On and Off the Set – Part Two

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Hugo looked up from his book in time to see Sean Bean crossing the lounge to meet him.

What is going on in that man’s head? he couldn’t help but think when he noticed that he was in costume.

“Sean?” he asked aloud instead.

He gave Hugo an odd look. “Who?”

It took him a moment to see that he wan’t joking. That light in Sean’s eye when he palied a joke wasn’t there this time.

“What do you mean who? Why are you dressed in costume like that? I thought we were going bowling. Aren’t we?”

Sean’s expression became more bewildered.

“Alright, sorry for the hold up,” a familliar voice cought Hugo’s attention. “It took forever for me to find my balls, and don’t you dare get your mind in the gutter.”

Hugo turned to see-Sean! What in the world-? Are there two Sean Beans now?

“What’s with the look?” Sean asked.


David Wenham and Karl Urban were going crazy looking for her. It was time to film the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen, and Miranda otto couldn’t be found anywhere. As usual, the team decidedto split up and serch.

Some went into town, others to other sets, and others still out to the lake. David and Karl were forced to serch the hotell.

“Miranda?” Karl knocked a little harder and raised his voice a second time, “Miranda, are you in there?

The door opened, it hadn’t been clased fully.

“Hello?” David called into the darkened room. “Maybe somebody else found her.” he suggested. “We could have jsut missed her, you know.”

“I don’t think so.” Karl kneeled down in the bathroom doorway.

“What is it?”

“It’s her.”


“Can you hear me?” he asked Miranda softly, shaking her arm. “Miranda, get up.”

“Get me a damp cloth!” he ordered David who hurridly fetched one from the sink and wet it with cold watter. “And call for help!”


“She said what?” Billy’s eyes bulged at the thought. “That must have been some bump on the head for her to think that.”

“To think what?” Andy joined them.

“That an Uruk Hai attacked her when she started to come out of the John.” David said.

“Oh, dear.” Andy shook his head. “Other than being a little ‘off’, how is she?”

“She’ll be fine once the swelling goes down.” Karl said.

“Well, she’s not going to be working again untill she stoppes seeing things.” Peter added.

Miranda awoke with a start to their murmerings then settled back down when she saw them instead of her dreams, or, rather, nightmares.

“I’m not seeing things, *** it.” she protested. “I know what I saw, and what I saw was a bloody Uruk.”

“You need to settle down.” Andy told her firmly, laying a hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t know, you guys,” Hugo joined the already overfilled room. “She’s not the only one seeing some odd things lately.”

“What do you mean?” Dominic asked him.

“I mean I saw Sean dressed as Boromir one minute, then turned around to see him in jenes and a t-shirt the next.”

“Maybe you both just need to get your heads examined.” Viggo suggested, though it wasn’t a jest. He was dead serious.

“I’m not crazy, and I doubt that he is eather.” Miranda spoke up again. “maybe somebody’s playing tricks on us or something, but it’s getting far out of hand.”

Far is right. If they were playing tricks on you, they woulnd’t have hurt you.” Peter said, fully frustrated with this whole buisness of people seeing things from a fantasy book.


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