One Last Kiss – Part 9

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When Éomer heard the plans for the war, he at first thought it madness. How could all four succeed without one mistake? Aragorn, however, quickly pulled him out of his faze of disbelief by asking him if he thought any set for the task were unworthy, including Éomer himself. As the answer was, of course, no, Éomer was taken to the oath of Eorl that he had renewed with Aragorn. He had sworn to follow the Númenóreans to war whether it be in Far Harad or Forochel. He would fulfill his oath with no protest, if need be.

Aragorn approached the Rohirric King. “Éomer!” He called out.

Shaken from his thoughts, Éomer stood to greet his peer. “Good day, Aragorn, or Wingfoot, if I may.”

Aragorn chuckled softly, though it sounded mirthless, “Aye, you may indeed, my friend!”

“Do you seek me out for anything particular?”

Aragorn’s face sobered. “I do.”

Seeing the Gondorian King’s face, Éomer frowned. That would not do at all. “This is about the war, then?”

Aragorn looked sharply at Éomer, surprised that he had guessed so easily. “Yes. Yes, it is.” He took out his pipe and lit it for lack of something else to do.

“We were all able to survive the War of the Ring, but can we do the same for this? I hoped that my children would never know war in all of their lives, but now I see that this is not so.” Éomer let out his sorrow.

“Alas, for I had hoped the same, but it cannot be. I begin to wonder if every generation shall see at least one war, whether we work to prevent it or no. I do not think the South and East shall ever stop wreaking havoc upon our people.” Aragorn tried to comfort him.

A thought then struck Éomer. “If we win, could not one of us take these warring countries in as a province? Umbar and Harad, of course, would automatically go to Gondor, as of old that was your land.”

Aragorn shook his head. “I could take Umbar easily, I believe that if they were asked to surrender to either the name King Elessar or Captain Thorongil, a they would not need a Council to decide. Harad would be a bit harder. I could rightfully take back the Gondorian lands of old, but what of the other parts of Harad? I will make no more war than is necessary. How would Rohan fare with Khand and Rhûn under it’s belt?”

“It would be difficult, if not impossible.” Éomer admitted. “My men are battle hungry and I can feel my blade Gúthwine ache for fresh blood. I would give you Khand and take for myself naught more than the nearer lands of Rhûn. Leave the rest for generations to come.”

Aragorn nodded. “I will if you insist and we live to see the day.”

“I must insist, then.”

Aragorn’s Captain then walked up to the two King’s who had been sitting on a log near the edge of the forest, devoid of any sort of guard. Bowing to the King, the Captain said, “Forgive me, my lord, if I interrupt aught, but the troops are restless to depart.” Taking a look around, he added, “Where is your guard, my lord? I might also ask the same of Éomer King.” The Captain dared.

Turning immediately to his King Elessar persona, Aragorn answered, “The Rohirrim are much more sensible beings, Táwarstar. For, you see, they do not force their King to go about accompanied by an entire éored as you practically do to me.” Turning solemn yet again, he added, “I have ordered my own off for the moment.” With that, he strode to his horse, refused the stable hand’s help in saddling him, as always and gave the orders to prepare to leave the glade they were camping in.

Shaking his head in ill-concealed mirth, Éomer did the same. They were soon riding off into the sunset, again ready to face the War of the New Age.


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