My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – chapter 4

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“You came here for no ordinary reason Megan,” Elrond said to me. “What are you talking about,” I replied. ” It is a long story, over 1 million years story, and this is not the place to tell you. So, here is what I am going to do,” Elrond said. ” Even though there has never been a woman in my council, I will make an exception, I want you to attend,” Erond concluded.

I stared at him like he was crazy. “All I want to know is how and why I came here and you say the council will answer all my qustions,” I asked. ” yes it will. Oh, there will be a feast tonight and I also would like you to attend,” Elrond replied. ” It will give you a chance to meet some of the people here from distant kingdoms.”

“Ok, um… what am I suposed to do now,” I asked. “Frodo is awake and he has asked to see you,” Elrond replied. “Ok, where is his room,” I asked. “I’ll take you to him,” he said.

He led me down a vast coridor to the healing complex. Elrond opened up a door and lead me into from what I saw was Frodo’s room. ” Frodo, Megan is here,” Elrond said to him. Frodo turned his curly haired head to me and Elrond. “Thank you master Elrond,” Frodo said.

“How are you feeling,” I asked him. “Better then I was,” he replied. I sat down in an extra chair and asked,” how did you hear about me?” ” Even though I was stabbed and falling into shadow, I could hear you and see you a little,” Frodo replied. ” Oh ok, why did you need to see me,” I asked. ” wanted to say thank you for believing in me and giving me hope,” Frodo said. ” No problem but I wasn’t the one who saved you,” I told him. “I know but you did give me enough hope to reach Rivendell,” Frodo replied back. Before I could say thank you myself both of us heard pounding footsteps down the way. ” I have a feeling that Sam,” I stated.

I got up and said,” I need to go do some things, hope you feel better.” He smiled and said,” thanks hope to see you at the feast.” I smiled back and closed to door behind me.

I walked down to the balcony and saw Merry and Pippin fighting over a piece of food. I went up to them and grabbed both it out of both hands. ” HEY,” they yelled in unison. I didn’t say anything. I just ripped it in two and gave half to each hobbit. They looked at me and said,” thank you.” I nodded and sat down on the wodden bench.

“You ok,” Pippin asked with his mouth full. “Yes and don’t talk with your mouth full,” I said. He swallowed and said,” It doesn’t seem like you are ok.” ” Well I am and leave it at that please,” I said with slight anoyance. I looked over the edge and almost puked. “Man that is way too high,” I said.

I looked back down and saw horses with riders coming into Rivendell. First came a dark brown horse with a man that had a horn at his side. Second came the elves. One in particular caught my interest. * Legolas * I thought and swooned a little. Lastly came the dawarves. * To stouty * I thought.
~*~ around 6 o’clock ~*~

The sun started to go down and I wore a different dress this time. It was a lavender dress. It was like the first one except it had sleeves. It had Japanese style sleeves and the top part ended at the bottom of my chest. It then started again and went to my ankles. The fabric was made of a material that I had never heard or seen before.

I went over to my mirror and did a slight touch of makeup. With my comlexion I needed hardly any. I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and Elrond was standing there. ” You look absolutly beautiful,” he said. I blushed slightly at this and said,” thanks.” Elrond held out his arm, I took it , and we both went to the feast.


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