On and Off the Set – Part Four

by Jun 17, 2004Stories

Viggo sat on the edge of Miranda’s hospittal bed. Though he might not be willing to say it aloud, he had a bit of a crush on the woman and was worried sick about her. There was no secret that she had fallen for him from first sight, but evry one knew that that was only skin deep. Yet she’d stuck around him quite alot, and now she only seemed more in love, though he still wouldn’t admit it even to her what he felt.

Karl stood in the doorway, talking to himself. He wouldn’t leave Viggo since Viggo was his ride back to the hotel. Viggo wondered if Karl suspected what he felt for Miranda since he remained just out of hearing range of soft talking while he sat on the bed. Then again, he could be wating in the doorway so that he could mutter to himself about something so that Viggo couldn’t hear.

“Hurry up, Dom!” Billy ran into Dominic’s room and hauled him out of bed. “I don’t know how much longer we can afford to cut time so sharp.”

“Only If I can stick another piece of tape on.” Dominic said with a sleepy grinn. “Hold on, I’m comming.”

“Well, you’d better hurry. They’re wating for us in make up, and Pete’s getting upset all ready.”

“Pete? It’s not time time for…” he yawned as he sat up.

“Fillipia is typing as we speak.” Billy said, throwing some cloths at Dominic. “And as for the tape…” He held up a roll of duck tape. “It’ll be your turn for that treatment if you don’t get up and in make up in five minutes.”

That did it. The last thing Dominic wanted at five-thirty in the morning was a piece of tape stuck to his chest and riped off with a whip of Billy’s hand. He’d paied for doing just that to Billy about his microphone a week before, and didn’t feal like paying for it again. Billy smiled and said he’d be wating and counting evry second untill Dominic was back into the trailer set aside for them.

Grabbing a granola bar on the way out, he nearly ran into Miranda. What’s she doing out of the hospital? He thought quickly and backed up a coupple stepps.

“Um, hello.” he said hesatently. “When did they let you out? And why on earth are you still in your night gown?”

“Let me out?” she gave him a funny look. “Let me out of where, Merry?”

Oh, dear, she really has flipped! “Why don’t you come on in and let me call in and say that I’ll be a bit late. Why don’t we have breakfast together?” He opened the door and let her into his room. “I’ll be there in just a minute, I need to go to the bathroom and wash up first.” But as soon as he was in the bathroom and had the door locked, he found his cell phone and called the hospittal.

“No, sir,” said the nurse. “She’s still sleeping in her room.”

“Thank you.” he said a bit wanely. “I must have made a mistake.” and hung up. Leaving the bathroom he found himself staring fave to face with a startled Bernard in costume. “Did Bill send you up here after me?” Bernard gave him an odd look. Dominic looked around Bernard only to find that he wasn’t exactly in the hotell any more.

“Where is that man?” Peter asked for the fifth time. “He’s been missing longer than Miranda was. Bill, are you sure he wasn’t in his room or anywhere in the hotell or trailers?”

“Yes.” Billy answered for the fifth time. “No one can find him anywhere.”


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