My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – Chapter 2

by Jun 23, 2003Stories

When I got home form school I did the usual,homework,chorse,etc.(What you usually do after school). When I got done,as always, started to watch Lord of the Rings all over again.

It got to the when Frodo,Merry,Pippin,Sam, and Strider were getting to the windy hill top.

I got this sudden drowzyness over me. I started to recite the movie and fall asleep. I didn’t know how long I had slept when I heard I heard a sound.

I opened my eyes, quickly got up and took in my unsual surroundings.

No way, I couln’t, I couldn’t be on the windy hill top, could I?? I thought to myself.

I heard that sound again. This time it was really close.

It couldn’t be….no… a wraith!! I practically screamed.

suddnely two black riders came out of the shadows with their swords in hand.

They were about to strike me when a torch of fire flew right past my head and got embeded in a wraith.

I wirled around to spot 4 hobbits and a human right behind me.

The human was fighting off the black riders while 3 of the hobbits were trying to protect one hobbit.

Frodo, I thought while trying not to get spoted again.

Well that didn’t work because one rider noticed me and came twards me( Bad spelling) and his sword potinted right at me.

The other rider stabbed Frodo with a morgul knife but I was more consintrated on my own problem.

The rider’s sword was just a few inches from my stomach when yet another torch of fire got embedded in its so called “head”.

It scramed in pain and ran off the cliff. I fell to my knees trying to catch my breath after that scare.

Two hobbits ran over to me.

Merry and Pippin, I concluded.

Who are you and are you alright? one of the hobbits asked me.

My name’s Megan and yes I think I am alright. I replied.

My name is Merry and this is my cousin Pippin, Merry said.

The human is Strider and the two other hobbits over there are Frodo and Sam, Pippin said.

They helped me up as best they could and took me over to where Strider was.

Strider, this is Megan, we found her over there, said Merry said pointing.

Strider didn’t have time to answer because Frodo was getting worse.

She’ll have to come with us, he said and picked up Frodo.

~*~ During the Night ~*~

Frodo is getting cold! I called to Strider.

He ran over and looked gravely at Frodo.

Megan, try to keep him warm. Sam, me and you need to find a plant called Athelas or kings foil. Strider said to Sam.

They both ran off in search of the plant.

Come on Frodo, I said and cupped his cheek in my hand.

A few minutes later a woman or elf i should say came out of the trees with Strider close behind. I got out of there way and stood close to Merry and Pippin.

I felt a hand from each hobbit grab one of my hands. I gave there hands a light squeeze as a symbol of hope.

Stay with us Frodo, I wispered mostly to myself.

Strider and the she elf carried Frodo over to her horse and the she elf rode off with Frodo in her arms.

Arwen is taking Frodo to Rivendell, Strider told us.

Let’s just hope she’ll make it there safe, I said.


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