Nenriel Daughter of Elrond – Chapter three- Choice of the Valar

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In the ring of doom, the Valar sat. Once again. In silence. Yavanna communicated a thought. “Is she ready?” she questiones.
Nienna spoke aloud. “Why must it be her? Why some valiant Man we do not care about. Strong, yet not whom we love best. We have already lost Luthien the Fair. And Barahir, Beren and my heart tells me Arwen Nenriel’s sister, daughter of Celebrian will go too. Idril and Tuor have left as well. “
Manwe shook his head sadly. For few Elves could use this power without dying, just using a little bit of it. And The bearer of The Gift must use it many times before death. Nenriel has this power, as do her sister and brothers. But still, she needs to pass the test to see if she is potent. Arwen….she has enough to worry about, and it would break Aragorn’s heart. He would never come to kingship. her brothers are needed against Mordor, for that is a threat to Middle-earth. For if Men lose, either they will escape and come to Valinor ere it’s coming upon earth, or Sauron will have dominion over all that lives.”
Ulmo took a breath. ” Then we must test her.”

Legolas still stood on the hilltop. He ate no food, nor had he heeded the call of his father’s messengers. He would speak to none save the sky, and his words were addressed as if to Nenriel. A tear stayed on his cheek and he realized he still had all his weaponry and food on his back. He tightened it, and determined to find Nenriel once more and aid her, he ran, following the trail she had taken.
Meanwhile, Nenriel had a strange dream. She saw the valar calling out to her, crying “save us……save us princess……….” and they faded and she saw now, Valinor, near the borders of Middle-Earth, yet covered by black clouds and drenched in storm. Then the voices again. Then she awoke.
“Nenriel……” it was Legolas. her drem had been long and she slept for a whole day from her weariness.
“I have received a message from the valar. Galadriel received it, and sent it to me.” he said.
Then a white light shone upon where she stood, and she seemed different, she wore a crown, and her gown was silver and white. Then she dissappeared.
“Nenriel!!!” Legolas cried.
Nenriel was taken to Valinor. But there lay her final test.


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