Once upon a time

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Once Upon A time

You know how most fairy tales begin with once upon a time and end with and they lived happily ever after, well this one is different. Of course it does end happy and it does start once upon a time but this story is not about a poor helpless girl who finds a prince and they fall in love but someone tries to stop them from loving each other but they end out doing that any ways. In fact the girl in this story is pretty much anything but helpless. There is still love but there is also just as much adventure, suspense, and magic. If you are thinking that this isn’t a fairy tale well then you are wrong for it is just a better and more interesting kind of fairy tale. Now you are probably thinking when is the story going to start well it will now. Here is my story.

Chapter One: Life in Mittleburg
“Nicole slow down” shouted Megan. “Oh will you hurry up?” Nicole shouted back. Nicole was eight years old but sometimes acted as wise as many older than her. She had long thick blonde that went all the way to her knees and was so light that it was almost white. Her eyes were not like most others. They were a very deep gray and gave her knowing and thoughtful look, but well they fit her because she was thoughtful and usually did know things that most people didn’t but whenever she got mad they would turn a piercing grayish blue and when she laughed or was really happy they turned a grayish green. She could tell things about you by just looking into your eyes and no one could withstand her gaze if she didn’t want them to. Nicole was also very tall for her age and had almost flawless skin. She was very fast, had wonderful hearing, and better eye sight that anyone else in the whole village. She was very in tune with nature and all animals listened to her and always seemed to love her. People say that she can talk to animals so they have her see their animals so she can tell them what is wrong with them. “It is about time you got here, ” said Nicole who was sitting in the grass waiting. “I am sorry, but you know that you are faster than anyone in all Mittleburg and I just normal speed,” said Megan breathing loudly. “Where are we going anyways?” “I found a new place while I was exploring yesterday” said Nicole not the least bit tired. “Would you like it better if we rode?” she asked trying not to laugh at how tired she was. Megan was only seven years old and the only real friend Nicole had that wasn’t an animal. All of the girls were too jealous to make friends and almost all of the boys in the town just gawk at her beauty. So Nicole was always with animals and maybe a few boys, who were able to hide their surprise of her beauty, until Megan moved in. She was teased by the girls because she was very poor so Nicole stood up for her and they soon became friends. Megan was short for her age and had brown hair that went to her waist. “Not really” said Megan in a scared way. Megan was scared of horses because her little brother was trampled by a herd of them. “Do not worry. My horse would never hurt anything unless I told her to or she thought I was in danger. Trust me” said Nicole knowing why she was afraid. “Oh, all right but only because you promised,” she said slowly. Megan trusted Nicole very well and looked up at her and thought that she was very wonderful and so she trusted almost everything that she did even when it isn’t the smartest thing to do. Nicole whistled loudly calling her horse Starlight. They saw a big horse that was completely gray with no spots and bright blue eyes come running up to them. Megan moved behind Nicole in a frightened way. Starlight stopped right in front of Nicole and she didn’t even flinch. “Hey Starlight I want you to meet my friend Megan. She is a little scared so be gentle,” said Nicole into Starlight’s ear. Starlight slowly and carefully walked up to Megan and blew gently on her. Megan slowly patted her. “See, I told you she was great now lets go,” said Nicole and she hopped on her back without any harness or saddle. “Aren’t you supposed to have something to control her?” asked Megan “I don’t need one for Starlight she will listen and if she doesn’t it usually means that we shouldn’t go where she doesn’t want to.” “All right,” said Megan and Nicole pulled her on next to her. Even though Megan trusted almost anything that Nicole she did not ever take advantage of that but asked for her opinion most of the time even when she didn’t need it. They went farther into the forest next to Mittleburg, where they lived. “Are you sure you know where you are going?” asked Megan. “Of course I do and if I even did forget Starlight would know because she came with me yesterday and she has a very good memory,” said Nicole confidently. They went deeper and deeper until finally a huge tree was in front of them. They got off and Nicole went up to it and searched on the ground next to it. She soon uncovered a lever and pulled it then covered it back up. A long latter came slowly down. “Come on. Starlight come when I call okay,” said Nicole. They started climbing the long latter until a house like thing came in view. They got to a platform and climbed on walking up to the house. They went inside and saw there was furniture and cupboards all there and they looked brand new. “How did you find this place?” asked Megan. “I just let Starlight lead and she brought me to this tree. So I was walking around it to see if there was any way up and I accidentally kicked the lever and I saw the latter,” said Nicole. “Wow, I wonder if anything lives here?” asked Megan. “I don’t think so because I stayed here for a while and no one came.” “Oh. Well we better go my mom wanted to tell me something when I got home,” said Megan. “All right. But we have to come back tomorrow,” said Nicole. “Definitely,” agreed Megan. Nicole climbed quickly down the latter with Megan following slowly and carefully. When they got to the bottom Nicole pushed the lever again and the latter went up again but much faster. Nicole whistled and Starlight came running up. They both got on and started speeding toward Mittleburg. When they got to Megan’s house her mom was standing outside the door waiting. “Dear we are leaving get your stuff,” she said in a sad way. “Why and where are we going?” asked Megan. “No you can’t move,” said Nicole. “What are you talking about? We aren’t moving,” said Megan and as she spoke a carriage pulled up. “Who told you we were leaving?” asked her mom. “No one. I just knew,” said Nicole. “Well Megan we better go,” she said looking at Nicole in a strange way. “No mom please,” begged Megan but her father came out with her stuff and put it in the carriage, and then he came over and lifted Megan off. “Good bye,” called a sobbing Megan. “Namaarie. I mean goodbye,” she said not even knowing what she had just said.

