One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles – Flight to Elf Haven///Chapter 2, The Dream Part 1

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Legolas walked down the brightly lit hallway in the hospital that Ravyn was resting in. He was having a difficulty finding her, for the elven healers had placed her in another room.

An elf nurse walked by. She looked quite bored. It didn’t seem as though taking towels to the patient’s rooms was a very entertaining job.

Legolas stopped the nurse and asked her how to find Ravynhir’s room from where he was. The prince could never seem to able to find his way around this vast, underground hospital.

“Down the hall and up the stairs to our out door rooms. It’s the only room on the left with Suger Blossom Vines growing on the floor.” Legolas was about to thank the nurse, but she was already half way down the hall.

Legolas followed the nurse’s direstions. He had found what he was looking for. Ravyn’s room was located above ground in a small courtyard.

Unlike most elven buildings, these rooms were not only above ground, but they were also completly open to each other, save for the huge potective wall. The solid wall was to protect anyone in the rooms from an orc arrow or ambush.

Lively elvish curtains decorated the huge, glassless windows for privacy. Multi colored flowers encircled the arch ways and windows. The courtyard and the rooms resembled a painting of a garden.

Legolas spotted Ravynhir’s room and made his way to it. He strolled into her silent room. The looked down at the floor and he couldn’t see his feet. The Sugar Blossom Vines had bloomed. His feet were coverd by the flowers of every color. The flowers ranged from from dark violet to light blues, oranged to reds, pinks to whites, and yellows. Legolas even thought he saw a few green ones. The flowers covered the whole room, except the bed, dressers, and a couple of other items in the room. It was full of so much life and energy. The room had the sweetest scent. It was like a floral heaven. A perfect place for Ravyn to be.

“Ravyn, somethings never change, do they?” he laughed. Something moved in the bed. “Wake up, Ravyn. ‘Tis me, Legolas.” Legolas walked over to Ravyn’s bed and sat down on it.

“How do you feel today?” He touched her brow. She still flet a little warm.

Groggily she said, “Okay, I suppose. How has your day been?” Ravyn tried to sit up, Legolas retrained her.

“You need to stay down, you are still quiet weak. Father received a letter from Lord Elrond. I’ll be-”

Ravynhir cut Legolas off in midsentance, “Leaving sooner. I know. Next week. I will be going with you and the others,” Besides being able to see into the future, translucently, she could also read people’s minds. Ravyn avoided reading other’s mind as much as she could.

“Ravyn, it’s too dangerous for you to go. You’re as pale as a ghost right now. You may feel better later, but you’re still no going!” Legolas started acting like an over protective father. The condition she was in wasn’t one to travel with or fight.

Her bright, piercing blue eyes stared straight into Legolas’ eyes. “Legolas, you are not my father. Stop acting like as though you are. I am going so that I can help you. I’m only going for your sake.”

“Ravyn, I’m only telling you that you cannot go for your own sake. You will not-“

Ravynhir held up her hand, Legolas couldn’t speak. “You forget that I am a telekinetic and I can control anything you do.” She said sternly. She sat upright. This time Legolas was forced to let her. Her long, dark brown hair fell past her shoulders. It nearly touched the Sugar Blossom Vines on the floor.

She pointed her hand towards her dresser. Instanly, a silver ribbon came flying into her soft hands. She used her telekinesis again, and tied her hair in a low pony tail. She still wouldn’t let Legolas speak or move.

Ravynhir kissed Legolas’ warm lips. “Go, you need to get out and go something, Legolas. I need sometime to think.”

Legolas’s legs were being controlled. He was forced to leave the hospital. He couldn’t help feeling that Ravyn knew something would happen soon.

The prince made his way to the palace after being released from Ravyn’s control. Riuil was waitng at one of the side gates for him.

“Follow me, Prince Legolas.” Riuil led Legolas into the palace, down a corridor in the direction of Thranduil’s room.

They walked to the garden that was near Thranduil’s room. Riuil took Legolas to an old willow tree. The prince looked up in the tree and in it sat the elven king. Thranduil looked down at his son. “Legolas, come hither. We need to talk.”

Legolas climbed up the tree. He noticed that his father had his mother’s old lute. The lute had been played recently, perhapes just now. Its long, slender neck had been polished, probably by Riuil because there were some smudges on it.

It was a beautiful lute, silver, and at certain angles it was silver-green. An elvish intrumen fit for an even queen.

“I assume that Ravyn has told you that she will be going to Imladris.” Thranduil passed Riuil the lute. The elf left to put the lute back in its case.

Legolas’ went sour, “Yes. Indeed she has.”

Thranduil sighed. He had to reasure his son that it was not a bad decision to send Ravyn away. “Legolas, she will be safer there.”

Legolas still did not want Ravynhir traveling just yet. “Father, I’m sure she’ll be safer in Imladris, but the journey there will be a dangerous one. You said that yourself, just yesterday. I do not wish for anything to happen to her.” Legolas knew that her couldn’t fight both Ravynhir and Thranduil on this matter. Yet, against Legolas’ wishes, he felt as if Ravynhir had to go. Like something was telling him that Ravyn needed to go. The prince wasn’t sure why, but he knew that she just had too.

“You will be leaving with Ravynhir, Eonor Mirgren, Neildor Gilda, Lariel Gilda, and Riuil.” Riuil had just returned, his jaw dropped. If Thranduil hadn’t been so serious, and Legolas so shocked, both father and son would on the ground laughing at the look on Riuil’s face. Riuil was apart of the original group to go to Rivendell. obviously he didn’t know prior to this very second.

My Lord, you must be joking!” Riuil brust out stunned. He almost fainted.

Thranduil answered in a very serious tone, “This is no joke. I’m serious. The others that are going, have already been notified. Go now, both of you. The two of you have lot of work to do. . . .Riuil.”

“Yes, Sire?”

“Take a few archery lessons this week.”

Riuil looked bewildered. “Y-yes, Sire,” he stuttered.

As Legolas started to leave, Thranduil called out, “You will be leaving on the third day of next week.”

NOTE: Thanks for reading this. Sorry that I have to put in parts. I’m going to have a lot of chapters like that. I hope that doesn’t discourage any of your future reading.

Tell me what you think, or if you have any ideas or suggestions that could help make it better.



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