Mystery Girl – The mirror

by Aug 13, 2004Stories

I’m following more from the movie not the book.
Haldir and Rúmil walked and as they walked they talked.
“So are there any other ‘visitors’ like that coming?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you look into the mirror and then you can write it down.” Haldir said sarcastically.
“I will come up with some way to write it down. But I’m still working on an alphabet.” Rúmil said then walked off.
As Haldir walked he noticed some others coming. He crept over until he heard a little dwarf speaking of an Elf Witch.
So these must be some other visitors. Haldir thought
So he walked out. He just had to get back at the dwarf.
“Dwarf breathes so loudly we could have shot him in the dark.”
Then Aragorn son of Arathorn spoke up. He talked about how they needed there protection. Then that nosy dwarf again trying to get them to leave.
“You cannot leave.” He said. They walked over to wear Galadriel was and she told them about how they could stay there and everything.
Great that nosy dwarf will be staying here until they leave. He thought.
After, they went to different places. Haldir thought he would go talk to the other elf.
“Magovonnon, Mellon.*” Haldir said.
“My name is Legolas you must be Haldir.” Legolas replied.
“Yes I am. So what brings you 8 here?”
“There were nine but I cannot yet speak of him.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Haldir walked away. He wasn’t good with sympathies.
He saw Orophin with Siven. He was really confused.
“Orophin, I need to talk with you later.” He said and waited for a reply.
But instead they just walked away.
Haldir rolled his eyes. As he walked he noticed that everyone was lying down to sleep. But one hobbit did not. Instead he followed Lady Galadriel to her mirror.
I haven’t even got to look in that and that hobbit has. Oh this isn’t fair!
As he looked he noticed Lady Galadriel’s face. First it was anger, then sadness, then anger again. Then the hobbit fell to the ground.
Haldir couldn’t take much more of this. After they left Haldir had to see that mirror.
He walked around it. And didn’t see anything. He stuck his nose in it and still didn’t see anything.
So he left. And went to sleep.


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