One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles – Flight to Elf Haven Chapter 1 Attack Part 2

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Legolas ran to Ravynhir’s side, ” I told you not to use your powers. If you keep them, you’ll never get any better. I need to get you back to the village.” Legolas was still catching his breath. Ravynhir was alive, but unconscious. He picked her up. Just as he was about to turn and leave and start for the village, a group of armed archers on horse back, surprized him with their approach.

“We shall take her back for you Prince Legolas. We have brought a horse for you to ride back to the village,” one of the elves told Legolas. The tall and slender elf dismonted from his horse. He was a stern looking elf with an unpleasant look on his face. He didn’t seemed to be an elf at all, but he was. The rider took Ravynhir from Legolas, ” Come, (I) Sire.”

“Thank you, (I) Eonor. Did Lady Ravynhir beckon you hither?” Legolas asked Eonor sourly. Eonor placed Ravyn onto his horse.

“Aye, distressed she sounded too. (I) Sire, I do not think that making Mistress Ravynhir use her powers is a good idea. She is still recovering from that kidnaping. It was a foolish and a cruel thing to do to anyone.” Eonor said rudely. Eonor did his best to make it known that he dislike the prince very much. However, he dare never to show that in front of Thranduil, the king.

Legolas glared at Eonor, I did (I) not make her use her powers.” He was starting to get angry, but kept his voice calm. Legolas walked over to his horse, Ninya.

Ninya nayed gleefully, she was happy to see Legolas. She was an old mare, for not even the elves could grant their horses immortality, but their horses lived longer than most. Ninya had once been a wonderful, graceful horse, but her age was catching up to her. Many wondered why the horse would not leave when given the chance. The elves would take their horse that had reach the half point in their extended lives, out of Mirkwood and released them to go whereever they pleased. The mare refused to leave.

Ninya rubbed her long face against Legolas. “Come now, Ninya. We need to go. Ravyn needs help.” Legolas got on top of the horse, he looked over at Eonor, who was holding the unconscious Ravynhir in his arms. The prince felt tension build up in him. He wanted to take Ravynhir from Eonor and gallop away on Ninya. He wanted to take care of Ravyn by himself, and love her for eternity.

Legolas was standing at the end off a long oak table, at the other end of the table was a young looking man. His blond hair went to his shoulder blades. His blue-grey eyes glowed brightly, he much resembled Legolas, save for the expression on his face. He sighed deeply, “Any news of Ravynhir?”

“Yes, father. It will take her a couple of days to recover the strength she lost during the fight yesterday, but she is healing rapidly.” Legolas reported. Legolas looked down at the papers on his fathers desk. His father was keeping track of the elven kingdom’s riches. Legolas rolled his eys. The elven king quickly removed the papers when he saw his son’s agitated look.

“Legolas, I’m not sure you should go to Imladris. The journey thither to Imladris and back is very dangerous. Plus, we need you to defend Mirkwood if their is another orc raid. There’s been so many attacks lately. I fear for the safty of the people of Mirkwood. Especially after Ravynhir’s kidnaping. Things just need to settle down. I’ve been thinking, maybe I should send Eonor to Imladris, with the others of course; instead of you.”

Legolas truly disliked Eonor, he believed that Eonor’s arrogance and his somewhat stuck up atitude would only prove to cause problems. He was about to protest his father’s comment, when an elven messenger came bursting into the room the two elves were standing in.

“My Lord, I have message for thee, from Lord Elrond of Imladris! It’s matter of thou knowest what!” The messenger elf ran up to Thranduil, he seemed not to have noticed that Legolas was there.

The messenger handed Thranduil the letter. The elven king read over the letter. He sighed heavily, “Legolas , you will go to Imladris. I will speak with you later. You are dismissed.”

Legolas walked out of Thranduil’s study. He wondered what the letter said, but he decided it was best not to ask about it untill he and his father had some time to think.

“What are we going to do, My Lord?” Asked the messenger.

“Make ready the horses for those that will make the trip. We will be adding two more people. Go fetch Riuil.” Ordered Thranduil. The messenger went to go get Riuil, Thranduil’s head elf and his new lore master.

Riuil came racing in, he was a wreck. His hair was unkept, he smelt like he had been in the stables all day. The lines in his fair elven face showed that he was tired and overworked. “My Lord, what do you need?”

“I have recieived a very important letter from Lord Elrond.” Thranduil replied.

Riuil tried to sound serious, but their was a hint of sarcasm to his voice, “What do I need to get?” As head elf, Riuil issues orders when Thranduil himself cannot. Riuil gives Thranduil and his sons advice, although much of his suggestions have been ignored.

“I want five bows ready, along with my son’s own bow, that means six, don’t mess that up.” Riuil rolled his eyes at Thranduil’s reark about him messing the order up. “I am adding two more people. Each quiver should be completly filled, and also, I want two packs for each elf. They are doing to need it.”

Riuil was about to leave, when Thranduil spoke again, “Riuil, I want two knives for each elf, except Legolas. He has his own knives. I want his cleaned and sharpened.”

“Is that all?” Riuil asked sacastically.

“You are dismissed.” Thranduil payed no mind to Riuil’s sarcasm. Thranduil started pulling out the same papers he had been working on when Legolas was there. He began to shuffle through them once more. Riuil bowed before he left to give out Thranduil’s order.


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