Narwa’s Fiery Curse – Chapter 3

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The both of them had a wonderful time exploring, dancing and riding in the woods until the sun went down and Narwa had something to do.

Narwa ran to her chambers scaring several elves passing by. She washed herself as quickly as she could. She chose a light green dress with embroidery. She braided her long soft hair and tugged little yellow flowers in the long braid.

Narwa took a deep breath and stepped out of her room. Narwa walked quickly; she had missed dinner but she had to tell her parents that she was tired and needed to rest.

Narwa made way for the Hall of Fire where everyone sings and has a good time after dinner on weekends.

She could hear the singing from around the corner and she smiled to herself, she loved The Hall of Fire.

She entered the grand room, she walked through the joyful crowd looking for Henduil and Cassiel. There they were clapping at Elladan and Elrohir who were dancing with two little elflings.

“Excuse me, mother father, I had a rather exhausting day and I wish to retire so I can sleep.” she said while clapping too.

“Are you feeling ill precious? You love the parties here.” Cassiel said.

“I am all right mother I am just tired, Arwen and I were in the forest all day” Narwa said rolling her eyes.

“Well then, go to sleep, I need to see you smiling tomorrow” Henduil said and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you, goodnight”

She started trembling again, she wasn’t sure she could reach the bridge alive. Was Glorfindel feeling like her right now? She hoped he was.

Narwa made her way through the crowd again and ran to the forest. Glorfindel paced back and forth the bridge, he could hear his heart beating fast.

He had picked up beautiful flowers from the gardens for Narwa.
Glorfindel heard steps coming by and his heart jumped really hard.

There she was clad in green like her eyes.

His mouth opened slightly. She seemed to shine with the light of all the stars in heaven.

Narwa smiled at Glorfindel, and blushed under his gaze. Narwa walked to him and they stood now a feet away from each other just looking into each others eyes.

They didn’t need words to express their feelings; it was as if their hearts were speaking to each other.

“This are for you melamin [beloved]” Glorfindel said and held out the flowers blushing slightly.

Narwa took them smiling and smelled them, they were really pretty.

“Thank you, they are beautiful” she said smiling.

“Come with me, let us go to a place I want to show you” Glorfindel said excited and he took her hand. Glorfindel started ran and Narwa followed with his hand in hers.

They both laughed. Glorfindel stopped at a place Narwa had never seen before for they were far away from the village now.

There was a curtain of leaves . Glorfindel and Narwa entered through that beautiful curtain.

Narwa gasped, it was the most beautiful place imaginable, there was a gigantic tree, it’s branches were covering a lake and flowers surrounded it.

“This is the most beautiful place I’ve seen” She said staring at the clear water gently illuminated by the light of the moon coming from some openings in the curtain.

Glorfindel felt so good when she said that, he liked to make her happy. He felt different around her, he felt comfortable and all he wanted was to be with her.

“I’m glad you liked it” he said as he caressed her cheek. She looked into his radiant blue eyes full of longing. She took his hands in both of hers and smiled to him.

Slowly he approached her and their lips met.

She placed her arms around his neck as he placed his around her waist. This kiss was so different than the one before.

After some instants Narwa pulled back slowly and they both opened their eyes.

Glorfindel’s breath was uneven and he suddenly embraced Narwa.

“Glorfindel, how many girls have you brought here?” she asked giggling as she saw his happy face.

“As a matter of fact, you are the first” he said smiling. Narwa smiled back laughing.

Glorfindel pulled away and started climbing the big tree.

“Come with me”

Narwa followed until they were at the top of the tree. They sat down of a strong branch. They could see the forest below them and the pale moon rising above them.

Narwa gazed up at the veil of stars surrounding them. She felt Glorfindel’s arm around her. She placed her head on his chest hearing his heart beating fast.

“Tell me, what do you see in the stars?” she asked whispering.

“I see you” he said lovingly.

Narwa giggled. “This is as far the best night of my life.” She felt so good in a man’s arms, so secure, feeling his warmth protecting her.

“Ah my love, in all the thousands of years I have lived I had never felt so much joy in my heart” He said smiling.

Glorfindel took her face in his hands and kissed her.

“Do you love me?” he asked.

” I do.” He said as he embraced her again. Narwa closed her eyes listening to his breathing.

“Lady… marry me, promise you’ll stay with me, you know you are all that I live for” he said, his voice trembling.

