Nenriel Daughter of Elrond – Chapter two-the book of valaquenta

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If you don’t get this now, you will nearer to the end.

Mandos paced in his hall. Had he been wrong? It was his choice to give the Gift Of The Valar. well, partly. He decided to go to Nienna for advice. Yavanna was there too, talking with Nienna.
“She will go?” Nienna asked.
Mandos sighed. ” That’s why I came! We need her, but…….so do others personally. “We can’t stop the moving of Valinor. We have the power, but not technically. We have the choice. To give someone the Gift Of Valar, to save ourselves.”
Yavanna shook her head. ” It does not seem clear to me, Illuvatar, that one beloved should be gone for our sake. I understand what will happen….but why Nenriel?”
Nienna spoke. ” For she is our only hope.”
Mandos turned and walked away, hoping that somehow, Illuvatar could save the daughter of Elrond.

Nenriel stretched. She had gone to bed early last night, and most of the Elves were away on a hunting expedition. Including Legolas and Thranduil. She decided to go read a book. Being rather interested in history, she spotted and chose “Valaquenta.” It was about the Valar. Halfway through, she saw something about The Gift of Valar. The passage read:
‘Sometime, valinor will begin a move towards Middle-earth. By the hand of Men, it shall be taken, and as Númenor, either Valinor or Middle-Earth shall fall. The Valar cannot stop this, save by one way. The may give The Gift Of Valar. It gives the lengendary powers needed to remove Valinor once more, and remove much harm from this world. In return for the Gift, the bearer of the Gift will die, and forever live in eternal bliss in Valinor. However, separate from any other Elves or beings that would sail to Valinor, alone, but in bliss, and in contact with the Valar, in return.’
Nenriel couldn’t read anymore. For a thousand years, she had lived with wood-elves. Believing she was one. Before she slammed the book shut, she drew out a paper saying.
“Nenriel, do not despair, Daughter Of Elrond.”
The note was signed ‘Thranduil.’
She saw a PS, and it said she had been abandoned for they did not wish for her to bond with her sister or brothers, so she would not despair of her lonely death. She shut the book, and ran. She left the fortress of Thranduil, and ran. Finally she paused on hilltop.
“Fair princess, I have lost my way. Would you aid me?” a voice asked. It was legolas. He had become separated from the hunting party. She stood up, face to face with him and took his hands, and told him all she had found out. His face grew grave. “Nenriel….I love you.” he said. “I love you too.” she said, and hugged him and ran down the hill, and away from Mirkwood. For a while she ran, and straining her farseeing eyes as she looked back, saw Legolas, still standing, with a tear in his eye. She ran on, though her face became wet. She finally collapsed on the edge of Fangorn, and dropped to sleep. It was time for the Valar to test her.


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