One Single Tear: The Luthriel Chronicles – Chapter 3 “Unexpected Visitor” Part 3 of book 1

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Well, I’m picking up right where I left off.
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Elmir ran to the exit. The archway led into a dark hallway which Elmir was about to enter. He stepped into the hall and suddenly Thranduil emerged from around the corner. Elmir gasped and fell back as he struggled to get away from his father. Yet, Thranduil swiftly moved in glaring at his son.

Ravyn shut her book, and in the blink of an eye, she had moved all the books back to them proper positions. As soon as she had checked out her book she and Legolas hurriedly left the library.

Thranduil stood staring down at his son in silence for some time before anyone spoke.

“Father!”gasped Elmir.

“Do not call me that!” the king snapped. “You gave up the right to call me that a long time ago.” He said coldly. “Leave my kingdom at once. You are not welcome here. Wherever you go, you cause problems, you will not cause them here. . . . .Now, go.”

Thranduil turned away from Elmir and stormed towards an old brown bookshelf where he pulled off a dusty red book. He went and sat in a chair by the fire and began reading, ignoring his son.

Elmir hesitated before approaching his father. “Father, one day I won’t come back.” His voice increased in strength as he spoke. “You may never see me again.”

Thranduil did not look up from his book. “When you left, you gave up everything. I gave you chances to redeem your self, you chose not too. You gave up your home.” He said almost mornfully. “Now, go. Leave my kingdom, and my sons. Go.” Thranduil said softly.

Elmir quietly left, things would never be the same with Thranduil as they once were. That was the past, gone and it would never return.

Ravynhir and Legolas had left the library as quickly as they could without causing to much commotion.

The prince stopped Ravyn in the hall and stared at her for a moment. “You look beautiful in that dress.” He complimented her lavender dress.

She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his chest.

“Ravyn,” he said drawing away from her to look at her. “I still need to know why you’re not in the hospital. Did they give you permission to leave? -And you have me to help you learn about Imladris. You do not need that book”

Legolas drew her back into his arms, running his hands up and down her back.

Her voice came out softly as she spoke into Legolas’ chest, “Legolas, I am fine.Yes, the hospital let me go. My belongings will be returned to my room soon. Do not fret over me, my love.”

Legolas looked down at Ravyn, “How is it that you and your powers heal so quickly.” He said with a smile. “Yet, you should still be in the hospital.”

He cocked his head back and sighed heavily.

Softly, Ravyn spoke, “I am gaining more control over my powers. They do seem to be evolving.” She said studying an elaborate painting on the wall. The painting was of Mirkwood when it was known as Greenwood the Great. It showed a setting early in Mirkwood’s history, a time when it’s inhabitants lived above ground.

Legolas stood silently. ‘What is happening to her? Her powers are evolving, but into what?!’ He thought to himself. Legolas feared for Ravyn, he feared what her powers could do, not just to others, but to herself. He wasn’t a fool, something terrible was coming.


I hope you liked that. Well, this chapter in coming along quite well I think.

Thanks for reading!


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