Night Blooming Jasmine – Ch.2

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They were running through a field of tall grass. Only their heads could be seen. Arathini was laughing and so was Legolas. They kept running. Arathini was wearing a deep green gown. Only her dark brown hair shown through the grass. Suddenly Arathini tried to stop but with her running so fast and Legolas chasing her she managed to stop but Legolas came crashing into her. A moment later they were tumbling down a long and steep hill. After a while they stopped tumbling and came to a rest at the bottom of the hill. Legolas was laughing and out of breathe. He looked over to Arathini and saw that her eyes were closed. He stopped laughing and the smile vanished from his face. He looked at her chest and saw that it was still. He was stopped cold, Frozen with fear. In a panic he took up her shoulders and began to shake them
“Opalin? Opalin! Wake up! Please come back!!!”
He continued to shake he violently. When it seemed that all hope was lost he gently laid her down and stared at her a moment. He thought his world had turned upside down. A silent tear slid down his cheek when Arathini’s eyes popped open and a wide grin spread across her face. She looked at him and her smile calmed to a gentle loving smile. Legolas didn’t know what to do. Here she was Alive and smiling right before him like nothing had happened. He Stood to his feet, picked her up by the waist then began twirling her around. They were both laughing. All the worries and fears that had weighed down on legolas’ heart a moment before disappeared. He set her down on her feet and looked her in the eye. She had stopped laughing and was smiling now. Legolas knew that she had pulled the whole act.

“Why did you do it?” Legolas asked in all seriousness.
“To see what would happen if you were to lose me.” She paused. The smile disaperead from her face and see looked him directly in the eye, “I saw something that I didn’t expect,” She paused again and something crawled into her eyes. An emotion that he couldn’t interpret. “You really care about me. If I were to have really been dead you would have grieved my lose as if all the eternities had bestowed you with such a loss that you thought you would never heal………. I’ve never felt so cared for in all my life.” Tears welled up in her eyes and a sudden vulnerable look came into them. She started to talk again with determinedness in her tone.

“If you feel this way for me, I can’t let me put my guard down for just anything. I can’t let you hurt me the way I’ve been hurt before by the men of my world.” She looked him strait in the eye, ” I can’t let you hurt me.”

Legolas felt his heart splitting for the young woman in front of her. She was so desperate and vulnerable. She had been so hurt before that she was afraid to let anything good happen to her. It broke his heart so because he cared for her so mush. He gathered her into his arms and felt her lean against him.

“I want you to know, my Precious Gem, that I would never hurt you in any way. I would die for you. I want you to always remember that.” He felt her relax even more in his arms. He picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the tree nearest him, Sat down then laid her down next to him. He put his arm around her one shoulder drawing her close to him. When she laid her head down on his shoulder he took a tiny book from the inside of his Forest green tunic. He started reading out loud the while running his hands through her hair…………..

Legolas awoke from the dream with a start. He was breathing in short gasps. He had so many emotions washing over him. He was lost and confused who was this woman? He had never seen her before but all those emotions he had just felt and experienced seemed so real. HE shook his head and took a few deep breaths to clear his head. He lay back down with every intention to ponder on this strange dream but fell asleep yet again.


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