Chapter Two: Arena
They drove off and Nicole didn’t make any more friends that weren’t animals until one day ten years later she was walking through the woods to the tree house that she found ten years ago. She started climbing slowly up but stopped because she heard very beautiful singing deeper in the woods. She got down and headed toward the voice. She saw a beautiful girl walking amongst the trees. She had long blonde hair that went to her waist, was very tall and had dark blue eyes. She silently crept up to her not making a single sound. The girl didn’t make a sound other than her singing as she walked and she wasn’t even trying not to. As Nicole was wondering about this the girl stopped singing and looked at Nicole in surprised way. “Hello,” she said in a clear and beautiful voice after looking at her for a while. “What is your name?” she said in the same beautiful voice. “I am Nicole,” said Nicole in a small voice. “Hello Nicole. My name is Arena. Nicole is an odd name. It doesn’t sound very elvish.” “What do you mean elvish?” asked Nicole. “You mean you are not an elf?” said Arena very surprised. “No and what is an elf?” “How did you hear me and how did you come over here without me hearing you?” she said ignoring Nicole’s question. “I just walked up and what is an elf?” “I am an elf and no human can sneak up on an elf so easily,” she said in a very confused way. “What is the difference between an elf and human?” asked Nicole. “Well an elf is faster, wiser, stronger, quieter, fairer, flawless, has pointy ears, good with nature, and all animals listen to them more than any other creatures,” she said. “I see why you are so surprised that I snuck up on you,” said Nicole in awe. “Well I think that you better come with me back to my home. My father will want to see you,” said Arena having a sudden idea. “I don’t even know you. Why should I come?” asked Nicole. “Haven’t you heard any of the stories? Elves used to live here and if you knew anything about them you would trust them right off unless you were an enemy of the elves,” she said. Well, thought Nicole, she seems to be trustable and I really would like to get away from this place. “Okay, I will go but only if I can bring my horse,” she said finally decided. “What about your parents?” asked Arena remembering that they might be a problem. “They died when I was very young. I live in an orphanage.” “I am sorry but then how do you have a horse?” she asked. “The orphanage found me on their steps when I was about three and my horse Starlight was standing over me as if guarding me and she refused to listen to any one but me,” “Oh, well lets go,” she said. They started off toward the village. When they got to the orphanage Nicole snuck in and came out with a small bag in her hands. Then she whistled and Starlight came running up. Arena starred at her in wonder. She thought that Starlight looked too much like an elvish horse to be normal. Nicole hopped gracefully on. “Don’t you ride with any harness?” asked Arena. “No” said Nicole. “That is odd because only elves ride like that,” Arena said quietly as if to herself. She hopped on behind and said “Nora lim Starlight” strangely Nicole understood what Arena had just said. Starlight neighed loudly and bolted forward. She ran into the forest and went deeper and deeper until it was further than Nicole had ever gone. Then Starlight jumped a log and seemed to stay in mid air for a long time until finally she touched the ground and stopped not even breathing hard. The air seemed to be different and so did the trees. “Where are we?” asked Nicole. “You are now on Middle Earth. Home of the Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Men, and many other creatures good and evil. We will now go to my home, Lothlorien. Only elves live there and few other races even visit,” said Arena. She said something to Starlight in a different language and Starlight bolted forward again. They soon got to a part of the forest where the trees seemed to change to a kind that Nicole had never seen before. They started to walk and then Starlight stopped when a commanding voice said “Tampa.” Arena got of, went into the trees, and started to speak to whoever was in there. Nicole wasn’t listening to a word that they were saying but was looking around and listening. She thought that she could hear some voices laughing and singing. Arena soon came back and got on again. Starlight started to go again with no hesitation. Nicole couldn’t help but