Namne story – chapter 3

by Jul 24, 2003Stories

“It came from over there” .

Legolas pointed in the direction Namne went (north). Legolas ran full speed in to the forest in the direction the screaming was coming from . He found namne on the ground .he picked a spot next to neck with his fingers to see if she was alive as soon as he did that he felt her pulse.Then from behind him he heard a growl he looked back to find that it was a large wolf. Legolas took out his bow just in time and shot the wolf three times in the heart .Then he gently picked up Namne and walked back to camp.

Namne woke up 3 hours later. Aragorn and every one was asleep except Legolas .

“Why are you up?” she said calmly.

“Oh I was keeping a look out because of what happen to you,” he answered back.

“What did happen to me?”she said as she went to sit next to him.

” I guess a wolf attacked you and you fell over and knocked your head on something cause you where unconscious and then I carried you back after I shot the wolf.”

“Oh well thank you.”

She placed a kiss on his cheek but as she looked at him she noticed he was blushing


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