Narwa’s Fiery Curse – Chapter 1-Love

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Narwa was walking through the beautiful trees in Imladris, her home. Her steps were barely making a sound. Narwa had always loved Rivendell. It had been her home for so many years and she could never imagine leaving it.

There had been many times when she had gone off alone exploring the woods. She was a free spirit and hated how her father enjoyed when she stayed home. Rivendell was a beautiful city, but there were times when she rather enjoyed solitude more than company.

Narwa made her way to the crystal lake within the middle of the forest. She normally went
here to bathe and relax. It was the perfect place to be alone.
She could see the full moon through a breaking in the Canopy of the trees. Its light making Narwa feel secure in the lonely woods.

She finally came to the beautiful little lake surrounded by colorful blossoming trees.She slowly took her robe off and with a gracious leap entered the water.

Narwa swam around and washed her dark red hair. Her hair had always been a mystery none of her relatives had the same hair color, only her. She did not know where she had received it. Her mother and father were both golden haired,
but Narwa’s hair was dark as night followed by long red streaks. Narwa swam gracefully her fragile form cutting through the dark water.

Suddenly she stopped and looked around; she had the instinctive feeling that she was being watched. Her elven senses were aware and she knew she was not alone.

Narwa turned around and gasped. Standing on the bank was Glorfindel, Lord Elrond’s best friend. Narwa blushed when she realized that the handsome elf was gaping at her. She wondered if he normally did this, though she did hear stories
of how arrogant Glorfindel was.

“Oh, hello” Glorfindel said realizing she had caught him.

Glorfindel swiftly turned around; his handsome face red with humiliation though she knew he was smiling. He walked away quickly.

Narwa quickly made her way to the shore and stepped out. Sherapidly put on her robe, her dark red hair soaking far down to her waist.

“Wait” she said running after him.

Glorfindel stopped and turned around looking surprised; he was still as redas before.

“How long did you watch me?” She asked him startled.

“Not long, but pardon my intrusion I was surprised to see such beauty” He said staring at his feet.

Narwa blushed and smiled. Glorfindel looked up and his bright blue eyes met her grayish green ones.

“Do not worry” She said silently, her heart beating faster.

“What is your name fair lady?”

“My name is Narwa, and you are Lord Glorfindel are you not?”

“Call me Glorfindel,” He said smiling and offered his
arm “would you walk with me?”

“Oh yes I would but I have to change” Narwa said and looked down at her soaked robe.

Glorfindel blushed and smiled embarrassed, he had forgotten she was all soaked up.

“Oh, I will wait here, but please walk with me” He said anxiously.

“All right, I will be back” Narwa said and smiled at him

She walked away to her chambers trying to walk more graciously than normal.

Glorfindel did not take his eyes off her until she was out of sight. He had never experienced this feeling before. Could it be love?

Glorfindel remembered Elrond’s words when they had spoken.

“Love is the greatest of all things, my boy. It pierces the heart and does not release. I have looked into your future. Love will come upon you swiftly without warning, and you will be ensnared in its embrace. But you will have to make a decision when love passes you by. Will you let it drift away and fade? Or shall you take the chance and keep it?”


Narwa carefully stepped into her chambers. She did not want her parents two doors away to notice she was awake at this time of the night. They were always overprotecting her.

She thought all the while of Glorfindel and the way he looked at her. Narwa had always watched him from afar when he was in the woods or with Lord Elrond. He had seemed like an untouchable star. He was very handsome, with silvery golden hair, bright blue eyes and a muscular build. But she knew there was more to him than that. There had to be, and she wanted to find out.

Narwa took off her robe and walked to her dressing area. She openned the closet and looked for a beautiful gown. She wanted so much to look pretty. But she guessed that she already did if Glrofindel had taken notice of her. Was ‘attractiveness’ the reason or something more? Narwa chose an exquisite white dress without sleeves and a shining gauzy material.

She put on new undergarments and then the dress. It had been her mother’s Her mother Lady Cassiel was from Lothlorien, she had Lady Galadriel’s favour and was Lady Celebrian’s best friend until Celebrian sailed over the Sea.

Henduil, Narwa’s father, was the chief counsel of Lord Elrond. They visited Lorien to attend some business with the Lord and the Lady. There Henduil met Cassiel. Her parents married in Lorien and lived there until Narwa was born. Then the family
went together to Rivendel. Narwa had lived there ever since and had no desire to depart.

Narwa braided her long hair and placed a beautiful silver circlet around her forehead tugging white little flowers in her braid. She looked at herself in the mirror. Was this just a dream? Narwa could not tell. The only thing she was certain of was that she felt something for Glorfindel. If it was a dream, she did not wish to wake.

She took a deep breath and left her room as silently as she could. Narwa smoothed her dress before she stepped out to the forest. She walked through again, the wind rustling her flowing dress.

The she saw him, he was standing on the same spot. Glorfindel quickly sensed her presence and turned to face her. His mouth opened as he saw her beauty. His face turned red and he smiled. Glorfindel offered her his arm.

Narwa took Glorfindel;s arm and smiled back at him. His eyes shone as she smiled.

“You look beautiful” He said amazed, not taking his eyes off hers.

Narwa blushed and looked down.

“Thank you” she whispered.

Glorfindel placed his hand on her cheek and lifted her face to his.

“Narwa” Glorfindel started but he trailed off.

He moved closer to her and brushed his lips with hers. Narwa closed her eyes.

“I love you” he said gaining courage with the kiss. “I know this might sound ludicrous since we have just met but I know this feeling is real. Elrond warned me of this day and it has come. I love you.”

Narwa’s heart was beating so fast she was sure he could hear her. She was surprised and at the same time she was happier than ever. She could not find the words to say. When she opened her eyes and looked into his she saw love and trusted him.

But deep inside her she knew her parents would not approve this. They wanted her to marry someone in Valinor when they sailed. Her heart started aching when she remembered this would not be approved.

“Glorfindel, I love you too but my parents…,” she looked down sorrowfully. “they would never approve this”


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