notice that Starlight seemed to be at home and seemed to know her way around. As they went further the voices got louder and clearer. They suddenly opened out into a clearing and Nicole saw a cluster of trees ahead with many large platforms around them. It seemed to be a large village built among the trees. No part of nature was harmed by the many platforms but they seemed to be built around everything. Starlight perked up and bolted toward the city. As they go there she started walking, looking around in a happy way. Then she stopped and Arena and Nicole slipped off of her back and Nicole followed Arena up to the entrance of the village. “This is Lorien. My home.” “I thought it was Lothlorien?” said Nicole wondering if she had heard wrong. “That is the name of the forest that Lorien is in,” answered Arena. She led Nicole up to the largest platform and they started to climb the latter leading them to it. When they got to the top Nicole saw a lady clad all in white. She reminded Nicole much of Arena. “I am back mother and I am still alive,” said Arena and she smiled and gave her mother a hug. “I knew you would be all right but I can’t help but worry,” she said back also smiling. Then she looked at Nicole and gasped. “Who is this?” she asked in a shaky voice. “This is Nicole,” said Arena and she told about how they had met. “Nicole, how old were you when you were found at the orphanage?” she asked quickly. “I was three,” answered Nicole a little confused. Then Arena’s mother said something in a different language and to her surprise Nicole answered back in the same language. Arena looked in surprise at Nicole. “Arena will you call your father we need to talk,” Arena called over the platforms and an elf came up. Arena hugged him once then Arena’s mom asked Nicole to wait at the bottom of the platform. She climbed down quite scared. As she was waiting an elf came walking up. Nicole thought he was very fair and noble looking. “Hello what is your name?” he asked Nicole for he thought she was an elf. “I am” but before she could answer Arena and her parents climbed down. The elf bowed to them. “Nicole you we need to speak to you now. Legolas we will be finished soon,” said Arena’s father.

Chapter Three: Princess Almare
“I am Celeborn king of Lorien,” said Arena’s father. “And I Lady Galadriel. Lady of Lorien,” said Arena’s mother. “We have found out who you really are. You are not Nicole from Earth but you are Almare, princess of Lorien and our daughter. You a twin sisters with Arena,” said Galadriel with tears in her eyes. “This can not be true,” said Nicole in shock. I am just a human from Earth not an elf from Middle Earth. “It will be easier for you when you have your true form and your memory restored,” said Celeborn. “Do wish to have your memory restored now or later?” asked Galadriel. “Now I guess,” said Nicole still quite shocked. Galadriel walked up to Nicole and took her hand while saying something in the language she spoke before then all of the sudden Almare remembered who she really was and how she had been kidnapped when she was very young. She looked up at her parents and her sister and gave them all a hug. “Well I think that prince Legolas is probably tired of waiting,” said Celeborn. “Wait she has to be restored to her normal form. Her people must see her how she is supposed to be,” said Galariel and she said another thing in the language which Almare now recognized as elvish and a white light shone around Almare then it went out. Arena gasped. Almare was now an elf and she was very beautiful. Her hair grew down to her waist and became fuller and lighter, it had been fading to golden blonde, her eyes seemed to brighten, and her skin became more fair and flawless. “Much better,” said Gladriel and they climbed down the latter Almare in front. As Almare reached the bottom Legolas took one look at her and just starred at her beauty. As Galadriel got to the bottom she smiled and cleared her throat to get Legolas’s attention without embarrassing him. He looked at her turning a little red.” Celeborn is waiting for you,” she said smiling at him. He started up the latter glancing down at Almare. “I will let you show Almare around Arena,” said Galadriel and she walked away. “Who was that?” asked Almare. “That was Legolas of Mirkwood,” said Arena. “He seems to be nice,” said Almare. “What do you mean he seems nice? You haven’t even met him,” said Arena. “Well one can judge without having to know everything,” said