Namne’s story – there on there way by the way chptr 3

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Every one laughed except Legolas who looked furious. Namne coulnt help it she felt sorry for him . Im sure he’ll get over it . She thought. As she and the fellowship left the wonderful gates of Rivendell, Namne tripped on a root and fell. As she thought she was going to hit the ground someone caught her by the arm she looked up and saw it was Legolas.

They had been walking for eight hours non stop when Aragorn finally spoke.

” I think we should stop for the night Aragorn said wearily.
So they stopped to make camp in a clearing full of fire flies. Namne unrolled her sleeping bag and went behind some bushes and got into her silky white night gown that gleamed in the moon light . The gown reminded her of home back in Lorien . As Namne walked back she heard Aragorn say some one needs to get some fire wood .

“I’ll get some fire wood,” she offered

But as Legolas noticed she was there Namne looked at him in wonder .

“Why are you staring at me like that?”she questioned him.

“I didnt know you where there,”he lied.

Namne walked and picked up a dagger from her bag .

“What are are you going to do with that?” Pippin asked.

“Im going to use it if I meet anything threating,”she replied cooly.

She went into the forest and picked up some small logs when she heard a twig snap. She looked around but nothing was there .


“Hey Legolas who does this sound like and why are you looking at me like that? Merry mimicked.

“Hold your tongue!” Legolas replied.

He stood up .

“What’s wrong Legolas?” asked Gandalf.

“I heard a scream.”


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