. We must hold you so you cannot give word of us, and our dealings.’

‘Hssss! I will not bother telling you I will keep my’s mouth shut about the matters, because I know it will be in vain’s. I only ask you to unbind me from these chains.’

‘I cannot do that; I do not know you well enough. You better get rest, it has been a long day for all of us, and it may be longer tomorrow.’ Gordon stood and walks away. York-ie looked up at the high moon and sighed frustrated. Leaning back he watched the stars turn and the moon pass, finally falling into slumber under its enchanting glow.


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