Almare. “I guess your right but of course sometimes people use looks also for a judgment,” said Arena. “Well, I take that as an insult,” said Almare even though she really did think he was very cute looking. “It was meant to be one and that reminds me we need to find our brother Elestar and inform him of your return and that we need to get a feast ready so that you may be introduced,” said Arena and they rushed off to find Elestar. They found him walking and talking with another elf. “Elestar,” said Arena trying to get his attention. “Not right now Arena,” he said. “I am talking to Glorfindel.” Then he caught sight of Almare and looked at her curiously. “Glorfindel can hear what I have to tell you and mom told me to tell you as fast as I could. This is Almare. She is our sister, you know my twin who was lost, and mom wants you to inform everyone that we will be having a feast and that it needs to be prepared soon,” said Arena really fast. “What?” stammered Elestar. “Lle tela?” he asked in shock. “La,” said Arena back. “Nae saian luume'” he said to Almare. “Ye,” she said back. “So you are really princess Almare?” asked Glorfindel at little surprised by her beauty. Right then Legolas came up calling, “Hey Glorfindel, Elestar there is a really pretty new elf that I saw.” He quickly stopped seeing Arena and Almare. “They won’t say anything don’t worry. So who is she?” asked Elestar. Legolas gave him a look and he laughed realizing who the girl was. “Legolas I would like you to meet my sister Almare. She was just found and I need to go because I have to go and inform everyone about the feast that we are having tonight. Okay. Bye,” he said in a rush then he hurried off. They all just stood there for a while a little awkward. “Almare I would like you to meet Glorfindel and Legolas. You two this is Almare. “So you are really the lost princess?” asked Glrofindel. “No Glorfindel I just played a trick on Elestar to be mean,” said Arena in a sarcastic voice. “Of course she is. Don’t you see the resemblance of Luthien in her? It is not possible to be so beautiful and not be of direct heritage to her,” said Arena. “Yeah and she does resemble you in a way and your mother,” said Glorfindel. “Did you just complement me? For saying that I look like her or our mom is a great compliment,” said Arena in mock shock. “It was meant to be a compliment for you are also very beautiful,” said Glorfindel not the least bit embarrassed. Arena hung her head in embarrassment for she did not expect him to say that. “Wait so you mean that I look like you,” said Almare. “Yes a little,” said Glorfindel. “Wow that is really neat,” said Almare. “Oh yes you haven’t seen yourself have you?” said Arena. “We have to take you to a mirror. You are so beautiful,” said Arena. “Yes, Don’t you agree Legolas?” asked Glorfindel. “What,” said Legolas. He had been in a trance by her beauty and had just been starring at her, “Yeah he agrees,” said Glorfindel laughing. “He sure does,” added Arena also laughing. “Do not say things that are not true and stop teasing him. Who says he was thinking that. You should not just assume things. He could have just been thinking and not paying attention to you two talking nonsense,” said Almare a little angry. “He was thinking all right. But who says he wasn’t thinking about you?” asked Arena. “Arena stop this instance and leave him alone,” Almare said these words so forcefully that everyone looked at her. Arena did not challenge her patience but stepped back a little frightened. Glorfindel hung his head not daring to look at her. Legolas just looked at her in shock. She looked down shocked at the power in her own voice and at the effect it had on the others. “I am sorry. I did not mean to sound so horrible its just I get angry when people are teased,” said Almare. “It is all right I suppose we shouldn’t have teased him even if it was true,” said Arena. Just then they heard some bells ringing. “That means the banquet is starting,” said Arena. “Wow that was really fast,” said Almare “Remember we are elves not humans,” said Arena. “May I escort you to the banquet Arena?” asked Glorfindel. “Of course,” said Arena. “How will I get there then?” asked Almare. “Legolas will take you,” Arena called back. “Would you like to get a cloak first?” asked Legolas. “Yes and a more appropriate dress but do you know where I can get those?” asked Almare. “Yes I shall take you to your room and your ladies in waiting will get you ready,” said Legolas.

