One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles //// Book 1//Flight to Elf Haven – Chapter 2: The Dream/// part 2

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Legloas went to his bedchamber. He straggered in to the
dark room, exhausted. The prince collapsed down onto his bed from weariness. He quickly drifted to sleep.


Soon after Legolas had drifted off to sleep, his mind went into a whirlwind of images, memories of the past, and maybe the future. Finally, they stopped and focused on one subject, Ravynhir.

(I)”You will never win! The child will defeat you.”

(N)Legolas heard her scream. The dream was so strange, almost real. Judging by all the rats scampering about and the moldiness lingering in the air; Ravyn lwas in what looked to be a cellar. Her long white arms were chained to a wall and she had a silver band wrapped around her head.

The old cellar door creeked as it was swung open. A woman clad in black, stepped in. Her hair and her high necked dress were as black as night. Her face, however was as pale as white chalk. Her lips was a devilish red.

Legolas knew the second he saw her in his dreams that she was an evil woman. He knew this woman meant to harm Ravyn.

Suddenly, Legolas’ dream took him to Gondor, land of men. He was standing beside a dwarf, and in front of them was Ravyn. Ravynhir had cuts, scrapes, and brusies all over her frail body. There was also a big gash to her head. She was unconscious. Men stood around her, concerned with her condition and with who was responsible for it.

In his dream, Legolas struggled to get to Ravynhir, but several men clad in silver armor blocked his path to her.

A kingly looking man with dark hair that showed signs of greying, stepped over to Ravyn. Legolas looked at the man, his friend, Aragorn. Aragorn put his hands on Ravyn’s head. Instantly, he withdrew them away. He turned to face Legolas. He wore a look of agony and distress. How would he explain the condition of Ravynhir to his best friend.

Ravyn’s head was cold, like her life had been drained from her. Her breathing was shallow, and she would not awake from her shut eyed, death-like sleep.

Then, some other men heavily clad in armor came into Legolas’ view. They were carrying a wooden board with a body on top of it. A black sheet was draped over the body. The men were about to expose what lay beneath the sheet, when everything stared spining.


“Legolas! Wake up! Blink, or I’ll pour ice cold water on you! Legolas!” Legolas woke up. His second eldest brother, Gloringil, was shaking him about. No wonder everything was spinning and his vision was blurred.

“What are you doing?!” snapped Legolas. “That dream was important!”

Gloringil gave a slight smile, “You mean the nightmare.” Legolas looked up at his brother. “You were screaming Ravynhir’s name. Legolas, you scream like a young lass.” Legolas elbowed his brother in the stomach jokingly to shake off the dream, which still had him shaking.

Gloringil spoke in a more serious tone, “Legolas, are you okay? What happened to Ravyn in your dream?”

Legolas did not want ot tell his brother about the dream. Yet, he felt awkward about keeping it a secret. “I’m not sure that I am ready to talk about it,” he said plainly.

Gloringil moved to light the candles in the room. “Do you want to go see Ravyn? Check on her?” He questioned his younger, and ghostly pale brother.

Legloas stood up. “Absolutely! Um, why are you still in your day clothes? Did I wake anyone else up?’

Gloringil stared down at the ground. He started scratching his leg with his foot, nervously. He brush back his blond hair with his hand. I’m the only one who heard you. And I. . . uh. . . well. . . why are you still in your day clothes?” Legolas looked down at what he was wearing.

“Forgot to change.” He replied with a small laugh.

“Well, then, we’re both ready to see Ravyn.” Gloringil said happily as he changed the subject back to Ravynhir. All thoughts of where Gloringil had been, were put aside, for now. . . .


Well, I finally edited this. The third part of chartper 2 sould folow this very soon. Part one of chapter 3 should be out in about 3-4 weeks. I’m in my highs schools marching band, so things will move slowly. The season is almost up, so things will pick up the pace in a few weeks.
Thanks for reading!!



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