Of the Sundering of men and the Tale of Palach

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Now time measured long, after the rising of the Sun and Moon, and of the awakening of men, ere the power of Morgoth held overwhelming dominion over Beleriand, And the tale of Bëor the old, father of men, was of distant memory. The hearts of men became sundered of one another, and nigh that of the lordships of the Eldar, for it was part of their being, to wish no influence of their affairs, or of their desires, lest be by the mighty among them, or serve in fealty to the kings of the Eldar. Therefore, even though with no strife among them, sought in lesser throngs, Lands to call their own, of which no Man, or Elf, nor any being, Save perhaps Órome , had yet to glimpse.

Amidst the sundered was a Great Nephew of Marach, of whom was Lord of a warlike and noble people, who long ago led his kindred over the Eastern Mountains of Doubt, and his name was Palach, Son of Balach. As a stripling Palach had served as a vassal in the kingdom of Finrod Fealagud, Lord of Nargothrond, Whom he ever after loved as a Father. as he had been orphaned early in life by evil mischance, as both his Sire and Mother did perish, of a dire affliction. For it was a blight sown in the earth of evil devices, of Melko Blaugir, as a curse to men, for their naught alliance, and defiance, in his claim of lordship over them. Thereto Finrod did bid Palach into his company, for deep pity did he feel for him, and indeed for all the second born, being subject to the curses of the Dark Lord of the North. For Palach did suffer dark dreams, also being blighted in infancy, yet spared of it, being also a scourge of Melko, which the Noldor, indeed all of the Eldar, did not succumb, yet men did suffer greatly thereof.
Then Fealagund, did speak to the warders of Palach, saying, “Bid I to you, even thou you care after the youth of your misfortunate, like be he one of your own, In among the company and grace of the Noldo I deem Palach, the youth, find comfort and solace, that ye of the younger folk know not, nor can we teach thee of such things, For it is of such enlightenment that minds of men comprehend of it naught, nor may never.” Of this the warders took to ponder, to these words great regard was held, for they, being newly come into the land, somewhat poorly for lack of, to prepare homestead and dwelling, and awed by the majesty of the kind words of the King, took as a great honor. That Finrod Fealagund, close nigh High King of the Noldor, would betake one of their own as foster son, spoke in reply words of high honor. Then say Lamach, who was Uncle to Palach spoke, saying, “Lord King Finrod, of whom my grandfathers called Nóm, your honor is without summit, or compare, to grant such a gift of thy leaguer, to a beleaguered youth you know not much, to care of him like a son, and for such a bequeath we dwell forever in thy debt”. For Lamach knew all of the arts of men could avail not against the dark dreams that troubled Palach, for in his youthful sleep came an unceasing nightmare, since the death of his Brother Balach and his wife Tulia of a dread affliction, and in the dwelling of Elven folk might find reprieve from his dark dreams.Therefore he sent Palach on the eve of winter hardship, with King Finrod, saying to him at their parting to the troubled youth, “Palach, you be the son of my brother, and may deem it a cruel thing for me to sendeth you to dwell among the strange Elven folk, but it bodes in my heart ye will be mighty among men, and thy children will be nigh even mightier, and do great deeds for the plight of Man, Elf, and yea, even of the unmet Naugrim, against the great Dark Lord of the North, ere the end of Blaugir come. Go now forth, without heavy heart or contempt, for thou art young, ye of five summers only, for with time past, you will be united with glee to all your kin here, nigh your end in old age come. Go now among the Eldar, for they are a fair folk, and heal thy mind and soul.” And though, being of yet youthful age, Palach understood fully, and forgot not his words.


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