Namne’s story – chapter one to rivendell

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Namne walked through the royal garden,
“Tis such a wonderful day tis to bad there might not be another one like if the shadow growing in thee east”she said to her self as she picked up a rose and placed it in her beautiful shining blonde hair.Namne went to the archery room picked up her nicely polished bow and her arrows and shot about ten bullseyes.Then the royal maid came out.
“Milady your father needs a word with you”.
“yes, tell father i’ll be right there”.
“yes ma am”.
Namne put her bow and arrows away and and went to her father’s room
“yes father”
“I need you to go to Rivendell for elronds council,Since your my only child and im ill,You must go”.
“alright i’ll leave today”.
Namne told some maids to pack her cloths and another to get her horse ready.Namne picked up her bow and arrows and went to the stables where her stuff was already she got on her horse and went full speed towards rivendell it took three days till she finally got there.
“welcome Namne my servents will take your horse to the stables and i’ll get you a nice room to stay in”.


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