One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles – Chapter 4 “Mysterious Meetings” part 1

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For the purpose of this site, I am sorting the the title where you click on. It will just be Flight to Elf Haven. On the message board in the “COMMUNITY” under “Scriptorium of Imladris: Writing” I have a thread called “Can I get some help???!?” I will work on a link through my sig. I started that thread to get people to give me more indepth help on my story. You are welcome to make comment and suggestions.

Disclaimer: Well, I don’t own Elrond, Thranduil, Arwen(none of them are in this part), or Legolas
However, I do own Ravynhir, Lariel, Eonor, Nieldor, Riuil, and Luthriel. P.S. I don’t own any of the cities either.
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One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles
Flight to Elf Haven

Chapter 4 “Mysterious Meetings” Part 1

Ravynhir sat on her bed, back propped against the head board of the bed. She shut her eyes tightly; she had been awake all night searching for her missing journal. It was still missing, even after she searched her entire room. The elf had tossed everything around, causing a horrendous mess in her floral bedroom. She spread her books everywhere, on floor and bed, along with numorous papers that had no home to be placed in. Her room was a wreck.

She had not tended to her raging dark hair, nor had she changed her attire. Ravyn sported a plain green tunic and unevenly creased brown pants. She looked almost as terrible as her room.

Ravyn groaned in fustration. They were leaving tomorrow and she had not the faintist idea where her journal was.

“Why can I not find you?” she moaned.

Legolas came strolling into Ravyn’s bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He gazed around the room, examining the mess of books and papers which covered up all the Sugar Blossom vines.

Legolas knew, as he stared at Ravyn, that she had not slept a wink. He walked over and sat down beside her on the bed.

She opened her eyes and stared at him. She could see all the love he held for her in his ice blue eyes. She shivered as a wicked thought went through her mind, those eyes might not gaze so lovingly at her forever.

“Ravyn, what is troubling you?” he asked.

She hesitated, “I have lost my journal. . . .I am to record the journey to Imladris and I have lost the journal!”

Legolas quickly glanced around the book filled room. He spotted the grey journal between the pages of a book. Legolas stood up and retrieved the journal, then returned to Ravynhir’s side. He tossed the book into her lap. She looked at him, wondering how he had found it.

“Ravyn,” he scolded, “you shouldn’t shove things that do not belong in books, into the books.”

The seriousness in his voice shocked her, but more so was the laughter that followed it. She soon found herself joining in with him.

She sild off the bed and stood facing Legolas. She tossed the journal onto the bed, and quickly met Legolas in a warm embrace and kissed.

Ravynhir thought, as they slowly pulled away from each other; if she ever lost him, whether in battle or to another maiden.

Legolas brushed back some of his stray, blonde hair and looked deep into his love’s eyes. Ravyn noted the mischief behind them and knew he was about to tease her. She readied herself for his comment.

“Ravyn,” he said in a voice that annoyed her. “I love you, but I fear I shall have to report of your mistreatment to books to the librarian.” His voice suddenly got serious. “You will have to be incarcerated for this foul deed.”

He made a face, as if to say he could do nothing for her. She playfully shoved him away, but he quickly returned and took her in his arms. The prince kissed before she could sound a complaint.

Thier lips parted and Legolas released Ravyn from his embraced.

“Do you have the things that you will bring with you, packed up?” He questioned.

Ravyn turned and held her hand leveled with her shoulder. A green bag came flying from the floor to her hand. The spot where the bag had been, revealed the hidden Sugar Blossoms.

Ravyn started walking around the room and began stuffing the things that she would be taking with her, into the sack. Amoungst the fury of collecting things, Ravyn realized that Legolas was still in the room. She turned to face him.

“Legolas,” she said in a deep voice. “You have a meeting to go to.”

Legolas, who was daydreaming, snapped back to reality. “W-what? Oh, right. It must have slipped my mind .” He smiled at her.

Before he turned to leave, he took Ravynhir in his arms and kissed her forehead.

“I love you.” He uttered softly. “I’ll see you soon. Farewell!”

He left and Ravyn resumed stuffing clothes and other objects into the sack.


Legolas was walking quickly through the hall, when suddenly, SMACK! Legolas and another elf collided into each other. He had knocked a young she-elf to the floor. He quickly helped her to her feet.

She looked quite young, perhaps about seven years old, by mortal standards. Legolas stared at her. There hadn’t been an elf born in Mirkwood in over two hundred years. How could she be here? Was anyone even told? Legolas doubted that. So then, the questions remained: where did she come from, and how did she get in without anyone knowing?

The elflings’s dark brown hair draped around her small delicate shoulders. She stood staring at him with her piercing, deep, blue eyes, that where similar to Ravynhir’s, only brighter. Her gaze made the prince uneasy. He tore his eyes from hers, and stood silent for a moment.

She looked like Ravynhir, but also like Arwen or Luthien. The child looked like many different maidens, all blended into this girl. She was very beautiful.

He stood a few minutes, trying to decide who she looked like before he realized she had two long, bright blue strips of hair mingling with the rest of her hair.

He stepped back, startled because he had not noticed it before, and because he had never seen anyone with blue hair. The elfing made no move.

Finally, the elfling spoke with a soft a delicate voice. “I am very sorry.” Her voice was shaky.

Legolas stared at her. Why did she seem so nervous? She couldn’t possibly know who he was.

She finished speaking by calling him “Leo.”

Legolas stood, dazed by what she said, for a few moments, before realizing that he had displayed no manners to the elfling.

He smiled at her. “No, child, it was my fault. My mind wondered. Do not apologize for my mistake.”

She didn’t say anything. Instead he walked past him and stared down at the ground.

Legolas quickly spun around. “Wait! Wait!” He cried.

The elfling stopped, but did not turn to face him. She stood, waiting for him to say something else.

“What is your name? I have never seen you before. . . . And why did you call me Leo?” He asked.

He stared hard at her back as if he could see through her. She was strange and knew more than she would be willing to tell, he knew that much.

She slowly turned to look at him. “My name is Luthriel.”

Her eyes seemed to glow a deeper shade of blue, as if her mind suddenly wandered off into an entirely different world.

Luthriel turned back around and began walking away, without answering his second question.

The prince blinked, but only for a second. A mist began to brew in the hall. Luthriel walked into it. Just as quick as it came, it disappeared and Luthriel was nowhere to be found.

Legolas gaped in bewilderment. It took him a few minutes before he ran to the spot where Luthriel had disappeared. He couldn’t bring himself to figure out how she just vanished.

He knew that he could not stay for long. The meeting would still be held, and he had to be there. He raced down the hall to the meeting.

Soon after Legolas was long gone, Ravynhir stepped out from her hiding place. She opened up her hand and resting on the palm of her hand was Evenstar, Arwen Undomiel’s most precious jewel. Evenstar floated into the air, slightly above her hand and disappeared into a tiny mist, like Luthriel.

Ravyn stared down the passage Legolas had taken. “You have seen a second glimpse of the future, your future. . . . Leo.”

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