One Last Step (Part I)

by Jul 12, 2004Stories

They had no warning- no way to defend themselves, they attacked at dawn on foot and like a great wind that came out of the mountains attacked without mercy, killing everything that moved and burning the village to the ground.
People ran and rode on horses, scared into the forest and away from the Orc and the Wild Men. Someone had enough sense through their fear to toll the bell and warn the next village along.

They were sleeping awakened by the clamour outside, a frightened mother gathered her children around her, and hid them in a secret cellar that was underneath the house. The eldest fought to stay and defend what was left of the village; only three others remained to be hidden, a younger boy a girl of only three summers and a baby; The children would be the future and so had to survive.
They hid huddled together the eldest holding the babe in his lap, suddenly they heard the door being kicked open, burly voices in a strange outlandish language spoke roughly, and dragged the frightened villagers out. There was a great cry and the clash of metal upon metal could be heard everywhere, the farmer’s took the tools that they had to use and defended their village.

Not many would survive the dawn.


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