Narwa’s Fiery Curse – Chapter 2

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“Glorfindel, I love you too but my parents…,” she looked down sorrowfully. “they would never approve this”

“I don`t understand”

“They want me to marry someone in Valinor, when we sail; but I don`t even want to sail. I`m sorry Glorfindel, I can`t do something without my parent`s consent”

Tears came to her eyes and she couldn’t take it anymore she turned and ran away. She couldn’t do anything because of her overprotecting parents; and she had long been tired of it.

“Narwa wait!”

Glorfindel followed her through the halls and corridors. Narwa quickly entered her chambers and closed the door on Glorfindel’s face.

Narwa collapsed on her bed. She cried tears of despair. She had finally found love but she couldn’t take it. Glorfindel seemed so perfect to her; she knew he was the one for her.

And so the night passed and the sun rised in the Valley of Rivendell. Narwa awoke with the singing of the birds. She arose and went to her mirror.

Narwa brushed her hair and tugged two yellow flowers on each side. She changed her night clothes to a yellow dress with long sleeves.

When Narwa opened the door she gasped when she saw Glorfindel asleep. He was curled up on the floor just outside her door.

Glorfindel awoke with the sound of the door opening. His eyes shone when he saw Narwa.

“Good morning” he said smiling weakly.

“Did you stay here all night?” she said whispering so no one would hear.

“Yes, I wanted to tell you something”

“Glorfindel, I cannot talk with you right now, my parents expect me at breakfast and you know they can’t see me with you”

“Then we will talk tonight after dinner, I’ll be waiting near the bridge” he said.

“I will meet you there” she said looking into his eyes. Her heart started beating faster and faster.

“Narwa, promise me you will go” Glorfindel said taking her hand and pulled her closer. Slowly he placed his arms around her waist and embraced her lovingly.

Narwa closed her eyes and allowed herself to be embraced. At that moment she didn’t care about anything anymore.

Narwa rested her head on his chest and heard his heart beating faster. In this moment Narwa knew what she felt for Glorfindel was real.

Suddenly they heard a door crack. It came from her parents’ room. Narwa quickly pushed Glorfindel.

“Go now, my parents are coming” she whispered urgently. With that Glorfindel quickly ran out of the hall startled.

The door opened and Narwa smoothed her dress. Henduil and Cassiel walked towars their daughter, both smiling.

“Good morning my dear” Cassiel said hugging her daughter.

“Good morning Narwa, did you sleep well?” said Henduil.

“Yes, absolutely” Narwa said still very nervous, looking at the end of the corridor to make sure Glorfindel was gone.

“Is there something wrong you look very agitated” Cassiel asked looking extremely worried.

“Oh no everything is wonderful” Narwa replied with a fake smile.

“If there is something bothering you Narwa you must tell us and we will solve it no matter what” Henduil said with the same worried expresion.

“No, everything is perfect, really” Narwa said trying to sound convincing.

Henduil didn’t believe her. He knew his daughter more than anything. He would be watching her closely to see what was bothering her.

“Very well then,” he said still looking at Narwa worried “let’s go to eat breakfast.”

They walked to the dining room without a word. Cassiel kept looking once and again at her Narwa who stared at her feet as she walked.

They entered the massive dining room, and it was already crowded as usual. There was one long table with food and drinks.

The smell of the breakfast in Rivendell was so delicious it could make an orc want to eat.

Lord Elrond stood up when he saw Henduil and his family arrive.

“Good morning Henduil, I saved a place for you and your wife and daughter near me so we can talk. It has been long and we must discuss about some things that touble me”

“Very well Elrond” Henduil said smiling. He seemed to like talking to Elrond very much.

Elrond had always been very kind with him and his family.

Elrond smiled at Cassiel and Narwa and kissed their hands. Narwa and her mother curtsied and followed Henduil and Elrond.

Narwa looked at the people near her. There was one empty seat in front of her.

Narwa took some porridge and fruit she was very hungry. Her mother was talking to a lady on the other side and her father seemed very occupied talking to Lord Elrond.

Narwa thought of Glorfindel; she wanted to be with him more than anything.

She thought of her parents; if they wanted her to be happy they should let her be with whomever she wished.

Narwa was about to take the jug of water when she heard the once empty chair move. She gasped when she saw Glorfindel sitting in front of her smiling.

Lady Cassiel immediately turned to her daughter.

“What happened my dear?”

“No, nothing important, the jug of water almost fell, do not worry mother” Narwa answered; her voice trembling.

Cassiel nodded and turned to the lady to whom she was talking to. Narwa sighed and turned to Glorfindel.

The couple smiled at each other; love in their eyes as plain as the day.

Narwa reached out for the jug of water but Glorfindel reached for it first.

“Let me help you my lady” he said.

“Thank you very much” she said as he spilled water into her glass.

“It is a pleasure”

Narwa smiled and drank. Then she turned to look for Arwen. Narwa had always been a very close friend to The Evenstar.

Arwen was sitting in the middle of the long table. She sensed Narwa’s glance and turned. Narwa smiled and mouthed the words: I need to talk to you.

Arwen nodded and stood up. She walked towards Narwa and her family.

“Narwa, may I have a word with you?” she asked.

“Yes, may I be excused?” she asked her parents and Lord Elrond.

“Yes you may dear” answered Henduil and turned once again to Elrond.

Narwa and Arwen left the grand hall; Narwa turned once to se Glorfindel before leaving.

“What is it?” asked Arwen once they were out of sight.

“I need you advice, something happened yesterday; I went to bathe and I met Glorfindel and I fell in love with him and he with me” said Narwa blushing.

“That is wonderful, Glorfindel is handsome and courteous” said Arwen with a huge smile on her face.

“I know, but you know my parents, what shall I do Arwen?”

“Do you really love him?”


“Then do what your heart tells you to, be with him no matter what your parents say” Narwa stared at the floor; Arwen hugged her.

“Do not waste it” she whispered.

“Thank you Arwen”

“Come, we will ride”

Narwa and Arwen went to the stables to prepare their horse. They loved to ride together in the forests of Imladris.

Arwen took Asfaloth the most beautiful horse in Rivendell. Narwa took her own horse NightShadow; it was beautiful black colt.

The both of them had a wonderful time exploring, dancing and riding in the woods until the sun went down and Narwa had something to do.


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