My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – chapter 8

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The next day we lumbered along, well I was. I didn’t get that much sleep thanks to Pippins knees in my back, Sam and Merry’s snoring, and Frodo, well nothing against Frodo. He didn’t do anything.

It was about 5:30 in the morning when we packed and left and I was grouchy. The hobbits, Merry and Pippin, took that to their advantage, much to my anoyance.

” Let’s make her mad to see if she can produce fire balls,” Pippin said quietly to Merry.

” No, let’s make her so mad that she transforms back into her former self,” Merry replied.

” I wouldn’t do that if I were you, guys,” Frodo said,” guys….”

Merry and Pippin were already heading twards me with an evil glint in their eyes.

” Ruby,” Pippin called.

I turned around from talking to Gandalf, walking backwards.

” What,” I replied.

” Why do you talk in your sleep,” Merry asked.

” What,” I stated looking at them like they were insane.

” You, know, talking in your sleep. Saying things while you are dreaming. What was she saying Pip,” Merry asked grinning wickidly.

” Oh let me see…” Pippin began,” um.. here is a little bit. Some of the words she said were along the lines of love, kiss,…. Legolas.”

” I DO NOT TALK IN MY SLEEP, ” I yelled.

Well Pippin just kept on going. Finally with my bad temper and his accusations I got so mad that I started to stomp over to them, rolling up my sleeves. Before I could reach them Aragorn put his arm up to stop me.

” They are only trying to pull your chain,” Aragorn said.

” So,” was my only reply and moved his arm and stormed over to them. I didn’t know at the time but my eyes glowed blood red. Such a deep dark red that it almost looked black.

” It’s working Merry,” Pippin said.

” yeah but I think we are in big trouble,” Merry said.

Pippin looked at my eyes and saw how red they were he got nervous.

” It was his fault,” Merry cried.

” No it was his, ” Pippin replied desperatly pointing to Merry.

” I DON”T CARE WHO STARTED IT I’M FINISHING IT,” I yelled in a voice that was deeper then my own.

before I could do anything I felt my self being pulled back. Startled I turned my head with my red eyes to find Legolas, Aragorn, and Borimir holding me at bay.

” Merry, Pippin, you shouldn’t have done that cause it WILL bring her powers back faster then she can handle,” Gandalf said coming up to a struggling me.

He put up his staff chanted a few words and I fell asleep.

” I’ll carry her,” Legolas offered,” I can keep up even when I have weight on my back.

Gandalf nodded and turned to Merry and Pippin.

” As for you you are not allowed to come near her until she changes back into her former self,” he said looking at Merry and Pippin sternly. They nodded disapointedly.

~*~ My Dream~*~

Remember your former self

come back to your world

come back to your life


I woke up with a start. We were still moving.


Those words were still in my head clearly.

” Remember,” I muttered groggly.

” What,” Legolas said suddenly.

” Huh, it’s nothing,” I replied,” why am I being carried?”

“Well you got out of control cause of Merry and Pippin. basically you gained too much of your power and you lost control of yourself,” Legolas explained.

” Well that explains the headache,” I muttered and layed my head on his sholder again as a wave of nausea hit me.

” Just rest,” Legolas said,” while you were sleeping we stopped and had to hide from Saruman’s birds, went up the mountain, down the mountain, and now we are on the way to Moria.”

” ok,” I muttered sleeply and fell asleep again.

I]Remember your former self

come back to your world

come back to your life



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