Of the Lady of the Moonlit Night – Part II – Meetings in Rivendell

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Meetings in Rivendell

When Anaran made to leave Mirkwood, King Thranduil insisted that a companion would be sent with her. He had intended that an elf-lord, skilled with the bow, would travel with her, but Tyarine was so eager to go that he could not refuse her.

Their journey lasted only four days, and they had more than enough food to last them. Their journey was unadventurous, which was just the way they liked it.


On the fourth and final day of their journey, the two companions were just entering the valley in which Rivendell was located, when a pony streaked past them, trailing packs of food, clothes and the like. Behind them they could hear cries of laughter, and the moans of the one whose horse had sped ahead. Tyarine rode up to the group, whilst Anaran rode ahead to catch the rogue pony.

The group of travellers were a very unusual group indeed. Tyarine could see an old man dressed all in white, riding on beautiful white horse; a tall, dark man, wearing clothes that were clearly very fine and expensive, but were so worn that you wouldn’t have noticed; there was beautiful Elven-lady, with long dark hair, and on the ground was a very angry Dwarf. The old man, the Lady and the dark man were laughing so hard at the poor dwarf that tears were streaming down their faces.

The old man suddenly seemed to notice Tyraine, and spoke to her.

“How may we help you?” Tyraine gave a start, realising that he was talking to her.

“Um – actually it’s more like how can I help you. My friend has gone on ahead to catch your pony.” Just at that moment Anaran came it to sight, the pony trotting along behind. As she rode up to the group, recognition dawned on her face.

“Gandalf!” she cried.

“My dear Anaran!” Anaran ran up to the old man, who had now leapt down off his horse. The two embraced as those of old friends, for indeed they had been friends for many, many years. Tyraine gasped, realising who this old man was.

“Forgive for not recognising you, my Lord. I – that is, you-” Tyraine trailed off, unable to speak. She looked down, her face turning red.

“That it perfectly alright. I happen to like it best when I am not recognised,” as he said this, Gandalf’s eyes twinkled. “But it is near sundown, and I believe that we should arrive in Rivendell before sundown.” With that Gandalf leapt onto his horse, and started to ride off.

“My Lady,” said Anaran to the Lady. “I believe that Lord Elrond will be pleased to see you and Lord Aragorn. Master Dwarf,” she now turned to the Dwarf. “I believe that this is your pony?”

“That it is. I thank you for capturing it for me. I do believe that I will never master these strange creatures,” he bowed low before Anaran. “I think you my Lady. And may I ask what your name might be?”

“My name is Anaran. I live in Rivendell.”

“My name is Gimli son of Gloin. I am very pleased to meet you, Lady Anaran.” Anaran laughed at this. She glanced at the dark man, and bowed her head.

“Greetings my Lord Aragorn.” Aragorn took her hand and kissed it, not a word passing his lips. He then rode after the Wizard, with his wife by his side, closely followed by Gimli. Anaran and Tyraine bringing up the rear.

“You never said that you know these people,” hissed Tyraine. “These are great heroes from the War of the Ring! The Prince speaks of the often.”

“I did not know all of them. I had never met Gimli before. Arwen and I grew up together, for she is the daughter of Lord Elrond. I could not help but become acquainted with Gandalf and Lord Aragorn, for they come to Rivendell often.”

“Oh….” The two elves rode after the others, sometimes talking, others times staring into the distance.

* * *

When they finally arrived in Rivendell, there was chaos. Everybody was happy to see someone or other, and there was a lot of embracing and catching up with one another.

When they rode up, Anaran could see Finguld looking about, to see if she had arrived. Although she could see him, he could not see her. As he turned away to walk back indoors, Anaran jumped lightly down from Weda’s back, and ran up to him. Hearing footsteps behind him, Finguld turned around to be met with a hug from Anaran.

“You’re back! I was really worried about you. I thought that something might have happened to you.”

“Well I’m back now, and perfectly well,” Anaran stepped back. “Tell me everything that’s been happening here.”

“This place is amazing!” Tyraine had walked up to Anaran and Finguld, looking around her in wonder. The moment that Tyraine appeared, Finguld turned silent. Anaran noticed that he was staring at her friend, and had turned unusually quiet. Putting on an air of fake cheerfulness, she broke the silence.

“Finguld, this Tyraine. She’s from Mirkwood. Come! You must tell me everything that has happened since I left.”

“Wha…? Oh, of course.” And with that the three of them walked off. Although she did not show it, Anaran was feeling very uncomfortable about Finguld’s reaction to the arrival of Tyraine.


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