Narsilion *Ch. 4* – Chapter 4- Tur

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Ulma smiled softly setting some wood in a pile in the clearing. “I know we do not really need a fire, to be sure, but it will comfort me just the same.”

Eradan ran a hand through his hair, unconcerned. “Make it small. I intend this to be our only night of rest, and I do not wish to deal with any enemies tonight. This is a night of reflection and memories.” His mind rested on what Ulma had said earlier. Sadness touched his heart and hoped to memorize all of Mirkwood this night. He hoped that his name’s meaning, Lonely Man, would not fulfill itself.

Facing the West, Ulma pulled out a small circlet and placed it on her head. The silver work hung about her brow, raising to a circle consisting of a onyx crescent moon encircling a quartz sun. She opened her mouth and sang the song she sang at sunrise and sunset. Her lips poured out Narsilion, the song of the Sun and the Moon. It was a song her people never knew, for they never passed the Two Trees.

When she finished, Ulma sang the word ‘Nar’ and the wood kindled to life. Taking off her circlet, she smiled softly. “I know you wished that I not sing…but it is something I feel I must do. I have sung my tribute to the sun and moon since I could form the words, and nothing can stop me from my exaltation. The song kept from my people now lives in me.”

Eradan raised a hand to quiet her. “There is no need for you to keep explaining yourself, Ulma. I do not question what you do. To explain yourself constantly is to make me seem less understanding of your person, and insults my character.” He smiled to quell the indignation he was sure would follow. “But forget this. Your circlet I do not remember. Is this what you mean when you speak of your song being controlled?”

Ulma nodded, her eyes clouding over. “Aye. After the…incident, I traveled, wandered Middle Earth. I eventually found myself at the Grey Havens.” She smiled softly. “Apparently, my feet knew what I could not acknowledge. I yearned for my own people.” She stroked her circlet, as if it could give her comfort. “I wanted to go back across the Sea. I felt that what I had done was the reason my people never journeyed across to Middle Earth. I sang , swearing to forsake Sindarin and its people.” She chuckled. “As you can see, I ended up doing neither. After I finished my song, I looked to my feet. There, shimmering in the water, was this circlet.” She placed it in Eradan’s hands. “The sun and the moon were not within their confines then. I found that removal of one causes either great production, or great destruction. Only with both are things kept in balance. It controls and concentrates my song.” Her smile broadened. “I knew..utuvienyes! It was the gift from my people, to help me gain my standing in this world again.”

Eradan studied the circlet, pensive. It indeed could control her powers, but there is still the chance she will lose control and cause more than just the death of ones I loved. He handed it back to Ulma and nodded. “I hope what you believe is to be true to be so. You have a great power, Ulma, but to rely on an artificial, fragile object, may be your downfall.” In his heart he began to question allowing her to travel with him. She may end up being more of a liability than he originally believed. He knew her heart was pure and good, but even the best intentions may fall ill. “Get some rest, Raindrop. Tomorrow we must reach Lothlorien.”

Ulma nodded. “Yes…and Eradan, thank you for letting me accompany you. I would be lost without you.” She smiled, trustingly, and laid back, taking in the stars.


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