One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles – Flight to Elf Haven Chapter1 Attack part 1

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Men died to protect such a power. Women died to wield it. Both died trying to control it.

When given something great, what would you do? When everyone you know or love could die by your hand alone, how would you control it? When you could distroy your enemies with wave of your hand, would you risk its dangers. In the mist of battle, can you summon all your strength and courage, and call your army to defend your kingdom? Can you let love interfer?

(I)Child, its time to live up to your blood. Raise up you army, control the power, . . . . Become who you were born to be.

The sun was high above the trees in the dark forest. Light seeped through the limbs and made the air warm, yet refreashing. Legolas Greenleaf, the son of King Thranduil, King of Northern Mirkwood; was lying on the soft, damp grass beneath an oak tree. The tree was one of the few trees in Mirkwood that was somewhat cheerful, though, still gloomy. Its location, on a hill that rose slightly higher than the other hills around, seemed like a perfect spot for a pinic, but a better one for a nap.

Legolas had been sleeping peacefully all afternoon, until his sensitive elf ears picked up the sound of a faint giggle, which awoke him from his slumber. The elf sat up and peered around to see where the sound had come from. It disappeared. All was silent, for a moment anyway.

He started to rise, a figure suddenly popped out from behind the tree he had been lying beneath. The person pounced on Legolas and the two started rolling down the vine covered hill. They came to a hault and the unknown woman was lying beneath Legolas. They were both breathing heavily with excitment.

Legolas broke into a smile. Laughing with the mysterious girl, he asked, “What have you been doing all day, fair Ravynhir?” He stroked her pale, soft face.

The woman called Ravynhir spoke with a soft voice that reminding any who heard her of the beauty of April showers falling upon lushes leaves. She spoke; “I should be the one to ask you that, but its easiy to tell what you have been doing all day. What were you dreaming about?”

Legolas moved to sit beside Ravynhir. “The journey thither to Imladris that I must make.”

Legolas was going to Imladris with four other elves from Mirkwood’s royal court. The were being sent to Imladris to represent the Mirkwood in the Lord Elrond’s council. The most dangerous thing in Middle-earth, “The One Ring”, had been found. All of Middle-Earht was in grave danger. The council was being called to what could be done with the ring.

Ravynhir made an shifted uneasily and stared down at the ground. “I don’t like this. I feel so uneasy about this. . . this whole matter. I sense something terrible will happen soon. An eerie, cold breeze began to blow as she said this.

“Do not worry, Ravyn, its fate will be decided and all wnd well. Then I can come back home. Come back to you.” Legolas was unsure about everything concerning that matter, he didn’t know what would happen.

Ravynhir looked at Legolas, and her bright, hyacinthic blue eyes gave a look that said, (I)’There’s something more.’

Ravyn stared Legolas straight in the eyes. “Legolas, war is upon us,” she said warily. “I cannot see very far into the future, I do not know what is going to happen. It pains me to be unable to foresee what might happen. Who might get hurt or killed.” Ravyn’s eyes began to water and she tried hard to surpress her tears.

Legolas embraced Ravyn and stroked her long, dark brown hair. Ravynhir shut her eyes and let her tears fall on Legolas. “Ravyn, everything will be fine. I do not want you to to think anymore about this.” He didn’t know what else tell her to make her worries cease.(sp)

Suddenly, Ravyn’s eyes shot wide open. Instantly, she was up on her feet, her chest was rising and falling as if she were so afraid of what was around them. Legolas had no idea what had just happened to Ravyn. He scramble to get to his feet.

“Ravyn, what is it?” Legolas asked.

“Somethings not right.” Ravynhir answered, looking around her. She scanned the trees, searching for something.

“What? Can you hear something that I cannot?”

“I can hear something and feel a foul presence here.” She replied holding her ground.

Suddenly, he felt what she was feeling. “The trees now speak to me too.What do you think is is out there,? What makes to trees tremble with fear?”

Suddenly, an arrow shot out from nowhere.

“Yrch!” Ravyn called out in elvish. (I) Of all the foul thing to come into this forest. Orcs! Again!(I.E.) Ravyn though to herself.

Legolas grabbed Ravyn’s hand and they ran back up the hill. When they reached the top of the hill, Legolas grabbed his bow and quiver full of arrows. He brought them for protection. He didn’t know that he would have to use them.

Legolas had his bow up and ready in a slip second. He saw his target and he shot! The arrow flew straight through four orcs. He shot again, more and more fell with each arrow. But more were coming, and fast.

“Ravyn, leave! Get the other warriors. I’ll hold off as many as I can. Now go!” Legolas only had so many arrows with him and he had no other weapons. He wanted to protect Ravynhir, but he could not without any other weapon.

Ravynhir did not make a move. She stood there poised, with her head bent down and her eyes closed. A ring of blue fire outlined her whole body. The glow it gave off was surreal and phenomenal, like power that no one comprehend or understand.

Legolas turned around quickly and saw what she was doing. Ravynhir was using her psychic abilities. Her powers were too much for her to handle, too powerful for anyone to comprehand. He knew what would happen to her and was utterly afraid of it.

“Ravyn, no! It’ll kill you if you use your powers! You’re still far to weak to use them! NO!” Legolas had to turn his attention back to the orcs. An arrow almost hit him, but he leaped to his left and dogded it. This fight had to end quickly.

Suddenly, all the orcs were in the air like someone or something had them tied to a string and turned them into puppets. Every orc went flying through the air, some hit the trees, others just kept on flying. Ravynhir collapsed onto the ground. The use of her powers had draind her of her strength and energy.

Legolas ran to Ravynhir’s side, “I told you not to us your powers. If you keep using your powers, you’ll never get any better. I need to get you back to the village.” Legolas was still catching his breath. Ravynhir was still alive, but unconscious. He picked her up. Just as he was about to turn and start for the village, a group of armed archers on horseback, surprised him with their approach.


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