Chapter 4: The Banquet
He led her to a platform and in a room on top. A few elves were there and Legolas explained the problem. “I will wait outside the door,” he then said to Almare. “All right,” said Almare. The ladies gave her a midnight blue dress with cream for the bottom layer and they gave her a cloak with a silver leaf brooch that matched perfectly. The dress was slim fitting from the waist up and a little flowy at the bottom. The sleeves were tight fitting until the elbow then they flowed out almost to her knee. The ladies also did her hair. They braided a small braid on each side then braided together and down. They also put a thin but very elegant silver circlet in her hair. When they led her to a mirror Almare saw herself as an elf for the first time and was speechless. Legolas waited outside the room for a while. He was a little nervous to see her dressed up. The door opened and she stepped out. He starred at her in shock. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She smiled a little unsure. Finally he snapped out of it when she said in her clear beautiful voice, “shall we go?” They climbed down the latter and then held out his arm. She took it gently and they began to walk toward a part in the forest were there was sounds of merrymaking and singing. “Will we be late?” she asked. “No they won’t start the feast for a while,” he said smiling at her. Almare felt a chill run through her. That was the first time he had smiled and she thought that it was very disarming. As they got there Almare saw that there was a large room on the ground and inside was a large table with many elves sitting at it. Legolas smiled again watching her, she was looking all around in amazement. “Look my lady,” said Legolas pointing to a part in the room. Almare looked and saw Arena and Glorfindel standing there. She smiled as she saw them for Arena was hanging onto every word he said and he was trying not to stare at her. They tried very hard not to laugh especially at Glorfindel who would look at her then look down then look at her then look down again. “I wonder if they like each other?” asked Almare in a very sarcastic voice. “I don’t know,” said Legolas also in a sarcastic voice. They began to laugh again trying not to be loud. “All right we better not have everyone think that their new princess and the prince of Mirkwood have bad manners,” said Legolas calming down a bit. “Yes,” agreed Almare and she also stopped laughing. They began to walk up to the table at the head of the room. Legolas saw many heads turn and stare at her as she walked by. When they got there they saw Galadriel watching them. “Hello. Where do you want us to sit?” asked Almare. “Why don’t you two sit there and there,” she said pointing to two chairs next to each other. “All right, when are we starting?” asked Almare. “We will start soon why don’t you go and find Arena and Glorfindel Almare and you can just sit down Legolas,” she saw his face fall slightly. Almare went to go and get them to tell them to come and sit down. Galadriel smiled at Legolas as he followed Almare with his eyes. “So what do you think of her?” she asked. “She is going to be a wonderful princess,” he replied. “She very beautiful isn’t she,” she said smiling at him. “Yes,” he said knowing what she was getting at. “I believe that she may need to go to Mirkwood soon to meet the king and then maybe to the other kingdoms,” said Galadriel. “Yes,” he replied. “She may need someone to escort her that knows where everything is,” she said smiling at him. He looked up not believing what she was saying. “Would you be willing to take her for I see that you all ready have become friends and well I would prefer her to go with someone that she knows and since she only knows you and Arena and Arena needs to stay I think it would be best that you go,” she finished. “I would be honored to take her to those places,” he said quickly. Then Arena, Almare and Glorfindel came up to them. Galadriel told them where to sit then Celeborn came in. He was seated at the head of the table and on his right was Gladriel and on his left was Arena. Next to her was Glorfindel and then other important elves were next to him. On Galadriel’s other side was Almare and Legolas was seated next to her. Some elves brought in dishes of food in so everyone could help himself or herself. The food was the best food Almare had ever eaten. After almost everyone had finished Celeborn stood up and a hush went into the whole hall. Not a single word was spoken by anyone. “I have a wonderful announcement to make. We have found the princess Almare and she is here at this very moment.” he then looked at her and beckoned her to come up. Legolas gave her an encouraging smile and she walked up to the front of the room were her father was standing. He put his arm around her and said, “I present to you your princess.” The silence was broken and everyone broke into applause then they began talking amongst themselves again. Almare went back to the table and sat down relieved. The look on her face would suggest that she had done something very difficult. “It couldn’t have been that bad,” said Arena. “Well I bet if you hadn’t even seen so many people before let alone have all of their attention on you then you would be a little nervous too,” said Almare. “She has a point,” said Legolas. “You are just agreeing for a reason I will not say,” said Arena. Then Galadriel caught their attention and told them of her idea of letting Legolas take Almare to the kingdoms. “Would that be alright Almare?” asked Galadriel already knowing the answer for she had seen the joy in her eyes when she was around him. “Of course,” said Almare a little to quickly. Arena looked as if she was going to say something about it but a look from her mother silenced her. “Well now we just need to get your things ready and you will leave tomorrow,” said Galadriel. They all had a very enjoyable time that night. Almare was trying very hard not to show her excitement.


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