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One day an elf was scouting and found a girl riding. She had short black hair and had ranger clothes on. When he got up to
her he ask “What is your business here in Mirkwood?” She got off her horse thinking he was the only one there; two elves came up
from behind her to bind her hands. Right a way she grabbed their hands and flipped them over. Then the elf grabbed her hand
and tied a rope to her hands that she could not get away. Then asked again “What is your business hear in Mirkwood?” She said
“I am Fëawen Léralondë and I am looking for someone.”
“May I ask, Fëawen, who are you looking for?”
“I am looking for -.” She falls with a black arrow in her back. He pulled out his bow and arrow, shot an orc in the
eye. He then grabs the strange girl and brings her to his dad; while his men brought her horse to the stables with her things. When
she woke up, she was sore and tried to get away. So she got her clothes on, and slipped out through the window. When she got to
the stables, she saw the elf that took her as prisoner was there. She thought “Now, how will I get out of here?” She looked
behind her to see if anyone saw her, and when she looked back she saw no one. She stepped a little out and said to herself “Where
did he go?” Then she felt some one tap her on her shoulder. “oh-no.” she thought to herself when she turned around. She
saw the elf there and asked “What is your business here?”
“That is none of your business.” she said with a smile.
“Well, then you can’t leave until you tell us. So it is your problem.”
“I can escape. I will fight them off if I have to. Remember what I did to your men.”
“One has a sprained wrist and the other has a broken arm. You need your back to heal before you go horseback riding again.”
“Fine, I will stay until my back is healed. Then I will go.”
“Well there is a party tonight if you want to go.”
“I will think about it. Can you get my things from my horse so I can change clothes, unless you want me to have my rangers
clothes on all day.”
“They were already in the room you were in. Do you want me to bring you there, m’lady?”
“My name is Fëawen, don’t call me m’lady. You know my name but I don’t know yours.”
“I am Legolas, son of Thranduil.”
“Why does it seem like I know this elf?” She thought. Then she stops and remembers something.
(flash back)
When she was young, she was
really good friends with this
prince. One day she was
visting her friend, when the
boys parents grabbed him and took
him away. He was trying to grab
my hand but it slipped. Thats when
the orc came and took her away.
(end of flash back)
“Are you ok?” Legolas asked.
“I’m ok, I just remembered something that happen to me when I was younger.”
They started to walked to the room.
When Legolas was going to the party he decided to see if Fëawen was going. He knocked on her door. When she answered it, she
was wearing a beautiful dress, with a necklace (that looked familar to him), and had her hair up. He thought she looked beautiful.
“Are you going to the party?” he asked her.
“Yes, but I am going alone and I will be very bored”
“Would you like to go with me?”
“Sure.” she said blushing.
After they were done eating, Legolas’s brother, Laesonif, came and asked Fëawen to dance. She looked at Legolas and he nodded
that it would be ok. She said “Ok.” After a while Fëawen came back and told Legolas it was getting late.
“Just wait, I have something to show you.” Legolas said while getting up.
“Alright, I’ll trust you.” she said.
“Well, why would you not trust me?”
“I will tell you later.”
He brings her to the lake while lights and fireworks are going off.
“This is beautiful.” she said giving him a huge hug(?). They acted like they were best friends.
“I thought you would like it. I was wondering, where did you get that necklace?”
“Well when I was very young I had a wonderful friend. On my birthday he got me a this necklace. He said if I ever needed to
think of him I should just hold it.”
“What happened to your friend?”
“One day I went to visit him, and his parents took him away and not me, when an orc came. So the orcs took me,” She began to cry. No one
was around, so she cried into his shoulder.
“Do you want to go to your room?”
“Yes, please.”
The next day, she looked out her window and saw Legolas getting his horse ready to ride around. Then, she heard someone come
in her room. It was Laesonif. He came and grabbed her on the arms.
“So you came back. Are you going to leave him like you did before?”
“I did not leave him, I was taken by orcs.”
“He left you, remember? He will never care about you, I care about you.”
“No! I hate you!” She kicked him as hard as she could. He tripped and fell over. There was a huge crash. Legolas looked and
ran to her room. When he opened the door he saw his brother leaving with a bloody lip. He looked at her and saw she had some
marks on her arm and blood was coming out. He quickly got some bandages and wrapped her arm. He promised her that he would not leave her
again. He left her and went to his dad. When he got there his brother was there. Whatever it was he accepted it. His brother left with an evil
smile. “You have to keep Laesonif away from Fëawen.” Legolas said.
“This morning I heard a crash in her room. I opened the door, Leasonif came out, and Fëawen was bleeding from her arm.”
“Well I can’t do that. They will be getting married.”
“What! How?”
“Your brother just came in and asked.”
“But her father-“
“Do you now why she came to me that day? Both her parents died and they left it up to me to decide.”
Legolas left the room and found Fëawen standing there. He told her to pack her bags and to get her horse ready. She did as told, and when
she was ready they went on a ride. Finally she asked,
“Where are you taking me?”
“I am taking you somewhere far away.”
“But why.”
“Unless you want to marry-“
“Wait, I’m not marrying anyone. My father did not approve it.”
“Well, yes he did. Your parents died when you were young.”
“Are you coming with me?”
“No, I can’t. You should fake your death and say you died. Then you won’t get married.”
A tear came down her cheek as she rode off.
If I can think of a 2nd one to this one. I will post it.
I will finish my other story but I have been busy.


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