Night Blooming Jasmine – Ch.3

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Hey everyone! This is Legolas@Mirkwood. I know this took forever to get out but once I start writing more the chapters will probably be coming out a lot faster. Please commit everyone who likes this story. The more you guys commit the faster I get out my next story because it motivates me. Well, read on and enjoy.

They were running. This time running through marshlands, There she was! The woman from the last dream. Legolas tried reaching out his hand to her but he couldn’t seem to be able to touch her. He tried to yell out, to tell her to stop running so that he could talk to her, to ask her all the questions that were going through his mind, but he couldn’t. They kept running. He looked around him. There was a dwarf and a man next to him both running, and again, this woman. He couldn’t control what he wanted to do. He had tried to talk to her, He had tried to touch her, but all had failed. In his last dream he felt like he was doing everything of his own will, But now he was just flowing with this new dream, he couldn’t do anything he felt or wanted. He just couldn’t.

They stopped running when they saw a smoldering pile of orc’s bodies. They slowly approached the smoldering pile. In front there was a tall stick stuck forcefully in the ground with an orc’s head on it. The dwarf approached the pile. His eyes narrowed and then he reached forward and picked something up. Legolas narrowed his own eyes, the dwarf appeareared to be holding a portion of what looked like a small belt. The dwarf gave a sorrowful hopeless look.

” I’m sorry,” He said.

The man in the company approached the dwarf. He stared at the belt for a long time. Then suddenly dropped to his knees. Muffled sobs emitted from the man’s chest. Legolas knew without being told they were mourning someone’s death. He found his eyes glazing over with tears. He didn’t know why though, He didn’t know this person… yet he was laden with grief.

He turned to the young woman next to him to find that she was staring at him, she put her hand on his arm, and then a voice… her voice filled his head:

“All hope is lost, we’ve lost Merry and Pippin forever,” she paused and a tear rolled down her face. Suddenly a strange sensation ran through his body, like a rippling feeling. Then, somehow he knew that he had complete control over his body, once again. His first impulse was to ask her everything that was going on,

Who was she? Where were they? Who was this Merry and Pippin? But everything he had wanted to do moments before, everything he had wanted to ask her washed away from his mind when he looked once more at the young woman before him. More tears were rolling down her face now. He suddenly realized that she knew him somehow, someway.

He reached out to her and pulled her into his embrace. He knew that no matter what he said, whether he knew her or not would not comfort her. She seemed to have had a close relationship with these two people. He pulled away and looked her directly in the eyes. Once more gentleness and caring ness washed over him as he looked at her. He cared about her. He didn’t now how or why but he loved her. He felt a tear roll down his cheek. So many things were happening at once, but his thoughts were quieted when she reached out and brushed away his tear.

When she brushed his face her hand stayed to his forehead, Her index finger slightly elevated higher than her other fingers… Once again her voice filled his mind:

“To us all it seems that we have lost everything, Merry and Pippin, all our possessions, We’ve left our homes, practically our lives behind with the possibility of no return for this quest but- we have each other. And we have all of Middle-earth to think of, How good it was before all this happened, how pure. And I think of that with every step I take to help me stay true to my heart and my path.

But I take
Comfort in the fact that in being part of this quest that I’m protecting all those I love,
Including you.”

She stopped talking now and her hand slowly slipped off his face. He looked once more into her eyes, into the very depths of her eyes and saw her truly for who she was. He stared at her for a long while but when he went to open his mouth to talk to her she faded away into utter nothingness…

Thranduil Walked in to his office to see his son, Legolas, standing in front of the window looking out with his legs spread apart with his hands behind his back. Thranduil called his name once, then twice. His son was so deep in thought that he didn’t hear him.

Thranduil walked over to his son then put his face between Legolas’ face and the glass to look at his son’s eyes. They were looking strait ahead but were heavily glazed over and his breathing was slow and gentle. Tranduil sighed. His son was deep in meditation.
Should he wake him from his thoughts?

He seemed to have been off in his own world for the past week, obviously in thought the whole time, with some thought or action that had acured to disturb him and to see his son so deep in meditation told him that his mind had finally given up from trying to solve things by himself and that he had gone to something, someone higher than himself to help him.

But it was obvious that legolas had come here to seek his council, but in the wait to see him had walked over to the large window facing the woods outside the office to think over everything once again. Then in the process of deep thought had fallen into meditation. Either to seek help in other ways and other sources, or, He had just fallen into the trance being so lost in the void of his own thought. But once again, it was obvious that indeed, Legolas had come to seek council. Thranduil made his decision on what to do.

Thranduil reached out to his son and put his hand on his shoulder. He did not regain full awareness yet but the glaze on his eyes had seemed to lessen. Thranduil knew that if he ever wanted to talk to his son today he would have to do something that would actually wake him. This time he reached out and put both his hand on his son’s shoulders than began shaking him. Finally after a few moments the desired result came. His son fully waking from his trance blinked his eyes a few times but still seemed highly disoriented. A puzzled confused look came over his face.

