nenriel daughter of Elrond – Chapter five-last chance

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Back in Valinor, Nenriel was laid upon a bed. All the valar stood around her, with their hands open, as if they were carrying a crystal ball. Nienna had already instructed her in a prayer to say. As she muttered it under her breath, a light began to flow from her into each of the Valar. A black stream for Nienna, green for yavanna, blue for Ulmo, pink for vana and so forth, according to their power. Then, although nothing moved, they could feel the ground shaking below them, as if they were moving. They all fell to the floor, including nenriel, and collapsed, and could nnot get up until the shaking was over. Then it seemed as if nenriel was dissolving into a mist of lights, and then the valar walked to her room, and she lay on her bed, and appeared to be asleep. Yavanna turned to mandos. “Go now to your halls.” she whispered. “the new dead…”she glanced at nenriel, “await your judgement.” Mandos bowed and departed, and all the Valar left for their mansions, save Yavanna and Nienna, for Yavanna dwelt there, and Nienna wished to talk to her. “Will she be any different?” Nienna asked. “Perhaps…..nothing like this has been done before. Since Númenor.” Yavanna responded.
A little later, all the Valar met at the halls of Mandos. A misty form, like a sad princess, who is beautiful beyond all doubt, yet in her grief fades. “She’ll be back here soon.” mandos said, and the ghost departed.

Thranduil spotted Legolas running towards his table. “father, nenriel left me this gown, and it says please give to Arwen. But how?” Thranduil looked puzzeled. “How? before she went to valinor?” legolas shook his head. “No, she came and said goodbye just now. She could only say one.” Thranduil just sat for a moment. Why haden’t she said goodbye to HIM, her caretaker and protector since she was a baby? her words from long years past entered his head. “maybe because I couldn’t say goodbye.”


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