One Last Kiss – Part 6

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Elboron stared off into the darkness. Had it been real? Was he really married? Was this all a dream? Was he really wed? He supposed so. The next Prince of Ithilien then turned his mind to the evening’s events, over which he had thought long weeks until finally coming to a decision.


Elboron slammed the book down so hard that the table shook. The suspense was killing him. Why had he not been allowed to go with the armies? Had he not proved himself a Man and a warrior through many years of toil? Ariwen…. Blast it! He had to stop thinking about Ariwen! For weeks now, ever since the army had left, he had been thinking of proposing marriage to the girl. He wanted to propose marriage to her, he wanted to marry her that very second, without any finery or festivities, he just wanted to marry her! However, with the blasted King gone, the Dark Lord had more of a chance of coming back than he had of marrying Ariwen for at least one month! To the Void with it all! He would propose to wed on the morrow, with or without the King’s approval!

As Elboron marched confidently from the library, he thought nothing of the proposition of eloping, as long as they would be married. His mind seemed to be in a sort of limbo at the moment.

By the time he had reached Ariwen’s chambers, he had regained at least enough sense to knock before entering.

“Come in!” Ariwen called.

Striding impatiently into the room, Elboron did what he had longed to do for what had seemed like eternity. “Melamin (my love), I know this may seem sudden, but I can stand it no longer. Will thee have me now?” He pleaded desperately.

“But…Elboron, that would mean eloping! My heart longs for you as well, but should we really disregard our father’s in all of this?” Ariwen mused.

Suddenly a thought struck Elboron. “Ed’ i’ear ar’ elenea (By the sea and stars)! Why did I not think of it before? Ariwen, your brother is the King’s Heir! The local priest would undoubtedly be too cowardly to wed us without the King’s consent, but Eldarion has the power and I am sure that he can be bribed with something.”

Ariwen laughed out loud. “Lle Nadorhuan (You cowardly dog)! I suppose we could get my brother to wed us. At least it would still be legal. But what to bribe him with?”

Elboron grinned mischievously. “Oh, you will see, darling. You see, I know many secrets about our dear Prince that he would not want another to know. I also know what he enjoys so much that he would never pass it up. This we can use to our advantage in many ways.”


“Eldarion of the House of Telcontar! Get your lazy arse out of that bed right now or I swear on pain of death I will tell Thorwen what you did the other day at the Angry Bull!” After ten minutes of pleading, threats and attempts to break the door down, Eldarion finally answered the calls of his sister and best friend.

“Amin delotha lle (I hate you)! Why did you have to use the Angry Bull? If Thorwen hears about that , she will bind and gag me, and them take me out to a deserted alley in the dead of night and disembowel me! You are lucky she sleeps like a troll, otherwise I would be disemboweling you first!” A very cross Eldarion appeared in the doorway.

Elboron smirked and bowed low. “I do but serve my future King and my people. Besides, who said that you do not sleep like a troll yourself?”

“You’re ugly and your mother-“

Ariwen, who had wisely stayed out of the two friend’s bickering, now stepped forward to break it off before they got completely off subject. “Eldarion, I know that this may seem very sudden, but could you wed us? If you do it, no one would dare consider it eloping!”

Eldarion blinked. “Wed you? Here? Now? At this time of night? Without father’s permission? My dear sister, have you completely lost your mind? Besides, if I could do it, I would have wed myself and Thorwen without all of those annoying festivities.”

Ariwen them promptly slapped her brother upside the head. “You insufferable dolt! You are the King’s Heir! Of course you can legally perform marriages!”

Eldarion narrowed his eyes. “Alright. You’ve caught me. But why should I do it? Father would skin me alive!”

“Because I know many things about you that would easily send you to an early grave if ANYONE knew.” Elboron put in.

“Like what?” The Prince asked cautiously.

“Like every sin you have ever committed. You told them all to me from your own mouth.” As Eldarion started to protest, Elboron continued. “Do you not remember all of those drunken nights in the taverns?”

That statement quickly shut Eldarion up, who promptly scowled and said, “I will wake Thorwen. Ariwen, you go and wake Celewen. I want more than one witness for this. Meet us in father’s private library in ten minutes.”

With a triumphant smile, Elboron walked off to the library with and oddly happy bounce in his step.


“I do” Ariwen and Elboron said at the same time. It had taken Eldarion a while to wake his sleepy wife, but he had finally managed it. When Elboron had reached the King’s library, he had found it locked, but his Prince had come soon with the key and his wife. Both Thorwen and Celewen had proved a bit disapproving when they learned of the plan, but agreed to hold witness anyway.

When marrying them, Eldarion had decided to “cut through all of this ancient talk so I can get back to bed faster” and wedded the couple immediately. “Now, how will you be explaining all of this to mother?” He questioned skeptically.

Ariwen grinned. “Oh, I’m sure we’ll find a way.”


How WAS Ariwen going to try to explain this to the Queen? Shaking his head, he went back to sleep and left his thoughts to be mused upon another day.


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