My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – chapter 14

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********** = Dream

{} = Dream people talking

* * = Thoughts

~*~*~*~*~ = Time forward

I felt something or someone poking my head over and over again. I groaned and swatted at the offending thing. I heard giggling and shushing as the offender tried to do it again. Right when they were about to poke me again I grabbed the hand.

” Pippin,” I groaned and sat up.

My eyes were blurry and unfocused as four hobbits came into view. Behind them the rest of the fellowship was eating. I looked at my watch to see what the time was.

* Great I’ve over slept again,* I thought to myself as the time was 9:00 AM.

I got up, brushed my hair, and went behind a tree to get dressed. I walked over to the group, still tired and trying to wake up, and plopped down in-between Legolas and Borimir. Here Legolas said and handed me half of a piece of lambas bread.

” Thanks,” I stated groggily and rubbing my eyes.

I took a bite of lambas and by golly what Legolas says is true. It does fill you up in one bite. I woke up fully and had some interesting conversations with the dwarf. As it turned out that day, Gimli and me became very good friends.

” Ruby,” a voice called behind me.

I was in mid sentence, stopped and turned around to find Haldir behind me.

” Yes,” I stated.

” Galadriel would like to see you,” he replied.

I nodded and got up. The others were confused and curious on why the lady of Lorien would want to see me.

Haldir led me through the grove of trees and down a flight of stone stairs. I noticed that it was almost the same place where Frodo was the night before. In the middle instead of her mirror there was a pond. In front of it stood Galadriel herself.

” You may go now Haldir,” Galadriel stated in the deep voice of hers.

He bowed and gave me an encouraging smile.

” Ruby, it is time that you remember your past, family, and self,” she explained, ” Come here.”

I swallowed nervously but walked up to the edge of the pond.

Galadriel put a soft hand on my shoulder and said, ” Open your mind to the past. Clear your mind of all thoughts.”

Remember your former self

Come back to your former life


* That voice, who is it, why does it seem so familiar, * I thought to myself as I got lost in my past dreams.

Memory sequence 1:

*Huh, where am I? * I thought to myself as I floated above a towering city in the clouds.

The city was made of clouds and the sun reflected off of the windows. The paths were made of stones and gems. People wore 4 different colors( red, light mist green, blue, and dark forest green). Red for fire, blue for water, light green for wind, and dark green for earth. There were others that wore white, purple, any color you could think of. A light gust ran its fingers through my hair.

*This is too weird, * I thought to myself as I floated over the city. I was carried to a big palace that was made of clouds and stone.

*Whoa, that is big * I thought as I was brought to the top. I went through a window and was unceremoniously dropped on the ground.

*Ow, * I thought as I got up rubbing my backside.

I looked around at my surroundings. I was in a bedroom highly decorated in extravagant paintings and furnishings. On the bed there was a figure reading. Her clothes were of a dark red color and her hair was of strawberry blond. She looked to be around 16 in human years because from what I saw, she had pointy ears. She was reading a letter and did not seem to notice my presence. In fact when I sat down next to her she didn’t even look at me.
I looked over her shoulder to see what she was reading. It was a love note. It read:


I’m sorry that we cannot be together yet. But in time we will. After this war I will make sure that we will be together for the rest of our lives. I know that this is a short letter but I will always keep you in my heart as long you keep me in yours.

I love you,


*Who is this girl? * I thought. I stood up and went in front of her.

{I hope he comes back soon,} the girl said.

When she put down the note I nearly had a heart attack. It was an exact replica of me in my mistress form.

Suddenly I was sucked out and landed in a different year.

Dream sequence 2:

When I looked around this part of my lost memory I saw myself as a 19 year old with a man about 20 in human years. (Remember she is an elf)

I got closer to get a better look at the man’s face. He had blond hair but I couldn’t tell what his eye color was. I walked around to the front of him and I yet almost had another heart attack. It was the past form of Legolas.

{Rin, when are you going to be back,} my past self asked.

{I do not know when this part of the war will be over. But I promise I will come back to you,} the past Legolas said.

He kissed the past me, hopped on his horse, and rode away. I looked at my past self to see me crying after him.

Then, yet again, I was sucked into another memory.

Dream sequence 3:

I landed in a church that was highly decorated. A lot of people were there but they were all either crying or bowing their heads in grief. I walked up front to see me crying over a casket with a person in it. When I looked in I felt a stab in my heart and nearly cried out in despair. For in the casket, there lay Rin/ Legolas.

His skin was as cold as ice when I touched it. He looked so peaceful so free from the wars that were going on in the world.

A few silent tears rolled down my cheeks but I then remembered that this was my past life not my present.

I was then sucked again into my last memory.


Dream sequence 4:

I landed in the midst of the battle of where my past self died. There were water and fireballs being thrown. There were vines and windstorms being formed also. I saw myself being hit over and over again with water balls. I saw my funeral and my father having the dream.

I was then brought back to my time.


End of memories

I opened my eyes with a shock.

” I…. That…was…” I stuttered.

” Yes that is why you already love Legolas. He was also reincarnated like you. Your memories remembered him.” Galadriel explained, ” Now it is time for you to become the fire mistress once again.

She chanted a spell under her breath and put a hand on my head. A bright light flowed freely down her hand and into my body. The light got so bright that I had to close my eyes. I felt so weird as I transformed.

When I opened my eyes I saw the world differently. I could hear the spirits around me. In the water, wind, and earth. I looked down at my body. I wore a black tube top with black bell-bottoms. I wore a long red over coat and on my feet were black army boots that went up to my knees.

I looked behind me and saw my bat like wings. They had a sharp edge to help me fight and they folded nicely behind me.

I looked in the pond and saw that I had on some red lip-gloss. On my eyes I wore red, orange, and white-eye liner.

“Tomorrow I will teach you how to fly. Now, I will take you back to the others,” Galadriel stated.

Boy did the fellowship have shocked faces when I came back.

Borimir stared in disbelief.
Aragorn stared in awe.
Pippin, Merry, Sam, and Frodo all fainted in shock.
Gimli nearly died in shock.
Legolas nearly choked on his water and stared at me in utter silence and shock.

” Fellowship, meet Ruby, the Fire Mistress.”

There how was that?




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