One Single Tear – Flight to Elf Haven- chapter 4 part 2 “Mysterious Meetings”

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I am beginning to hate this story, and I’m tired of doing my own editing, so if you would like to be apart of my brain and help me out (please, please,please) I will forever be grateful.
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Chapter 4 part 2 “Mysterious Meetings”

Legolas ran down the halls, then again, ran into another elf. Though, this time he knew who it was. “Elmir! There was an elfling, a girl. She a. . . she. . . . Do you know who she is?” Legolas stuttered. He quickly glanced back at the hall he had come from.

Elmir’s face scrunched up. “Legolas, what elfling?”

“The girl! She had dark and. . . blue hair! She’s young, she would be in her fifties by our standards.” Legolas placed his hand on top of his head. “I have never seen her here before, and I don’t know where she came from.

Elmir stared at his brother with concer.

“She. . .” Legolas hesitated, “disappeared into some mystical mist in the hall.” Now he really felt dumb. He knew stranger things could happen, but this was the strangest he had ever seen.

“Hmm. Legolas, elflings don’t just disappear. Perhapes you dreampt her up.” Elmir offered.

Legolas stared at his brother. “I saw her, and she spoke to me. She said her name was Luthriel.

His older brother hook his head, letting his golden hair sweep past his pale face. Out of all the brothers, he looked the most like Thranduil. “She’s not real, Legolas. Let it go. . . . Now, in all this talk of this little elfling, you neglected to ask me why I am here?”

“Elmir,” He began. He notice how quickly his brother’s livly smile disappeared and became a frown. “What happened?”

Elmir leaned against the wall and sighed. “Tarven sailed to Valinor. I saw him in the Grey Havens just before he boarded the boat. I tried to persuade him not to yet, but he would not listen. He will not come back. I always knew, I think we all knew, that he wasn’t happy in Middle-earth.”

“Legolas, this means either you or Glorin must succeed Thranduil.”

Legolas made an “o” shape with his mouth, but didn’t say it. “Does father know?”

Elmir nearly choked. “Yes. He won’t be in a good mood.”

He placed his hand on his younger brother’s back. “I must leave, brother. I have given Thranduil another reason to hate me.” He turned and began running down the hall.

“Wait!” Legolas shouted. His brother stopped and turned, waiting for his brother to say what he was going to say.

“If you see the girl, send her to Ravyn.” He called out. Elmir nodded and resumed his course.

Legolas reached the meeting chamber. Riuil emerged from the room and drug Legoals away from the door. He began straighting out the prince’s silver tunic, and threw a green cape that a servent held, around the prince’s shoulders, and pinned it together.

“You’re late, Your Highness,” Riuil said hastily with a hint of anoyence seeping of voice. “Yet, I am glad to see that you haven’t made a mess of yourself.”

Riuil finished the adjustments to Legolas’ attire and stepped into the meeting chamber.

“Legolas,” called a weary, but stern voice. “It is time for the meeting.”

The prince entered the goldish-ivory room. There perhapes twenty elves sitting at a long, rectangle table of chesnut wood. They rose from their seats as Legolas walked in. He nodded to them as he made his way to his seat by his father. Legolas stood next to Thranduil, waiting for him to give everyone permission to sit.

The king nodded and they all quietly sat down except Thranduil. His face looked hard, the news of his son was eating away at him, he fought to keep it from showing. Kings shouldn’t show their pain, it caused to people to lose their faith.

“Welcome,” he said as though nothing had happened. As though his eldest son hadn’t come in and pulled him aside to tell him his third born had abandoned him, his people, and the kingdom. “Tomorrow our riders will set forth to Imladris. Since the first orc attack, when the creature, Gollum, escaped our watch, we had realised that threat we thought was destroyed, has indeed returned. Lord Elrond has called a council meeting in which Mirkwood shall participate in.”

Thranduil glanced down at Legolas, who sat letting his eyes become familiar with the lines of the table.

Thranduil continued, “This is important. Only three members making this trip will be present in the council.”

Everyone stared at the king, waiting for the names to be stated.

“Riuil, Eonor, and my son, Prince Legolas, who shall serve as my voice in the meeting.”

Legolas stared down at the floor. He hated his title. He didn’t feel like a prince, and he didn’t want to be treated differently because he was one. It made him feel like a jerk (if you have another word that I could use, tell me) whenever he was anounced.

Everyone nodded their approval.

Thranduil nodded back as a sign that he was moving on and what was previously discussed was over and not up for debat. The king turned to his son.

“Give them the report.” Thranduil said softly before taking a seat.

Legolas would have to tell the council about Gollum’s escaped. He dreaded being the one who had to give the report, for Gollum wasn’t the only one who had been taken, Ravynhir had also been taken. She had shown, what Legolas believed, only a mere display of her powers.

That’s all for now. What happen to Ravynhir in the next part.

If you haven’t read the other parts, here’s the scoop on the characters.
Note: Thranduil, Legolas, and Elrond are not mine.
Everyone else is.8)

Thranduil- slightly depressed king.
Legolas- youngest of Thranduil’s sons.
Tarven-third son, looks the most like Legolas’ mother (not i don’t know what he or she look like) He never really will show up.
Gloringil- second born, he’s hiding a secret that he thinks Thranduil can never know about.
Elmir-First born, a slight hotshot, he is a sailor who abandoned his duties as prince, he and Thranduil don’t like each other.
Riuil- has no last name, not entirly what his actual job is, he’s just around. (maybe he related to Legolas’ mother)
Ravynhir- Legolas’ love- you have to wait for more. . . . She is psychic(don’t call it a Mary Sue or I’ll eat you!! Muahahaha)
Anyway, you’ll find out more about her powers.
Eonor- he can be a jerk, he and Legolas don’t really like each other because Eonor has a crush on Ravynhir.

Anyway, thanks for reading, leave me comments (please,please,please) and/or email me.



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