One Last Kiss – Part 4

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Early the next morning, the disturbed Eldarion and Elboron entered the dining hall to a very amusing sight. Faramir and Éowyn were bickering like there was no tomorrow. “Éowyn, please!” Faramir pleaded. “Come to the White City, just for the duration of the war. I promise, you will be safe and the stone walls will not tire you.”

Éowyn shook her head vigorously. “I will not leave my son to fend for himself all alone in Ithilien. Thou art lucky I do not decide to take up the sword again and travel in your campaign.”

“He needs to learn to take care of Ithilien independently sometime.” Faramir argued. “Also, if I see it fit for your safety, I will command you to Minas Tirith, as much as my heart would protest such an action.”

“Then you best listen to your heart, for it is wise beyond all measure if it councils you to give me a choice of free will.”

Elboron raised an eyebrow at the exchange, excusing himself from the Prince to join his father’s side of the argument. Eldarion shook in mirth as he watched the three bicker violently as he ate the breakfast immediately given to him by a passing maid. Elessar then entered and all stood by reflex. Also by reflex, the King motioned for them to sit almost immediately after they stood.

“Hello, father”, Eldarion greeted stiffly. As the campaign left today, Eldarion would have to question his father here at breakfast, when patience was low in all. “Father, I wish to be informed of something.”

Elessar raised an eyebrow. “And that would be?”

“I visited Imrahil yesterday. I forced the information about the letter from him. Why did you not tell me? Did you deem your own son too foolhardy to receive such knowledge?” Eldarion knew that criticizing his father was his weak point, which he now used to his advantage.

Elessar blanched. “Nay, ion nîn (my son), nay! I wished to protect you from yourself. I knew that you would do anything to save Ariwen, Celewen* and your mother.”

“Adar (father), you must lose! There is no other way!”

“Yes there is. I will be sending assassins to Harad, Umbar, Khand and Rhûn in the beginning of the war.” The King did not mention that that was the reason why Elphir, Elchirion, Éomund and Éotûrac were to come. Aragorn himself would be the assassin of Harad. Faramir would take Umbar and Éomer Khand. The last assassin would be Prince Legolas Greenleaf of Eryn Lasgalen. The younger lords would be used for substitutes while the elder four were off playing Rangers. None of them knew just how dangerous such a move would be.


*If you read The Song of Love, you’ll know that Celewen is Eldarion’s other sister who may or may not come into this story.

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