Of Malphion and Nurlindae – A short-story.

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*Author’s note: I decided to take a little break from my other writing to create this short-story. This little tale means quite a lot to me, as it is based loosely upon a real situation. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments are appreciated! *

Of Malphion and Nurlindae

A great celebration and gathering of the peoples of Middle Earth was taking place in Rivendell. Men, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit alike came from far and wide to take part in the celebration, and it was here that Malphion beheld Nurlindae.

Malphion hailed from Gondor, a man of prowess and understanding in one so young. Very soon he was to be made a man in the eyes of his race, but all thoughts of strength and manhood were lost when hence his eyes fell upon her.

The maiden was of Elven-kind. Dark and beautiful was she, graceful in step and proud; yet she seemed kind and gentle with an air of wisdom beyond her years.

Malphion gazed at her, befuddled. Never had he saw one as beautiful as she. And as he stood there, she looked his way and their eyes met; and he knew at once that she was his life.

Unable to get to her, Malphion instead in haste wrote a note for the maiden and entrusted it with a messenger. However, as he did this, he in turn recieved a message urgent and made to leave, hoping that one day he would be able to see the she-Elf again.


And so it came to pass that later that day Nurlindae recieved a note from a young man named only Malphion of Gondor. Recalling her brief encounter with the handsome young mortal earlier that day, she went willingly against her parent’s wishes and wrote a note in return. Entrusting the note to a worthy messenger, she urged him to take precaution and hoped that he would return soon with a response.

Days went by, then unbeknownst to most, the messenger arrived bearing a secret message for the Lady Nurlindae. The message was given to her and immediatly she replied, sending the messenger in concealment once again to Gondor.

Weeks passed with the secret exchange of letters, each one becomming longer and more pronounced until both Nurlindae and Malphion realized that they were indeed in love. But instead of bliss and happiness that comes with the feeling of love, Nurlindae found only sorrow, for she knew that none of her kind would allow such a love. It was immoral for her to love this mortal – but she did – and although she knew well that what she was facing would be both dangerous and frowned-upon, she made her decision.

The letters came steadily now, and none knew of them save a few trusted souls. Then finally, the last letter arrived. Nurlindae had made up her mind – no one could stop her. With the utmost secrecy, she packed a few belongings and with the help of a friend, made her way to the stables and under the light of the moon, fled the sanctuary of Rivendell.


Malphion now rode north to the outskirts of Lorien. He was to meet the fair Nurlindae there, although he knew that the meeting would not be well thought-of. He rode steadily, stopping only to rest for a few hours, then pushing on.

Finally after a few days of hard riding, Malphion arrived at the appointed location. Drawing reign, he got off his steed and stepped into the tree cover underneath the growing starlight.

It was at that moment that he saw her. Pale and lovely, seeming almost to glow in the waning twilight. She turned to him as he came to her, her eyes brimming with tears. At a loss for words, he took her hands in his and merely gazed upon her, and she at him; and in that moment, one that seemed to last an eternity, everything, yet nothing was said.

She now began to cry softly, her eyes like sapphires in the dimness. He reached up and brushed her cheek with his fingers, and she clasped her hand over his and nuzzled into his palm. He then drew her to him, embracing her tightly against his chest. Leaning down, he tenderly lifted her chin and their lips met in a soft kiss.

They stayed engulfed in each other’s touch and embrace for a time, knowing that each would not return to the life once lived. And there, under the cover of the forest, Elf and Mortal wed, for Nurlindae chose the way of Luthien.


And so it came to pass that Malphion and Nurlindae fled the safety of the forest to find a place all their own and live out their days together. And since that union, neither Elf nor Man have laid eyes upon the joyus couple, though the passing of years have found both diminished and passed from this world. Yet legend and myth still speak of the Mortal and the Elf who went against all odds to love and be loved.


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