My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – chapter 11

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In the gloom I could barely make out the fellowship. Heck, I could hardly see my feet. We walked in a single file line across a bridge. I felt a hand grab mine. I looked down to find Pippin walking next to me.

” What’s wrong Pip,” I whispered.

” I don’t like this place, I’m scared,” he replied meekly.

I gave his hand an encouaging squeeze.

” Just stay close to me and nothing can hurt you,” I stated quietly.

Even in the darkness I could make out Pippins small smile. We walked along a very high ledge.

“I hate heights,” I groaned.

” Well, what do you want me to do about it,” Legolas whispered.

I nearly jumped out of my skin.

” hehehehe, you really need to relax,” he stated.

” That was not funny,” I replied.

” Um, actually it was,” he retorted back.

” Humph, I’ll ignore that,” I snorted and punched him in the arm but not hard.

He smirked and pushed me a little.

” eek,” I nearly screamed.

Everybody stopped and laughed.

” You are going to pay for that,” I said dangerously.

Then I saw that the whole fellowship was staring at me and Legolas with amusment in their eyes.

I smorted and walked off. Everyone just laughed and walked on. We went up a big flight of stairs. Way too steep for my taste.

” I hate these stairs,” I muttered as I climbed up.

” Well, how bout I do this,” Legolas said yet again right behind me.

Before I could even react he grabbed me and carried me the rest of the way up. When we got up there the fellowship just laughed and laughed.

” Looks like we have love birds,” Borimir laughed.

” We have birds,” Pippin asked.

That just made the rest of the fellowship laugh harder, including me and Legolas.

As we waited for Gandalf to choose which way to go, the hobbits got hungry.

” I’m hungry,” Pippin whined.

” Me too,” Merry added.

” Here,” I said and threw them two pieces of dried deer meat.

” Thanks,” they said in unison.

I nodded and sat up against a rock, alone.

I thught about my family and my friends. *wonder what they are doing right now. I wonder if they know I am even gone*

At that thought I opened my eyes startled.

” what if they are worried about me, what if… they think I’m dead or something,” I said softly to myself.

Even at that thought made me even more homesick then I thought. For the first time since I got here, I wanted to go home.

” What’s up,” Legolas asked sitting next to me.

” I want to go home,” I muttered sadly.

” Miss you family,” I nodded even more sadly.

” come here,” Legolas said beckoning me to lean on his sholder.

Well, I did just that. He put an arm around me and tried to comfort me.

” Well, this might or might not help,” he began,” you have people here that care for you and will defend you with their lives. You have changed most of the fellowships lives for the goodness in your heart. The fellowship thinks you are family to them. They care about you and love you… espically me.”

There he had said. He had said that he loved me. I looked at him with shock in my eyes.

” You… love me,” I asked shocked.

he nodded,” more then life itself.”

I thought about this for a moment. Somewhere I read that some people are predestined to be together and this was no exeption.

He looked into the distance, looking at the hoobits small fire. For the first time in life, I understood how it felt to be loved. Not brotherly love or parental love. I now understood how it felt to be in love.

I leaned over and pecked his cheek. Startled he looked at me. we just looked at eachother. I smiled at him understanding.

The other fellowhship members looked on.

” told you,” Pippin muttered to Merry,” I win the bet, now hand it over.”

Merry rolled his eyes and gave Pippin the food he won.

” I win,” Pippin said victoriously.

Heeheehee short yes, shorter next time, no.

Yes it is quick for Leggy to fall in love with her but it is important to the plot. I already have my sequel to my LOTR story.


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