Narwa pulled away gently.

“You don’t have to ask me, I want to be with you forever” she said looking into his eyes.

Glorfindel kissed her suddenly and hugged her. Narwa laughed softly.

“I love you more than anything Narwa, we will marry as soon as possible” Glorfindel said but he remebered Narwa’s parents. “Wait, what about your parents?”

“They will not know, I am tired of them, they should be glad that I find love, and yet it is MY life, I am no longer a child, I will tell them after we marry, they will have to accept it, whether they like it or not.”

“Perfect my dear, then if you like it, tomorrow at sunset you shall be my wife” Glorfindel said smiling broadly.

“Tomorrow at sunset will be fine Glorfindel” Narwa smiled back.

“By the way Narwa, all my friends call me Glor, I think my bride should do that as well” Glorfindel said gladly.

“As you wish Glor” she said. She pondered for a moment this new word `bride’. Glorfindel’s wife! The great Balrog slayer he was! Narwa smiled to herself.

“Glor, I should leave now it is late”

“Alright, lets go down my love, we must sleep for tomorrow will be a busy day”

Glorfindel started climbind down but Narwa stopped him.

“I have a dress, I request that you let me climb down first” she said confidently.

“As you wish my lady” Glorfindel said chuckling softly.

They climbed down and walked together back to the city hand in hand.

“I will get to my room from the window, so we don’t risk been seen” Narwa said.

So they made their way until they came to Narwa’s opened window. Glorfindel carried Narwa and placed her inside her room.

“May I stay with you? It is just a really long way to my chambers without you”Glor said.

“Ha ha ha, yes you may, though you will have to sleep on the floor” Narwa said laughing.

Glorfindel smiled and swiftly jumped into the room.

“I will go change, make yourself at home” Narwa said.

She went to her dressing room and her put on a white night dress. She brushed her hair and returned.

Glorfindel was looking out the wondow, he had taken off his boots and robe. He was wearing a white shirt and his pants.

He turned to Narwa and smiled, Narwa blushed. Glorfindel brushed his fingers through her hair and then they kissed.

“Lle naa vanima” `You are beautiful’ Glorfindel whispered to her ear.

“Diola lle” `Thank you’ Narwa said. “Quel du, quel kaima” `Goodnight, sleep well’

“Quel esta a’maelamin” `Rest well my beloved’ He said and they both embraced.

Narwa got into her warm bed as Glorfindel got to the floor. `This is the second night he will sleep on the floor’ Narwa thought to herself sadly.

“You know Glor, come here, I can’t bare to see you on the floor again” Narwa whispered shyly.

“Oh thank you!”

Glorfindel stood up so quickly that Narwa gasped. He went to the other side of the bed and cuddled up next to Narwa and he placed his arm over her waist lovingly.


They both fell asleep and dreamed of very diferent things. Narwa was in a dark room. She suddenly heard a deep voice calling her name. There was someone behind her though she couldn’t see who was it.

She seemed to know that voice, it was like a lost memory.

“You will come back to me girl” A man’s voice said.

“Who are you?” Narwa asked frightened.

“Oh dear, so you don’t remember me? Well, you will soon, too long have I looked for you since you died and it turns out that you are in Imladris and I must say you must be really erm… warm in that boy’s arms” he said angrily.

“Show yourself!” she cried out, this voice was driving her mad.

And then a man appeared infront of her. His hair was dark and it fell to his shoulders and his eyes were gray.

She knew him yet she was sure that she hadn’t met him. He approached her and ran his fingers down her arm. She moved away from his touch. Whomever he was she was certain that he was evil.

“You will soon come back to me, I need you to do something for me, among other things” he said sharply “and by the way, you will never see that boy again for I will kill him, you are mine and know others”.

“You will not touch him” she said angrily.

“I shall, in the very precise moment when you are already here” He said simply.

“I will never leave his side you devil!”

“Oh no? Well, let us see if you change you mind with this” The man took out a dagger and he hurt her arm. She screamed in pain, he arm was bleeding. She screamed again and she opened her eyes.

Glorfindel was looking at her really worried.

“Narwa are you alright?”

Narwa held out her bleeding arm. Glorfindel gasped.

“Where did you get that wound from?”

“A man, he.. will ..try to …take… me away” She said sobbing and shaking.


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