One Last Kiss – Prologue *Companion story to Eltinuviel and The Song of Love*

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Ariwen intended to stride into the Council room, but stopped when she heard her father’s words. “Faramir! We have an upcoming war! We can do nothing to stop it from coming, but we can fight it to ensure that Middle-earth remains at peace. We have no time to sympathize the Haradrim, Easterlings, Variags, Umbarrim and Orcs. If they choose to come together as one and attack the Dúnedain, then we will teach them what a mistake such a thing is.”

“My lord, I beg to differ…” A protest was heard from Denethor’s second son.

“You may not differ!” The King’s patience finally snapped. “You would do well to remember your place, Lord Steward. This Council is hereby adjourned.”

Gasping softly, the Princess quickly sprinted away as fast as her `cursed, obsolete, confounded, abominable dress’ would allow.


Elboron son of Faramir had inherited many traits from his father. These traits included stealth, Elvish senses, a gift for both Sindarin and sword fighting, but most of all, it was a love for books. Therefore, as Éowyn would have done with Faramir, Ariwen searched for her beloved in the most reasonable place in the city: The library. Ithilien’s next Prince was reading an ancient scroll of Beren’s first encounter with his wife-to-be, Lúthien when Ariwen intruded rather loudly upon him. “Elboron!” She screeched in horror, nearly scaring her beloved to death.

“Why the haste, meleth-nîn?”*

“Gondor is going to war.” She gasped out with uneven breaths.

Alarmed, Elboron said in disbelief, “Pardon?”

“You heard me! Gondor is going to war!”

“But how did you come by this information?”

“I listened in on the Council. Our fathers are not on the best of terms right now.”

Wincing, Elboron said, “Let us pretend that we have no knowledge of the matter then. Men with our father’s authority can be driven to the brink of insanity by war, especially if they are not on good terms. Let us watch, and wait, before we do anything to aid this war or intervene with it.”

“Wise words, love. But words will not help us in the end.”

“Nor will our fathers. The only things that can help us are love, faith, courage and our mothers.”

Ariwen raised an eyebrow. “You are not one to jest over solemn matters.”

Elboron shrugged. “We all have our vices. Now, I suggest that we leave this place and join others for luncheon, for there is a group of King’s Councilor’s approaching.”

“You have never had a wiser idea, love.” Ariwen grinned.


*Meleth-nîn= My beloved

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