“Son? Are you ok?” Thranduil asked, concerned.

Legolas blinked his eyes some more, seeming all the more confused. Thranduil realized that maybe he had been so deep in the mediation that it had actually sapped his strength.

Thranduil led legolas over to one of the couches in the room and sat him down. After a few minutes he seemed to regain some self-awareness. He sat up strait and looked at his
Father. He blinked a few more times then asked his father, ” What happened?”

” Well my son. I walk into my study to find you staring out the window in a position of deep thought, though it did look most uncomfortable. So I walked over to you to see that you had been so deep in thought you were lost in meditation. So I tried to wake you. My first attempt did nothing so; I had to wake you more…. Forcefully. When you awoke you seemed disoriented- unaware of your soundings. So I led you over to this couch so that you could regain some self-awareness. And now, here you are, talking to me as I hoped you would in a few moments time.

Legolas was silent the whole while deep in thought, yet again. Thranduil took notice of this.

“Son, is something wrong? For the past week you seem to have been lost, the way you wander around the palace, bumping into things, and missing your targets in archery! That has never happened before! I don’t know what it was that could do this to you but it’s evident that you came here to seek council, if I’m not mistaken?” There Thranduil paused to give his son a moment to think, but after a few moments of silence continued,

“I want you to tell me what’s wrong Legolas, Something has gone astray under my notice that is now so evident. Please tell me what’s wrong so that I can help you!” Thranduil half pleaded.

Legolas was silent for a moment longer. It was obvious that his father wanted to help him with his problem, in fact wasn’t it him who had walked so boldly into his father’s
Study to talk to him? He decided it was time to tell someone about his problem.

” A fortnight ago I had … a strange dream. It bothered me greatly, enough to bother me the way it did,” Legolas finished suggestively.

Thranduil wanted to laugh but resisted the urge. His son had been so suddenly transformed this week by one dream? It seemed impossible. His son had great control over his emotions and the fact that a dream had shattered that control seemed impossible. But the way that legolas was looking at him right now told him there was more to it then it seemed.

“Ok, you had… a dream. Would you like to explain to me what happened in this dream that could disturb you so greatly?”

Legolas knew that his father seemed almost to not believe him but it was that knowledge that kept from telling him about the second dream. If his father could barley seem to handle the fact that a dream had in fact bothered him then why should he tell him about the second dream? How sorry he would be for that in later years…

” I was running, chasing a maiden. It was evident that we knew each other because we were both laughing. Suddenly I saw her stop in front of me but because I had been running so fast I couldn’t stop. I crashed into her and we started to tumble down a steep hill. It was then clear why she had stopped. When we reached the bottom of the hill I was laughing but when I looked over to her I saw that she wasn’t breathing I felt like I had been delivered a blow across the face. I grabbed her shoulders and began to shake her all the while calling her name. After a few moments it seemed evident that she was dead… I felt I couldn’t do anything but look at her,”

He stopped talking and now started to pace the room, ” It wasn’t the events in the dream that bothered me so, though in some ways they did disturb me. It was the emotions I felt. You see I was the one who felt them. I controlled them, I did everything in that dream of my own will, Not A helpless onlooker trapped in my body while it seems that someone else is controlling what you do, Like in other dreams. I told myself to say the things I say, I told myself to do the things I did and I did them. It was me! And it felt so real….

But it wasn’t. I don’t understand,” Legolas stopped walking and held still. He looked at the floor and didn’t raise his head. Now that he had told his father what he had wanted to tell him he seemed more lost than he had before. Suddenly he got the urge to go running, He wanted to go hunting. He needed to go outside. He needed to think, he needed to be alone. Yet he knew he had to take at least some one.

” Father I feel I must… leave. I will leave you to ponder all that I have told you, I shall be back before nightfall. I’ll take someone with me,” And with that he swept out of the room leaving King Thranduil lost in his own thoughts concerning his son.

As the Leader approached Jasmine she was suddenly filled with fear. She was bound on her hands and feet. She admitted the inevitable, She was trapped. There was no way of escape. Then she heard a whizzing sound and saw the leader struck with an arrow. He fell face first onto the ground. Seconds later when his comrades realized what had happened they barley had enough time to get their weapons before they were also struck down.

She felt sick and wanted to scream. She looked at one of the comrades. The one had a defiant look on his face, like he knew why he was going to die but proud of his cause, not in the least ashamed or afraid. Then she looked at the other comrade and saw a look of fear on his face. Not the cowardly fear of a man trying to hold on to his life, But the kind of fear you see on a fourteen year-old boy’s face at the front line looking at his death at war. It was an innocent fear, a fear that made your thoughts race so fast that by the time your dead- you’re lost. Gone in a world of death and fear.

Jasmine took a closer look and almost cried out, He only looked fifteen years old! She closed her eyes and tried to scream but she was gagged. She felt dizzy and seemed not to be able to breath. She didn’t realize that she had fainted.


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