One Single Tear: Luthriel Chronicles – B-1 Chapter3 part 4 “Unexpected Visitor

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Legolas stood silently. ‘What is happening to her? Her powers are evolving, but into what?!’ He thought to himself. Legolas feared for Ravyn, he feared what her powers could do, not just to others, but to her. He wasn’t a fool, something terrible was coming.

Ravynhir read his thoughts, but said nothing of it. She knew something was coming, and she had an idea of who might be aiding whatever was coming, and she was uncertain of both.

Legolas and Ravyn stood in an awkward silence until the silence was disturbed by the sound of someone crying out as he tumbled down a flight of stairs, and was heard throughout the enitre hallway. Legolas and Ravyn hurried over to the stairs, along with a few other elves present at the time.

Everyone stared at Riuil, who was lying on his face at the bottom of the stairs. Arrows and elvish armor lay scattered around him, and the other helped him to his feet nad began cleaning up the mess he made.

Legolas let out a small laugh as he and Ravyn helped the other with the mess.

“Prince Legolas,” said Riuil apprehensively with a look of fear on his face.

“It Legolas. May I ask what you are doing, Riuil?” The prince allowed another laugh to escape him, before shutting up after receiving a cold look from Riuil.

“I am on my way to archery lessons. -Lau, lau. Hannon le.* I will get this. Hantale.**” He thanked the other elves who had helped him, and they slowly began leaving. Riuil, Legolas, and Ravyn were left to find a place for all the things Riuil had.

“Your High-“


“Humph.” Riuil continued, “Leg-o-las, would you get those for me?” He asked the prince, pointing towards a few arrows left on the ground. Ravynhir reached to get them, but Riuil stopped her.

“No, no, Lady Ravynhir. You are still quite weak. Do not strain yourself.” Riuil lightly took her by the arm and pulled her back.

Legolas sighed heavily. “Riuil, you do not need all these things for archery. Just so arrows and a bow. Where in Middle-earth did you get the armor?” He asked staring at the old armor piled in his arms.

Riuil put on a helmet, it slumped over his eyes, which made him look like a child. “First, from what your father has told me, I shall be receiving my archery lesson from,” he gulped loudly, “you.”

“What! Are you positive that it is me that will be giving you the lessons. I only have week to teach you the basics!” Legolas almost dropped all the armor he held, but he quickly caught the stray pieces.

Riuil looked over at Legolas, “I did not like it either. As I was saying, Prin-er-Legolas, your father had this armor forged long before you were born. I will say no more.”

Ravynhir spoke up, “Let us go. I have a book to read, and the two of you have a lot of work to do.”

Legolas and Riuil had all the stuff off the floor and hauld it to a deserted little courtyard above ground.


Ravynhir sat down under a tree while Legolas and Riuil began the lesson. Legolas was reluctant to give Riuil the archery lessons, it takes several weeks for any archer to be able to properly shoot an arrow, and Legolas had about a week to tunr Riuil into a master marks man. Legolas hoped that Riuil had some talent with a bow, or it would be a very long trip to Imladris.

They had tossed all the armor in a pile out of the way when they had come to the courtyard. Riuil was now laying out the arrows where he was to stand, while a Legolas made a target. The elf prince grabbed a high branch from one of the trees and tied it to a slightly lower branch. forming a circle. He placed an arrow upright in the center of the circle, and turned back to Riuil.

“The objective is to shoot your arrow and snapp the other.” He said pointing to the circle and the arrow. Legolas gazed around the small courtyard. “Where is the bow?” He asked.

A look of shock and embarrassment adorned Riuil’s face. Riuil also looked around the clearing. “It appears that I forgot to bring it with me.”

Riuil sprinted off to fetch a bow. It took him about twenty minutes before he returned with a suitable bow. Legolas rolled his eyes. The lesson hadn’t even begun and Legolas was already annoyed.

The prince instructed Riuil to stand six feet away from the tree, because of the arrows, Riuil was at least was able to do that. He positioned his bow and the arrow, he shot. The arrow landed four feet from the tree, and it flew right above Ravyn’s head, and impaled itself in the tree that Ravyn was sitting beneath.

Ravynhir did not look up from her book, instead she sighed with agitation. She lefted up her arm and pulled the arrow out of the tree. Once the arrow was free, Ravyn let go of it. It hovered in the air for a little while, then went flying into Legolas’ hands.

Legolas gave a disapproving sigh and small worry lines appeared on his fair face. “Ravyn.” He scolded and tapped his foot. He was still uncomfortable with her using her powers so soon.

Legolas made Riuil try again, this time his aim was closer to the target.. The archery lessons went about the same for the next few days.

Two days before the company was bound for Imladris, Legolas decided he wanted Riuil to get used to the targets moving. He planned the entire thing out. Ropes were set up, and objects were tied to the ropes. A few elves would be operating the ropes, tugging and pulling to test Riuil’s ability to hit the targets. He thought it was a great plan, but Ravynhir had other plans.

Ravyn insisted on using her powers to levitate the objects, of course Legolas refused to allow her to do that. They fought like children over the usage of her powers Ravyn insisted that she would be fine, Legolas just disapproved the entire ordeal. Ravynhir won the fight and Legolas was left pouting throughout the lesson.

Ravyn easily levitated all the objects with grace. Most surprisingly, Riuil hit all the objects in the air, except one. Riuil was learning fast, but his skills were nowhere near what Legolas had hoped they would be.

Their time for practicing was waning down. The six companions would have to depart soon, and show just how good their skills truly were.


*Lau, Lau. Hannon le. = No, no. Thank you.
**Hantale= Thanks.


Well, that was the end of chapter three.
I am a featured author if anyone wants to read what else I’ve written.
I’ll try to have chapter 4 up as soon as I can (it will be in parts as well.)
I hope you liked this. Please tell me if you think I should change or add anything. Thanks for reading.



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