Nine Companions – Nine Companions

by May 5, 2002Stories

Nine companions to travel afar.
Nine companions to distroy
The Ring in the dark.
Amidst the fires of doom.
Nine companions to match the nine Nazgul.
The servants of Mordor;
The nine of the Dark Lord.

First in line, of the companions of nine,
Is Frodo Ring-Bearer.
He may not be fairest,
Or wisest, or greatest,
But the burden is his.
After his courage is tried,
All who once doubted
Find he survives.

After Frodo is Samwise.
Loyal, faithful, and true.
Servant to some,
But hero to others.
To friends he will come
Helpful, protectant, and true.
He believes his is lesser
Than one who stands richer.
But wealth has little to do
With the trueness inside him.

Next of the nine is Pippin of Tooks.
He’s rye and he’s funny.
He has a great sense of humor.
He was not one of the company
To venture to Mordor.
But out of courage or stupidity
He might have gone forward.
Straight to the Dark Lord
And a doom remained unsaid.

Last, but not least
Of the hobbits from the Shire
Is Merry Brandybuck.
Courageous and willing.
When it’s a ranking of loyalty
This hobbit’s more than filling
For a higher position.
He may not play the biggest role,
But this hobbit doesn’t stray far
From the best of them all.

Of all of the nine, one is a wizard.
Gandalf the White, wisest if wise.
One who returned out of death
To victor Saruman, a servant of evil.
First leader of the Company,
Bound to lead them far, safely, and well.
All who were there, grieved for his fall,
Off Kazad-dum.
But he returned out of darkness
To become the wisest of all, Gandalf the White.

Heir of Isildur, Aragorn son of Arathorn.
He is named Strider and the Dunedain.
Brilliant and brave.
He is not one to flee.
He’ll stay till the end
To defend all of his friends.
Ranger and Kind, in love with fair Arwen.
And also the bearer of the sword the was broken.

Legolas the Elf, prince and the Archer.
His aim is deadly to all of his foes.
He is one of the fairest of all,
With long golden hair.
He was welcome in Lothlorien,
When others were not.
But he befriended them all,
And defened his friends.

Gimli son of Gloin, a proud and daring dwarf.
In Moria he might have dwelt,
If it had not been for Balin’s Bane.
His mighty axe slew 42
In the battle upon Helm’s Deep.
He misjudged the Elves
But soon admitted his mistake.
His name is Gimli son of Gloin,
Kindly, proud, and daring.

Last in line, of the companions of nine,
Is the great Boromir of Gondor,
Protector of his city,
Defender of his friends.
He is a slayer of an evil,
That might never end.
To be forever manipulated by the ring.
His horn was loud and alerted the others
Before his fall off the falls of Rauros.

One ring to rule them all.
One ring to find them.
One ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them
The one ring these nine
Were chosen to distroy.


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