One Single Tear: The Luthriel Chronicles – Book1 F/T/E/H //// Chapter 3/ “Unexpected Vistor” part 1

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I am sorry that I waited such a long time to put this story up. high School is busy and I’m involved with a lot of organizations.
Read my story if you want and please tell me if I need to fix something and tell where the problem is and what you think I should do to fix it. It will help me so much. If I misspell something, let me know, or if you just think something you be added or change to make this part sound better. Believe me, there is still a lot left to fix. If you read any of the other parts of my story, don’t hesitate to tell me if you think something should be different. I really appreciate your comments.

Legolas was sitting inside the palace library reading a recently published book. He read the book intensely, not straying from what the words said. Suddenly, the book was snatcheed up from him.

“Now, what do we have here?” asked the elf who snatched the book. The elf studied the book. “Hmm. This book interesting,” he said with sarcasm. “The Love of Nimrodel and Amroth. I have never much fancied love stories like these, they bore me.” He chuckled.

Legolas, who was now facing the other elf, leapt up with glee. “Elimr! Tor*, you’re back back from your voyage, I see. How was it?”

Elmir laughed, “Now, now. Legolas, I am happy to see you again, too. The voyage was the same as all the others. Wet, some fights, cargo is delivered, return to Gondor to get more items to bargin with.” the both laughed loudly.

Elmir pursed his lips. “I regret having to tell you this, I will be leaving here tomorrow to go on another trip. I shall be going to the Grey Havens, I have somethings that I need to get from there. I was on my way there and I thought that perhapes I should come and see how my younger brothers. . . . Hmm, I have seen Glorin, ha! He hasn’t changed much! I have seen you now. Yet, I have not seen Tarven. And I know not where I can find him.”

Legolas frowned and his brow darkened. “Tarven is not here. He had some errands he had to run for father in the Havens. Perhaps. Perhaps you shall see him when you go there.”

“Perhaps. . . .” muttered Elmir.

Legolas’ heart sank as he realized that his brother wasn’t suppose to be in Mirkwood.

“Brother,” he hissed. “You should not be here. If father were to find out you were here or even find out that you are here, I do not know what he might do. You must leave, and quick!”

It had been many years ago. Long enough for mortal to have been born, lived his life, then return to the halls of Mandos.

Elmir was the eldest of four brothers, and the rightful successor to his father. Elmir had never really shown an interest in being king, so when Thranduil decided that it was time for his heir to begin taking over the thrown, Elmir just threw it back in his father’s face. Thranduil was hurt and extremely bitter to have failed with his son.

Soon after, Elmir even lost interest in Mirkwood. He, too became bitter. One dark night, Elmir snapped. He quickly packed his bags and fled his home. He found his way to Belfalas. There, he met a few mortal sailors and joined them.

Time passed slowly before Elmir finally decided to return to Mirkwood in hopes that his father would forgive him. Yet, when he told his father that he had become a sailor and that he would still continue living in Belfalas; all hopes that father and son would reconcile, were shattered.

Elmir left his father’s kingdom, intending to never return unless he had too.Thranduil and Elmir would never fully be able to mend their relationship.

Yet, Thranduil still needed to name a successor. Gloringil was his second born son, and next in line. However, Gloringil never shown a taste for.

Thranduil grew frustrated, but he still two sons left. Tarven was next. He mastered the bow along with Legolas. He was incrediply talented in the art of diplomacy and would serve as a shrong leader. Thranduil named Tarven his successor and the crown prince of Mirkwood.

“Hmm, Tarven is out running errands for Thranduil, when he had other things to do. I suppose the reason Thranduil sent my brother away is because he could not stand to be near Tarven.” sadi Elmir. Legolas made a face. “Well, I mean, after all, Tarven looks the most like mother than the rest of us.” he added.

Legolas’ jaw dropped, he couldn’t believe that his brother would say that. Legolas openned his mouth to speak, but Elmir quickly stopped him. Elmir didn’t want his brother to be angry with him as well.

“Don’t worry about whether father catches me. Only you know that I have come hither, and perhaps Lady Ravynhir. I came in secret. Hidden by darkness.” Elmir said with a laugh.

Legolas grew uneasy, “You traveled alone. There are foul things that now dwell in the forest. You have been gone far to long. Brother, you have forgotten that orcs now dwell in the forest. Elmir, tell m, how did you get into the village? All entrances and exits are guarded. Someone must have seen you pass.”
*Brother (elvish translation)
Okay, that’s all for now. I know, Iknow, the entire part was incredibly bad. I hate this chapter. Well, please help me make it better.



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