Of the Days That Have Come to Pass – The Battle for Cantaron

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Of days that have come to pass

In an age long after the dominion of men had begun on Middle-earth, and after Samwise Gamgee and the remaining elves in Imladris left the shores of Middle-earth there was a battle. After the long years of Elessar’s life had ended and Gondor drifted into song, then into memory, and finally into legend, the realm that once occupied the southern part of Middle-earth was in great bliss and the land enjoyed much wealth and prosperity. Spring was in the air and it showed in the woodlands and fields. Minas Tirith lay in ruins, buried beneath sand after long years on its fortified walls had worn down the work of Westernesse and finally even the great Tower of Guard became only dirt which men walk upon. But this story does not concern the great deeds of men and elves during ages of the world long forgotten and the countless wars against evil suppressors in the long defeat. All those who remember it no longer dwell on the shores of the land and all story lost.

A new kingdom of men had arisen and its power was only surpassed by its beauty. Rivaling ancient kingdoms in craft, the city of Cantaron was ruled with an iron yet kind fist by King Oron II. His army was numerous consisting of legions of men armed with sword and spear. Cantaron, nestled in the south of the Misty Mountains not far from where Orthanc of old once stood, was highly fortified and had a great kingdom under the mountains there where mines of silver and gold were delved and gave Cantaron great wealth and power along with its magnificent beauty. Prince Gandon and Olon, brothers to Oron were generals in the Cantaron military. Gandon was a strong man and kind but his envy and jealousy of the power with which Oron was invested drove him to hatred. For Gandon desired only what he could not claim for too often he focused on what he did not possess rather than what he did. In addition to this it appeared that Oron had arranged for his son, Oron III to be next king of Cantaron further separating Gandon from the true cause of the kingdom. For this tale is strictly of power and those who possess it and those who would wish to. Olon, captain of the cavalry of Cantaron, was lesser in stature than his brothers but his will to do good far surpassed his need for power for much could be done for the betterment of the people without the throne of Cantaron. He was concerned with it not and thought little of it but had respect for the ancient line of kings that existed before him. But Olon was wise and could see the distress and frustration with Gandon but kept to himself his own councils, much to the regret of him later. The line of Oron was strong and Gandon knew this well and wished not for it to end but knew that if he were to be king changes would have to be made. In the beginning of his works much good was invested in them. For in the beginning he wished only to do good but this soon changed. The throne of Cantaron would have to be taken in force. He gathered his captains in secret council deep within the mountains and formulated a plan. It was for open war on his own people and military. Great wealth was promised to his captains and for his men when the deed was completed and many stayed loyal to the great general. Gandon was able to muster some 3500 men. How he did this, no one really knows. Olon was kept in the dark with all the plans for Gandon knew that Olon would attempt to stop him or even go to battle in the fields with his cavalry of loyal riders against his own brother. But without Olon at their head the cavalry would be an unorganized unit and fall quickly to the might of Gandon. Olon passed out of this world ere on the third day after the dark council beneath the mountain. He was murdered by one of the agents of Gandon and on that same day Gandon stormed the city with great might. At first he had the upper hand and many men were slain. But Oron III issued out of the city gates that had not been breached yet with the cavalry of Olon and beat the army of Gandon back. Many long hours were spent with this fight with Oron III fighting and leading valiantly with the cavalry while the foot soldiers of Gandon prepared to flank Oron III from the east. This worked quite well and Oron III had to retreat to the very walls of Cantaron when a barrage of arrows came sailing over the walls and annihilating the front lines of Gandon’s advancing army. Then horns were sounded from deep within the mountain and King Oron II son of Oron Elant issued forth from the gates on a black horse and charged through the diminished ranks of Gandon with spear and sword along with sparkling gold mail. Many he slew on that day and the fields of gold were stained with blood. Then from the east the reinforcements of Gandon arrived, although late, and slammed into the flank of King Oron’s guard. Oron III saw this and charged over to that area with archers but the fall of King Oron II son of Oron Elant had occurred. He lay there with a great gash in his neck. It appeared over for the loyalists. But the cavalry mustered a renewed charge and catapults were drawn forth from the deep of the mountains and flung huge black stones into the lines of Gandons forces. Here Gandon met his fate. He was killed by the first barrage of catapult attacks. The remainder of his army surrendered later that day when all force was beaten down and circled by Oron III. But none of the men of Gandon survived to see the sun set in the sky for all were slain that day. Loyalty was abandoned in those weeks leading up to that battle and the kin slaying was ever remembered in the hearts of the men in Cantaron.


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